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[Object Action] :: Action Constraint on Bone will Not Work Unless CheckBox is Turned On

I've created a simple animation on the object level to get regular rotations instead of Quaternion rotations on pose level of the Armature.
I've attached an action constraint and attached the animation to the constraining action of the bone.
It will not work in Pose mode of the source bone unless the object action is turned on.
How did you manage to make it work without the object action checkbox turned on?

  • crew

    Hi Sharky,

    I'm not sure exactly what you have done in your animation, but if you animate on the object level (aka - the container), then the action constraint will need to get that information from the "Object" level.  (ie - Object Action).

    If you want to connect it to a certain bone control, make sure you create this action in Pose mode.

    You will see this in action in the "Rigging a Crane Arm" project at the end of the course.

    Also just fyi, the action constraint is pretty much the same thing as SDK in Maya, but in Blender you need to make sure you add this constraint to every bone that you want to be animated.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • crew

    Oh, and if you want Euler rotations you can the rotation type of any bone in Blender.  (you can even animate this change)

    Just click the Rotation mode drop down in Pose mode.