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Rationale for similar sized quads

Is this an antipattern:

So as to not be dogmatic, I am trying to understand the axiom of making your quads similar size. Why should the quads in a face loop be of approximately similar size? What is the downside if they are not? In some ways I might be looking for a demonstration to see the problem in practice, a side by side comparison?

  • the real impact of non similar sized quads comes in to play when uv unwrapping and getting stretched or pinched patterns in your texture...

    the next part comes from making an animatable mesh

    similar sized quads are more easily controlled when placed well especially around joint areas...

    hope this is helpful

  • Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but its my understanding that if you were to rig what you have and move the head, you'd probably see the deformation get awkward around your longer quads because they're going to collapse longways. 

    I think it makes more sense to kind of assume the triangulation of all quads. If the triangles of a quad would be heavily skewed, you can expect that skewing to be a potential problem in a UV or deformation. 

    That's how I think of it anyway.