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Are you new to CG Cookie? Say hi to your new Blender tribe! 🍪

Welcome, fellow cosmic traveler in search of delicious crumbs of Blender wisdom.

You've come to the right place. So let's get to know each other!

I'll go first: my name is Wes and I founded CG Cookie over 10 years ago...and then immediately forgot why I called it that.  😅Besides 3d art, I'm obsessed with motorcycles, coffee, and creating projects that bring people together. You can learn more about me at 

You see, I just love the buzz of creative energy that's generated by us humans making stuff...whether that's decaf coffee, bike engines, or computer graphics.

When I'm not on my Peloton or tweaking my bike in the garage, I'm wrestling hanging out with my 4 kids (yes, four!) or putting out fires - mostly digital ones.

And who are you?

So now I'm curious - what's your name and why are you here?

Say hi and share your story with us, and don't worry - we only bite cookies around here.

  • crew

    Rule #1 Don't Crash!!

    Is that a Blender thing??

    • crew

      Hah! It certainly does apply to both!

    • Keep on my new dear friend, 4 children - that's a lot of life. Motor cycling?  My heart starts beating faster, not of the adrenalin, but of sorrow - i lost two good friends - in a break of a second of unawareness. Keep on keeping us together, happy blending, Lutz (cgfalcon)

    • Moin, fellow coffee fan here (BZ10, Niche Zero) ... father, part-time musher (woof!), musician, etc. etc.

      this is most likely my last attempt at understanding Blender (I am perfectly fine with Houdini, thank you) - hoping that the revamped UX is catering more for old sacks like myself. 

      Aside from really wanting to get into Blender at last, I am also looking for a respectful, human community (the lack of which is driving me out of Houdini), as I am alone-on-my-own more than enough when I write (3d-/2d-) software ...

      Looking forward to giving this one here a try as well as ... well, Blender.


    • crew

      Welcome to the CG Cookie tribe,

      You will find we are all human here, Kent has even just released a course called Human!

      Your in the right place to learn Blender, with excellent tutors and courses, and an awesome, human, community.

      Great to see you here, and look forward to seeing your progress.

      If you need anything, even if its more coffee or another cookie, just ask and someone will be happy to help.

      Happy Blending!

    • Hi, Everybody!

      I am a graphic/web designer, but few years ago I took a course in animation in both traditional and 3D animation.

      A friend of mine told me about CG Cookie and I must say I am impressed with I have seen so far.


      Marcos Oliveira

    • crew

      Great to see you Marcos!

      CG Cookie is awesome, not only the content, but also the community.

      If you need help with anything just ask a question and the community will give you the answers you need.

      Look forward to seeing some of your work in the gallery.

      Happy Blending!

    • I am a professional computer programmer and amateur artist. I am WSAQ on deviant art. Check out my work there.

    • Hi guys,

      I'm quite new to Blender and I think CG Cookie is the best place to land in order to understand the basics and grow up. I'd like to be a blender artist, just for fun, as my job is far away from this kind of stuff (I work for a medical device company). 

      I'm 36 y.o., married, have a beautiful dog. I like photography, basketball, Spider-man, comics in general.

      I'm really glad to be here and I want to say hi to all of you :)


  • Hello! 

    I'm a Swedish dog trainer who joined CG Cookie  about three weeks ago. We do a lot of online courses (especially with the covid year...) and ideally I would like to learn to make simple animations, explainers, things like that for our course content. "Simple" I'm sure is the wrong word, and it may be a ridiculous goal even - I don't know enough yet to have a realistic understanding of what one person can ever do. 😂

    Regardless though, I really enjoy learning something new and challenging. Blender is a lot of fun! I really enjoy the courses I've looked at so far, and it's absolutely awesome that the lessons can be downloaded. I try to listen to lessons while I'm driving or walking the dog, I can't quite grasp everything with just the audio but at least the content is familiar to me when I can sit down to watch for real - I need to hear things many times to understand even a little, Blender is hard!

