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Collab2021 - WIP - artifact

This is my Collab2021 WIP thread. Please be gentle...

  • So I've been testing out different approaches to take when creating the foreground bushes and I've settled on these final two: first, using instanced leaf geometry and second, using alpha mapped billboard planes. 

    A quick render of the instanced leaf geometry bush:

    And one using alpha mapped planes:

    Overall, I'm much happier with the modeled leaf geometry. I feel it much more accurately represents the soft, fluffy nature of the foreground bushes in the concept art. However, given that the goal is to have this project run in real time, I'm still researching using alpha mapped planes should they offer better performance in Eevee.

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Foreground Bushes


    Here's my Foreground bush block-out. After researching several approaches, I settled on modeling the leaf geometry and instancing it via Geometry Nodes.

    Here's a screenshot without any materials:

    And a quick render with basic materials for visualization:

    • crew

      This looks very promising! It's got that leafy fluffiness that's missing from the ghibli method. The only missing piece to me is that they feel a bit hollow. Perhaps a simple blobby internal mesh textured like leaves could solve the hollowness. Kinda like the method in this video:

      You've earned full points + some extra for testing multiple approaches!

  • Those bushes look really clean and the colors are great. Your style reminds me of 'The Witness' and it fits the art style of this project perfectly. How complex is the geometry used?

  • Thank you bun-bun   ! The geometry is quite low poly. I've posted a detailed method of the approach I used over in the Nature FG collab team thread if you want to check that out.

  • aartifact I really like what you have got here!

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Foreground Bushes


    Referencing the stylized bush creation videos that Kent provided for us, I set about updating the foregeround bushes to make them more chunky and, and to better match their appearance from the concept art.  This was the result:

    While initially I used textured base geometry to provide the "chunky-ness", I realized I could get the same result using the texture used for the alpha mapped planes. However, I'm looking into shading issues when using alpha mapped planes. Also for this week, I need to optimize the bushes as they are currently too high poly.

  • crew

    These look SO good! The render above doesn't do it justice. I only have a couple notes. 

    The leaves should have some specular, even if it's very little in the 0.25 -0.35 range. When you add light it really helps to define the shape. Also in the below screenshot is some very subtle translucency mixed in which helps to bring some light to the other side of the leaves as would happen naturally while also making the color blending a bit softer. 

    I would also love to see more color variation from far away. I think the leaves look perfect up close, but once you zoom out it starts to look a bit blobby and mushy. Perhaps varying the color of each leaf super softly and also some larger 3d procedural noise could be of some use here. 

    There's also this one random spot that looks like it's not as attached and the leaves feel squashed compared to everything else, so it kind of sticks out:

    Full points for this week, keep up the great work! 

  • Homework Submission - Week 3 - Foreground Bushes


    For week 3, I made the material enhancements suggested by Jonathan Lampel: added specularity (0.25), translucency and subtle color variations to the leaf texture.  As seen below, this instantenously improved the render: individual leaf shapes are much more "readable" here, as is the overall bush silhouette.

    I wasn't quite sure on how to go about using a larger 3d procedural noise as Jonathan suggested.  And my attempt to incorporate the gradient texture from Kent's Thursday casual stream also hit a brick wall. Added to Week 4 homework research.

    • crew

      Great work aartifact , this does indeed look better! 

      To get the procedural textures to work, you'll first need to apply rotation and scale. Then, you can use the object coordinates like so:

      Hope that helps! 

    • Ah, thanks jlampel That's just the sort of look I was going for!

    • WIP update: this is where I am with my foreground bushes:

      Bit of a deviation from my earlier attempts, but I really like how they are looking. Really low poly too! Just 2 triangles when instanced using GN.

    • And even with the leaf cards joined, still very low poly: 2578 triangles.

      This is basic diffuse texture only at the moment. Working on the shaders later today.

      jlampel , I'm not sure if they fit the stylization of the spice vendor's house. This is how they appear in Kent's block-out scene:

    • crew

      Looking good! I'd say it absolutely fits the style. There are just a couple things I would recommend before calling it complete. 

      Try varying the size and shape of each clump so that it doesn't look like identical spheres stacked together. 

      Filling this hole on the back of the bush:

      Checking for any faces that are too close together that will cause z-fighting and flicker black:

      Using some translucency so that it appears softer overall:

      And finally, you could try adding some color through a procedural gradient or noise texture if you have the time. 

      Excellent job thus far, and I think with those final touches it'll be perfect! 

    • Thanks jlampel Can't wait to get started with those materials. Your render looks great!

  • aartifact, it looks like you are finishing up with your project.  And, your bushes look great.  I'd love to post your artwork in the TSMF Blog.  Please let me know if you create a money shot.  

  • Homework Submission - Week 4 - Foreground Bushes


    At the end of week 4, I'm pretty happy with how the foreground bushes have turned out after factoring in Jonathan Lampel's material advice. I still have a few Z-fighting issues to solve on some of the bushes, but I should be through with that by tomorrow.

    splat21 I think this render would be good for the blog post. Thanks alot, Splat!

  • aartifact, I agree - this looks great!  Thanks for providing a money shot.

  • crew

    Your bush turned out beautifully aartifact! I've applied some material + normal tweaks to ensure it fits into the scene and I think it looks gorgeous:

    Fluffy and luscious! Thanks for contributing to Collab 20201. It's been a pleasure working with you 🤝

  • Thanks, theluthier ! Couldn't have done it without jlampel help. And thanks to both of you for steering us over the finish line on yet another great collab. 🙌🙌