Mat Bevan (matbev)

1 answer · asked @ video mark 14:55 · LiveStream: COLLAB2021 - Week 2 - Sculpting Accents

Thanks for the feedback

How dare you forgot my name theluthier !! hehehe. 

I'm gutted I wasn't there for the stream yesterday. god dam life getting in the way.

Thank you so much for the feedback though. I completely agree with you on everything you said there. What I've started doing in my updated version is linking up that object data so that I'm not having to do much sculpting on individual pieces. 

Working like that for an initial block out to make sure it was looking alright seemed alright at first but yeah definitely need to link those boards so I'm working smarter. Because yeah working the way i was working definitely wouldn't be a great way of working haha.

Thank you so much though, really appreciate that.