Greg McKim (doulos4iesou)

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Checklist for Prepping a Model for Texture Painting

I think in the video you said the checklist for prepping a model for texturing would be in the description but I can't seem to find it. Can you be more specific? 


  • crew

    My apologies - I had forgotten to add it to the description. Thanks for the catch! Here it is:

    • Apply modifiers that affect the UV layout.
    • Convert non-mesh objects to meshes if you want to include them in your unwrap. 
    • Combine your asset into one object if practical.
    • Name your objects and organize the Outliner.
    • Assign materials based on what parts of the asset can share the same set of textures. 
    • Make sure you finish any rigging before unwrapping. 
    • UV unwrap and use a default checker texture to make sure there is no stretching. 
    • Pack your UV islands with at least [texture resolution / 128] pixels of padding.