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Collab2021 - WIP - wograebn

Will be working on the barrel for the standalone accessories team. Just making the thread and starting now!

  • I started by collecting a bunch of reference images I like of barrels done in a style more or less compatible with our style guide.

    Then I blocked out the shape trying to be careful to match the concept very closely.

    .. and that's how far I've gotten so far. If anybody has any feedback, I would really love to hear it! Going to take it to sculpting on the weekend.

  • Looking at it with fresh eyes, something wasn't sitting right with me. It's such an oddly proportioned barrel. How is that practical, what is it used for?

    I had assumed the barrel is vertically symmetrical because they usually are. But looking at the concept more closely, if that were the case then beneath the lower set of iron rings, the barrel would extend into the floor. Instead it looks like it has a metal bottom. This is a stationary barrel, designed to sit upright, and therefore with a reinforced bottom (that's my interpretation anyways). Since it's a spice vendor's house I thought it could instead be used to store spices. You wouldn't want to put a spice barrel on it's side like you do with a wine barrel, and then the whole thing makes sense.

    So I changed it to have  a metal bottom, and messed around with the proportions a bit, and added a bit of randomness to the whole thing. Thinking about the comments above about being able to see it from all angles, I thought it'd be interesting to be able to look inside and added a spice layer. And a removeable lid for practicality's sake to keep the spices protected but also be able to access them easily. So now if the barrel gets duplicated around the environment (eg if there are more barrels round back), they can appear more varied by having some empty, or some with different colors of spices, or some with the lid on or off.

    Finished with some wood sculpting tests, just on a basic plank of wood to hone in on style. Not really happy with any of them. Anybody got some good tips?

  • wonderfull progres, its really nicely done.

  • wograebn hey Wolf. Great job on the barrel! I wanna make your life a bit easier so I hope this little clarification will help. The barrel is indeed vertically symmetrical. Even more so, the metal ring is single on each side, but I like your version with double ring so I'd leave like that.

  • wograebn  I like your design 😀. hharbinger_ua confirmed my assumption of a symmetrical barrel since there's grass growing in front of the front barrel which can hide the bottom part of that barrel. wograebn and hharbinger_ua Could it be a cabbage barrel?

  • wograebn Just a quick reminder. We still need a name for our team? What's your vote?

    1) Shabby Chic 

    2) All Access(ories) 

    3) Shabby Fresnel Chic 

    4) The Stan Dalones 

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Barrel


    Submitting for this week. Will update tomorrow based on the feedback 

  • Updated to be vertically symmetrical once more per Vadim's feedback :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Barrel

    Really sorry I'm late on this one. I *seriously* underestimated the time it would take me. And fear I got carried away and drifted too far away from the requested style into simplified overtly stylized territory. I'll take another swing at in more in the style that I am seeing ladymito, Dave, etc producing. I also checked in the file to Google Drive in case you want to take a look up  close and check if I did it right 🙈.

    • Oops and forgot to tag theluthier 

    • Is this test perhaps closer in style to what we are after? Finding it hard to really get it consistent

    • Actually, I'd say (but who am I...), wood is mostly made into planks and the the edges are beveled slightly (not rounded!)

      So, the water wheel's example doesn't look anything like wood to me.

      Your homework submission looks great!

      Let's see what Kent has to say;)

    • wograebn This is already looking great 👍! Maybe some of the wood pattern lines are a little bit too curvy relative to the plank edges. The curvature pattern in your reference image above (bottom left) is what I would use.

    • spikeyxxx Weathered wood 😂🤣
      Water flows... wears out
      I have to admit that I'm not 100% happy with my sculpting either. But this week I didn't have time for anything. Let's see if I correct next week.

      And, very nice job wograebn 

    • ladymito stones would round out by the flowing water, not wood ;) That would also be counterproductive if thwe ood became 'streamlined',  the wheel needs to keep turning...

      But still, it's your interpretation! Just looks weird to me :)

    • Oops didn't think that would be so controversial 😂 I thought it looked really nice ladymito but I am still a beginner. Anyways, tried to take the feedback on board and do a king of 'best of both worlds' approach.  Thoughts spikeyxxx & duerer ? If this is more on target I need to move on to baking etc to finish this week's homework on time (don't want to be late again!!)

