George Sangeorzan (simonsez11)

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Thank you for this interesting tut

I think I have done this tutorial probalbly 3-4 times from scratch (mainly becasue I lost some of my previous blender files or they got corrupted). I have to say that this tutorial is probably the most condensed set of videos I ave ever seen. I think a NORMAL tutorial for this type of project would probably be 5 or 6 videos long. I enjoyed it a lot, I do understand the frustration from some people who might struggle with the speed of it. I've used Blender 2.92 for this animation and I was intially concenred that the video might be too old for me to follow it, but to my surprise there have been very little features that didn't look exactly as per the video. there have been maybe 2 situations where I had to work a few errors out at my end (which I would have not been able to work out had I'd been a complete novice in Blender) which did not happen in the video, But apart from that, very satisfying end result. 9/10