    Last week I killed my computer and lost a lot of files, among them my projects. I'd fought really hard with the Stylized 3d forest environment course, it was difficult to understand and I kept making mistakes, but eventually I had the basic setup to start changing things around and experimenting - and then, gone... 

    I'm choosing to think it's a good thing though, because I had such a hard time getting through it I probably should start from scratch again anyway... 😆

    With work and my dog (a young cane corso with lots of destructive energy 😂) I can't spend as much time on Blender as I would perhaps like, but I'll keep pushing forward and I'll see how far I get!

    • crew

      I do subscribe to it's oddly a good thing to have to start over, I even wrote a small blog article on it.  😎

      I love that you listen to it before actually taking it. I think this is a smart approach to allow the sub-conscious to noodle on things before you sit down and tackle the lesson. Pleased to meet you, welcome to the Cookie and looking forward to those explainer videos! Happy Blending!

  • Hi there, I'm Mike! I work for an ecommerce company, but also breed Golden Retrievers with my girlfriend. I am the tech guy for our breeding business (tech guy is an all-encompassing term for 'person who does the creative work and also knows tech stuff' in our house) and I make puppy reveal videos for each litter that goes home. Part of why I want to learn Blender is to spice up these videos, make animations for them, etc. I'd also like to learn game design as well.

    The other part is because I've always been creative and kinda lost that for a while in my life. I went to school to be a music composer, but while I was good at it (great even) I ended up having a family losing touch with that stuff. Fast forward through a bunch of years and I want to get back to when I was drawing and writing stories and making music. 

    I'm setting myself a goal here to not only use what I learn here for my puppy reveal videos, but also to great a game! And then who knows what else from there -- the sky is the limit!

    And because I can... here's a picture of some puppies!

    • crew

      Hey Mike, welcome to the Cookie, and thanks for sharing. What an interesting use-case for Blender. You've piqued my interest. Given we also picked up a puppy during Covid at the Burke house I'm all too familiar with the puppy world. She's doing great though! 

      Love the attitude, I'm excited to see what you create. It's the whether you think you can or cannot, you're right. You've got this and welcome to the Cookie! 🍪

      Depending on what you're looking to build for the videos, the fundamental courses are always a good start to lay that foundation so you can create whatever you think up and even be a bit inspired along the way. Feel free to reach out to me personally or hit up David on for any account support, and we'll point you in the right direction. 

      Happy Blending!


    • Hey Wes!

      Thanks for the welcome reply :) Possibly using it for our breeding business is just one of the many uses of Blender I can foresee for myself, but really I just love the possibilities it can add to where I can go if I really do end up liking this stuff!

      I hit a wall with some basic stuff on YouTube as I learn in a weird way and need a more guided, linear approach. So far everything is great, I'm knee deep in the rocket tutorial and loving it! Just some slight differences between 2.8 and 2.93 (that I'm using) are causing some minor headaches, but also noticing others having the same issue -- loving what I see in the community so far too (for the questions/answers on the videos at least).

      That's so great about the new puppy? What breed did you end up going with? Doggos are a blessing and I couldn't ever see living without them!

      Again, thanks for the welcome and the offer to help personally (and volunteering David haha) with questions -- so far this is a great experience!

      ~ Mike

    • crew

      I'm a huge fan of the rocket project. What better way to end it with an animated rocket taking off! 

      Please don't be shy with questions as your diving in on that or any other course on CG Cookie. Our instructors stalk the forums and other members are fantastic to jump in before we wake up sometimes. 

      She's an Aussie-Doodle, just turned a year this past May. 

    • Awesome, thanks for that, Wes! And thanks for sharing a pic of your girl -- she's beautiful!

  • hello from me too.

      My name is Tasos and I live in Greece I work in a supermarket but in recent years I really like to deal with the world of cg.