    • wograebn This now looks much more like wood to me! I'm looking forward to see how this looks textured 😀! I could only happen that the finer details get "washed out" by the shading. But it's worth a test. I'm wondering whether theluthier still has some tips.

  • crew

    wograebn Ok first I have to ask:

    ...but I am still a beginner.

    Is this true? 

    I'm just surprised given the quality of work you're producing! Honestly I'm happy with all the styles you've achieved. This might be my favorite:

    But go with whatever your latest is. No constructive criticism from me. Keep doing what you're doing!

  • crew

    wograebn Please tell me you have an update pending! 🙏

    • I do! Just a shamefully, shamefully late one. Don't worry I won't disappear I will see this through till the end one way or another!!

      First I resculpted it, trying for something that combines the best of all approaches.

      Then I made a new lowpoly because I felt like there was a lot of geometry that wasn't contributing to the silhouette and the detail could just be baked down like the cracks inbetween planks or the rivets.

      Unwrapped it

      And baked the normal map. The low-poly nature of it does get noticeable if you get up close and go looking for it but overall I think it was the right choice?

      To do:

      - Color map

      - Cavity map

      - Material setup

      - Upload it to gdrive (I am synced but I have been working on this file locally since I have somehow managed to balloon it to 2.6GB so will give it a good clean to bring it back to a sensible size before I sync it!!)

      As always any and all feedback is very very very welcome and appreciated. My sculpt it final, and I'm hesitant to start changing the lowpoly again due to time remaining but could do so in a pinch, but especially if the UVs or normal map can be improved I could definitely do that.


    • crew

      Whew! So glad to see this. I may or may not have refreshed this page several times today awaiting a reply 😅 No pressure but you are the last remaining barrel maker..

      I can't believe you sculpted it all again! That's major dedication. You have my sincere respect. And no criticism from me. Just keep doing what you're doing. It continues to look amazing with each update 🤩

    • wograebn You're doing an incredible work 😀👍! I'm happy to have you in our team 😀!

    • Thanks guys, all the encouragement really helps with motivation!

  • Quick update from me...

    There were a couple small things bothering me about the lowpoly & unwrap so I made some minor tweaks and re-unwrapped and re-baked normals

    Painted a color map (perhaps too high detail / noisy compared to what you were showing on stream?)

    Baked cavity

    All combined (actually this also makes use of an AO map I baked because I felt it needed more shade in the shadows and didn't want to paint into the color map to allow for more flexibility to tweak in the material)


    1. Sync file to google drive. I will do this first in the morning. I cleaned it up a lot from 2.6GB but it is still 600MB with the highpoly in there. Is that too big, should I delete the highpoly from the file I sync?

    2. Material setup. The wood still suffers from the default specular values varnished / wet look. The metal could use a bit of voronoi bump. And maybe a bit of grain noise for the wood too?

    • Homework Submission - Week 4 - Barrel

      I've synced my .blend + textures to gdrive. Tried to follow all the requirements, hope it works. I did not include the hipoly to keep the synced file size low, but can add it back in easily if you want to have it there. The material is not done. I will tinker with it tonight, but wanted to get the file synced first in case you are going to try to integrate it before I finish the material.


    • crew

      YESSS!! So glad to have you barrel in the assembly:

      It looks fantastic. You absolutely crushed this asset. I made some material adjustments and saved as a new WIP version but you're welcome to tweak as you wish. Please don't save over the master file though.

      Awesome job wograebn. It's been a pleasure working with you 🤝

      PS: Consider joining the interior team! Your skills would be much appreciated there :)

    • wograebn, great job on the barrel!  I have used Kent's render for your money shot in the blog.  If you would prefer a different image, just post it here in your WIP and make a comment to me.  

      Congrats on completing the project!

    • Absolutely breathtaking, wograebn 😀👍! Your barrel is a real eyecatcher 👀!

  • wograebn, it looks like you are finishing up with your project.  And, your barrel looks great.  I'd love to post your artwork in the TSMF Blog.  Please let me know if you create a money shot.