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How to link the UI script in blender 2.9? And other question.

Hello and thank you, Wayne, for this series, it has been very fun and very clear. All the problems i've had so far had been on the technical side of things, which is a nice thing.

i have 2 questions:

° When i link the RIVET collection in 2.9 to make a proxy, it does not come with the script, and when i try to run the script it doesn't appear either. I read on another comment about the need of linking the py UI, but it does nothing when i link it.

° Also, when i link the RIVET or STOMP collections it comes with a "fixed rig" that im unable to edit or move in any fashion, and when i hide it, it hides the whole mesh as well. Is there a way to hide this "fixed rig" so it does not appear on renders? I can animate with the proxy rig but the "fixed rig" always shows on renders.

Example of the second:

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    Hi jgriffith,

    Let's see if I can solve those issues for you.

    Since 2.8, they have removed the 'hack' that let's you automatically bring in the UI script with the rig.

    You have to link that in separately just like the rig 'Collection'.  However, rather than navigating to the 'Text' folder and link in the script.

    Then you also need to run it in the text editor (maybe you missed that part)

    But remember it will only show when you have the rig selected and are in Pose Mode.

    Now the reason that the rig is 'Fixed', is because the whole collection is just instanced into the file.

    You either need to create a proxy or a library override to be able to animate it.

    Just press F3 and type Proxy or Override and choose one the option that pops up on the list

    Proxies are still the least buggy way of working at the moment.  But it's best to make sure the rig is hidden in the original file (computer screen) before you link it in.  (or after, just open the original file, click the computer screen icon for the rig and save it)

    Library overrides will be like having all the parts local in your scene, but it's still a little buggy at the moment so you might find that it just breaks when you open the file or some other weird bugs (one day it will work properly haha)

    But if you choose this way, you should NOT hide the rig in the original file.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you for the response!

    Hiding the rig and collection in the original didn't make it for me but the override did the trick, now the rig doesn't show up in renders and can also animate with it. I can still animate with the proxy though if something goes wrong haha.

    Following your instructions, I opened the py UI from the text editor (i was using the py console) and ran it. Everything is working fine now ^^, thank you for the help!