     I find it fantastic to create something from scratch and I hope to do it sometime in the future and as a job

     so far I like it a lot of what I see here at cgcookie and I have an appetite to learn and get better.

    these from me!

    • Hey Tasos! Welcome :) 

    • crew

      Hey Tasos! Welcome to the Cookie. 🍪

      Working in 3D/CG can be incredibly frustrating, yet highly rewarding if you stick with it, are persistent and self-motivated. Which it sounds like you are! 

      If you're brand new to Blender I'd recommend hitting up these two learning flows: 

      Happy Blending and look forward to seeing what you create!

    • crew

      Hey everyone!

      I'm not so new to CG Cookie, but I thought I'd pop in and say hi.

      You may have seen me wandering the corridors of the forum, answering questions, grading exercises, giving feedback on your progress and looking in wonder at all the great stuff in the gallery.

      Those that are new to CG Cookie and haven't already done so, come and say hi in this post, and I would encourage posting a progress thread of your learning curve in the forum, to help keep you motivated by looking back at how far you have come on your journey, and to receive constructive feedback on what you create from the 100's of courses available. You can also take a look at what others are doing, you might pick up some ideas or see something you would do differently and help out someone that maybe struggling.

      That's what stands out here at CG Cookie, not only is there 100's of courses made by the best tutors, but a great community, all supporting each other to create something special.

      You probably already heard about Collab2020 - The Backhoe and Collab2021 - The Spice Vendors House, these two projects gave me personally a huge assist on my learning curve and I would highly recommend getting involved in future Collabs and upcoming challenges, they are designed in away to work along side and boost what you learn from the pre-recorded courses.

      If your looking for where to start your journey, check out Your First Week with Blender and CGCookie learning flow and also The Fundamentals of Becoming a Skilled Blender Artist , if your looking to tackle animation with Blender the Animation in Blender workflow is the place where you can get it moving.

      I wish you well on your journey and hope to catch up with you again soon.

      Happy Blendering.

      Remember when it feels like it's getting tough, give a shout on the community and someone will answer. You can always tag me, '@adrian2301'.

      And Eat Cookies and Carry On...

  • Heya all,  Séb here.

    Nice to meet you all!

    Happy to find a place to start taking CG seriously.  I'm a digital marketing freelancer from Antwerp, Belgium who wants to move to a more creative and human side of marketing (or if I may really dream : Be part of a movie VFX crew ...).  

    Always been intrigued by digital arts, tried to do some Rhino 3D and 3DStudio max when I was a student a good 15 years ago, but was kinda overwhelmed and never touched it again... until, during Corona I got teased by some VFX react videos... that lead me to some of nice blender tutorials and suddenly it all seemed more accessible and to make sense. So here I am. Wanting to go next level (and stick to it)  

    In addition to 3D i'm also into: Guitar, Coffee, Running, movies and Beers. 


    • crew

      Welcome slenaerts ,

      I'm sure you will find CG Cookie is a great place to learn Blender.

      The courses are packed with great content and a few exercises to help embed what you have learnt.

      I have already noticed your progress thread is up and running, you were quick off the blocks with that. Sorry, couldn't help use the athlete reference.

      I look forward to following you on your journey, and use  the community to ask questions / feedback.

      Grab your coffee and help yourself to cookies 🍪, there's enough for everyone.

      Beers to celebrate later. 🍻

  • Hi, my name is Ryan. I'm I Software Engineer by day. I've been involved with Blender and consuming CGCookie content since 2013.

    I like scripting and automating things so the Blender Add-on capabilities are where I tend to spend my time when I do flirt with Blender.

    I live in Indiana with my wife, 3 kids, a dog, and a cat (I usually forget about the cat... he's a recluse). I play in a cover band around town and a into ultra marathons. Apparently, I've become a collector of KHDK Guitar pedals as well.

    Thanks for curating CGC into what it is today Wes and team ❤

  • Howdy,

    My name is Dwayne and I'm a Blender Artist wannabe. I want to do 3D animation as a hobby. I joined CGCookie to up my understanding and hopefully skill with Blender. I'm also looking forward to the new Geometry nodes. I also plan on using Blender to spice up youtube videos explaining how to play the Role-Playing Game GURPS. 

  • Hello. I just retired. I taught for a couple decades after moving on from being a musician for about the same amount of time. I'm traveling in Europe now and have been working on a sci-fantasy ttrpg ( for a few years with a friend. We're in the story-writing phase and I want to do the art for the project. I've dabbled in such at various times in the past but will contribute more time to it now. I think I enjoy being a digital nomad - but it's a tough change from so much consistency. A teacher has a purpose - a mission I'd say. The absence of that mission requires a replacement - so, entertainment through games - maybe? Time'll tell. After being a gamer for 50 years, I figure it has a shot. Best. 

    • crew

      Hey dog-gone, welcome to the Cookie, and congrats on the retirement!  The ttrpg looks interesting and excited to see what art you come up with for it. 3D can be extremely overwhelming, (especially in the beginning) yet highly rewarding if you stick with it, and push through those frustrating moments. Something I feel you'll certainly be able to do given your background. Have fun, ask questions, and happy Blending!

  • Hello From Thailand

    I'm not a new member of cgcookie but hang around from time to time.
    Now starting to relearn everything about blender again and make some things that I need to create something that I am proud of.
    After I took the basic mesh modeling course I think I know how to make a basic model. Now trying to finish my homework. ^__^

  • Hello Folks,

    Relativley new to CG Cookie and I enjoy the feedback I get from people so I thought I'd better introduce myself.

    I'm a Structural Designer from Scotland so I do have MANY years worth of CAD experience but mainly producing 2D fabrication drawings with some dabbling in 3D.

    I've always been interested in 3D art and learning about it from watching BTS content for animated films and videogames and I've known about blender for a while but it always seemed a bit daunting (still is!) but after finding this site and all the content, especially the structured courses I've been having a lot of fun with the process.

    I have no idea if this will stay a hobby or move to something I could call work, I've always loved learning about creative processes but never considered myself as someone that could actually create.

    But as long as I enjoy myself along the way I will consider it time well spent.

    • crew

      Welcome ponchismaaan ,

      Thrilled you made your way to CG Cookie. The community is great for feedback, there are lots of talented people here who are able to answer any questions you may have.

      Blender is easier to learn than other 3D software, because of the great Blender community and the willingness to share knowledge, you wouldn't find that with Maya.

      Hobby, work, hobby, work, having fun and enjoying the process is key to both. 

      Happy Blending.

    • Happy to discover your journey as well!  I'm kind of in the same state of mind as you: Blender recently became a hobby that has potential to get out of control and I'm also looking at ways to include it in my work.  As a consultant I make presentations and thanks to blender I can make my point visually, without having to go for stock images!  

      Already had a chance to include 2 pieces in a presentation without anyone noticing -> I take it as a compliment -> the images are good enough to make the management test.  Hope it'll become more and more my work reality and at the same time like adrian2301 sais -> work , hobby,...  it needs to remain fun!

  • 👋I'm Amber and I joined the CG Cookie team back in April as Customer Support Lead.   

    I have a long history of severe empathy and leading productive conversations with the result of creative problem solving.  I spent 17 years as a public speaker training and creating culture change on tough topics.  My largest client was the US Military which sent me around the world including two trips to war zones.  

    Most recently, I was the Customer Success Manager for the largest pub quiz company in the states.

    One thing I can say is that people all want what is best and that thing isn't always as different as it may first appear, whether it is coming from a pub owner in New Jersey or a high ranking officer in Iraq.

    In my free time, I captain boats, ride/tinker with my motorcycle, and generally keep things moving.  I'm an avid story-teller and believe that sharing our stories is what makes us human, so thanks for letting me do that here and for all the creative story-telling you do with animation.

    I look forward to continuing the conversation as I connect with you on the 🍪.

    • crew

      Hey amberkelly ,

      Welcome aboard the Cookie Cruiser Captain, any orders from Admiral wesburke ?

      Great to see you here, should we call you captain? or ma'am, or you ok with Amber?

      What an interesting and varied background you have. A good pub quiz could end many wars, but may start a few also.

      Are you learning/creative with Blender? or are you just here for the cookies?

      I'm guessing the picture of you on the boat was taken on a US lake, I'm gonna say Lake Michigan? Am I right? Do I win a cookie?

      Its great to get to know the real people behind the profiles, thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • Hello everybody !

    My name is kevin and i live in the netherlands and have been working in construction for 10+ years.
    I have always been fascinated by games and the amazing worlds in 3d space. I have taken a different route in life, quite my job and now i'm fulltime studying to become an environment artist all thanks to my lovely wife!! who has made all of this possible.

    PS... CGCookie rocks !!

    • crew

      Hey bblockblender ,

      Its great to have you here in the cookie community.

      Isn't it great, having a wife that supports you, playing on the computer all day!

      Absolutely, CG Cookie rocks!!

      On the subject of rocks, you maybe interested in Modeling Video Game Assets in Blender , this course takes you through the stages of modeling a pile of rocks for game environment. Then the follow on course Texturing Game Assets in Blender , and also Using Game Assets in Unity .

      Its an older course using an older version of Blender, but you can download older version from to follow along if you are unfamiliar with Blender's UI.

      You may have seen the community post a progress thread, its a great way to get feedback and keep track of your progress.

      Also getting involved in the community by offering feedback and encouragement to others will help you in your own projects.

      Grab a cookie and have fun.  🍪

    • crew

      That's inspiring and welcome to the Cookie! Looking forward to seeing what you create, and as Adrian asked I encourage you to ask questions and lean on those in your corner here. Happy Blending!

    • Thanks for the tips ! And yeah it's great ;) 

      I will look into it ! there is so much to do here on CG but feedback is everything, i will check out the community !

  • I'm not so very new to CGCookie but i hope it's not too late to put a note down here. I'm 62 years old and fascinated by CG since i first got in contact with PC's - that was 1989. Though the name "Computer graphics" was very basic this days. in 2011 an illness break through and i had to stop working. I earned money with teaching Guitar playing, singing and computer sciences. years later my dog ran into my knee and several injuries through me onto my couch. Bored as being bored can be i looked for flight simulators, found X-Plane and started to build air planes. I had to learn piloting ( indeed - the plane are so close to reality that one has to learn nearly everything a private pilot knows). And i met Blender! version 2.79. But it wasn't love on the first view. But with 2.8 everything changed. Blender became fascinating, i did a lot to learn as much as i could, the youtube tutorials are very helpfull. Then Microsoft started the hype with it's new simulator and with that they destroyed the simulator scene - how that? The Microsoft sim is a mess - 2,5 stars in reviews. But with the massive advertising before the release! the succeeded to convince so many customer to change to microsoft that other sims got in trouble. Because of the bad condition of the sim i decided to stop all plane developing. Because of a genetic illness i can't sleep most of my days and so i can work 10 -14 h a day with blender. I started to enter CGCookie because i got the feeling that i have to find structured teaching with this blender and so it is. CG Cookies is brillant the teachers as well. And believe i can say this: I once was a Certified Microsoft Trainer and earned my money with teaching and consulting for nearly three decades. But i have to admit: I have difficulties with following the lessons strictly. Why? Because i look around through the galleries, here on cgcookie, blender nation or where ever. and suddenly i discover a theme that fascinates me - a ship, a sword, or big themes like low poly - absolutely fascinating, from lovely cute to mathematicly strict (architecture). And so i wander through the lessons, picking a piece here, anther piece there, looking on youtube and so on. I know that it is not the best way but i love to feel inspired and working out this inspiration as well as i can - and becoming better by doing it once more - or once more. And that's the point where i need others, audience, critics, to tell me whats good, what is not so good and what is even bad.
    • crew

      Hey cgfalcon,  thanks for sharing your story and CG Cookie is better because you're a part of it!  🍪

      We all learn differently. If skipping around keeps you engaged, interested, and motivated then this is the way.  From the video below it seems to be working. :) Keep at it and excited to see what you create next. 


  • Here's what i did for X-Plane

  • Greetings! I am not new to CGCookie, though I am somewhat new to the community. I am a disabled US veteran and had to relearn to use my arms after a severe injury in service. This lead me down the pathway towards artistic ventures. After failing out of an overly expensive online art school and some other life changes, I came across Blender and it has quite literally changed my life... and CGCookie has been involved in it. I am not an "expert" by any means. It's been a slow and long road but as I built more experience and became confident with art in the last two years, my skills have improved by leaps and bounds.

    • crew

      Hey ssulabri ,  nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you've overcome a lot, and you have the drive to keep pushing down the road. 3D can be incredibly overwhelming, inspiring you to throw things at the computer screen.  Heh, yet highly rewarding if you stick with it and keep at it. 

      Looking forward to what you create next, and thanks for being part of this community! 


      p.s. I was a US Coastie before diving into the realm of 3D. 

    • crew

      Hi ssulabri ,

      I find your story inspiring for us all, 

      The perseverance to continue on the journey, regardless for how many default cubes life throws your way.

      Just thought , 

      When life gives you default cubes, make 3d models. ©2021

      Great to see you in the CG Cookie community.

    • crew

      Good to see more Jonathans around here :) Welcome and thank you for sharing your story! 

  • Hello guys,

    I've just started wanting to learn blender. My reasoning is just because I want to create sci-fi scenes and environments and pictures. So its all just for personal reasons for me. I started with the famous donut tutorial but figured i needed more indepth lessons and the ability to get feedback so here I am. This all coincides with my work giving us a 2 week holiday, so for the next 2 weeks im going to try and immerse myself in to the courses and really learn and build up my fundamentals

  • Hello, Mike here. I have dabbled with blender through the years and always get reinvigorated when I see a new version come out. Not a lot to say but I do love the community around blender!.

    • crew

      Hello Mike!

      'Dabbling with Blender through the years' is quite a common phrase.

      However, since about 2.79, it has become less common.

      And now with 3.0 and on, its a great time dabble no more.

      Welcome to the Blender community here at CG Cookie.

      There is no end of help and advice in the community,

      Just ask the question, and sure enough, someone in the community will have the answer.

      Happy Blending!

  • Hello! I'm Kyle, and I've just recently made the decision to start using Blender seriously.

    I now live in Bali, Indonesia.
    Grew up just outside London, England.
    Went to college in Minnesota, USA.
    I spent the last 6 years working in operations for multiple small businesses but decided it's time to pursue something I genuinely enjoy.

     So here I am!
    Looking forward to potentially connecting with you all!

    Happy New Year,


  • Hi,

    Is there a Discord channel that I could join for Cgcookie?

  • Hi all :3

    My name is Kirill, I'm half latvian, half russian, main direction is marketing, yet wanted to diverse it and learn new stuff and basically change profession, as they say - it's always good to change every 8 years or so.  Started with digital illustrations a few months ago, learning fundamentals, bought some stuff for digital drawing, basic iPad alongside with pencil,  after a while had a look at 3d and it kinda inspired me to go further and see how far can I go with 3d modeling, and here I am, as a green bean ^^  looking forward to this journey

    Where are cookies again? ^^

    • crew

      Welcome iinsduck ,

      Its great to see you here with us on your 3D journey. 

      The CGC community is awesome, and there is always someone, or should I say loads of members, willing to help with any issues or questions you may have.

      We are all here with you on your journey.

      Happy Blending.

      And help yourself to cookies, there is always more in the oven.