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COLLAB2021 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - House Accessories Team


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The Collab 2021 Google Drive Folder with all Images, Scenes and Textures for this Project

File Sharing and Library Linking explained by Kent Trammell theluthier on the basis of the 2020 „Backhoe“ Collaboration

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  • Has been a busy couple of days, finally had some time to work on the wheel. Any tips?

    WIP water wheel

  • First day I've had a chance to sit down and really work on this project. Breaking until tomorrow, let me know what ya'll think.

    Charted my progress throughout the day on my WIP thread:

  • hello everybody :)

    Posted my first wip. I went into a different direction compared to the other entries and on second thought maybe even to the artwork. I will think it through today if I have the time for it.

     Feel free to tear it apart :D. I am kind of new to blender so really any criticism is welcomed.

  • Hi all, just turned in my homework 😅. Great first week, onto the next one 😀.

    Homework week 1 Water Wheel

  • Hey everyone! all the WIPs I've seen look great! well done everybody! 

    here''s mine! have a look ;o)

  • WHEEL - CREEK crossover subThread

    just putting this here...

    for the wheelheads!
    ; )


    . . .

    ideas, suggestions, etc...

    also, probably should invite the creek people potentially involved (?)

  • crew

    HOMEWORK FEEDBACK for Wooden Canopy

    I'm going to try something new: Grading all contributors of a certain asset at the same time instead of individually. This should save me precious time and also ensure cohesive feedback.

    Excellent work from svetimas and ffancypigeon! Both of you earned full points from me for week 1 👍

    svetimas You built your canopy like an engineer. Meaning it's built the same way it would in the real world, including proper joints and nails. Technically this means there will be some surfaces that are never seen (arguably a slight waste of resources) but I don't think it's significant enough to change. So I say keep it the way you have it. Nice work!

    My only note is to double check the size of the horseshoe. It strikes me as kind a small...but I'm also not sure. Fun detail addition though!

    ffancypigeon Your blockout is perfectly adequate for week 1. It appears to match the art very well, which is priority #1. However now that I'm studying the art closer there's some pretty evident structural issues with its design. Namely that there's no horizontal support holding the boards together:

    It would really bother me for this model to make so little structural sense. I recommend adding at least a horizontal board to each end of the vertical boards. I know this breaks art authenticity a little, but it's worth it imo.

    Advice for week 2

    I recommend both of you consider how you can intelligently duplicate a minimal number of pieces to achieve a complete canopy:

    Each letter represents the same piece duplicated and moved in a random sequence. But they can also be rotated in addition to being moved for added variety. To build it this way means you only have to model + sculpt + texture 4 pieces instead of 11 (in this example).

    It's the same principle I taught in the Treasure Chest course.

  • Change Low-Poly Version

    So far some Google-Drive action and redone my homework submission from week 1 according to the feedback .
    Also made some changes.

  • I'm sculpting and experimenting with making the wood creases. I made a custom brush so you can create a crease more sharp at the start. If anyone is interested I can share it.

  • Hey RHCP! Just finished my lantern sculpting, will be really grateful if you check it out :)

  • I wonder if this is too much detail

  • I agree with Carlos I think the detail is coming out really well.  The spokes of the wheel seem noticeably repetitive, with the single wood grain coming out from the center. (but maybe you're not finished?) 

    Kent might go over this next week when he talks about baking down to normal. But a quick tip to make those hex head bolts standout after baking is to take the bottom edge loop and slightly scale it out. This puts a slight draft angle on the outside faces and the normal map will have a better time knowing which direction those hex heads are pointing. 

    Awesome job so far keep it going!

    • Yes, spokes of the wheel are repetitive. I didn't touch them yet. I'm very lack of time this week. Guess i'll finish the wheel on monday. 

  • Finally a WIP, have a look.... now time for some 💤💤💤💤 

    WIP sculpting 

  • Another day another WIP and some issues  (hopefully solved)

    WIP sculpting

    done for this week

    Homework week 2

  • Week 2 done.... well... not completely but good enough for now 😉

    Homework week 2 Water Wheel

  • Submitted my Week 2 homework last night. I still need to go through a quick second pass of sculpting. I found it really hard to freehand stylized details on the wood, so I ended up doing realistic details to convert to stylized. It ended up being waaaay more work but I'm satisfied with the result. Gonna take a break and do the second pass tomorrow.  Let me know what ya'll think.

  • Alright Week 3! You guys are doing an awesome job. I really like the work coming out of this group. Fell free to @   me here or on the discord if you guys need feedback while baking normals and creating materials. I'll also be browsing WIP threads after work every night. Keep up the great momentum!

  • So I'm having trouble figuring out how I want to proceed. I think I've arrived at the solution to my madness, but please help me out here. 

    I've screwed around with wood sculpting for a good week now, and although I sculpted everything, it's aesthetically incorrect and needs to be redone. 

    Originally I had made everything look more like tree texture, not wood. 

    So I found a way to convert it into a pretty cool stylized form. But I honestly think it's not appropriate for the desired aesthetic either. It's also way more time consuming to get looking right than just redoing everything in a simple way. 

    After looking at textures on in a few video games, I feel like the real solution is to just do something extremely simple.  So I think I should just redo all my wood like this:

    Its just a scaled mask that's been smoothed. That's it. But since all this is supposed to be doing is provide some wood grain depth, I really think that's all I need. 

    Suggestions? phoenix4690 

    • lexicolopolis It's indeed time consuming to sculpt everything by hand and to maintain a consistent style is difficult. I like the last sculpt but you have to be carefull that not everything looks the same, I think ;)

    • lucky I think using the last method achieves the best result for what we're actually looking for. Baked as normals it looks pretty good I think. 

    • lexicolopolis I'm a bit torn myself, I like your second pass, its not muddy like your first pass. The last one is beautifully done with so many layers that my eyes want to dance across. The last one feels a bit more like a higher grade lumber. Would that be used for a windmill and would it look that way after years of being in water? I don't know. Have you looked at them both in context, on the full wheel and viewed from a distance? Is it possible to screen shot that and post again?

      Okay okay, UPDATE: I just went thru your whole WIP and DANG you are awesome for documenting everything you're doing. I think, the 2nd sculpt is looking pretty good.....maybe dial back the normal strength a smidge and it will be great. However, if its bothering you and you think you can catch up in time, you're latest sculpt is very nice, make a full version with it. But store your current version locally somewhere just incase its not panning out. Cause I think its just as workable and can make for a really nice asset at the end. In art nothing is really finished you can tweak things to the end of time. Do what you can in the deadline and remember to leave time to get your bake and materials done. 

    • phoenix4690 Thanks for the feedback! I'm kind of torn as well. The second pass versions look cool, but take a lot of messing with to get right. The other thing is, based on size of normal map we're using, the detail is gonna be wildly low in the end. Furthermore, those details are almost completely lost from far away.

      The suggestion to just look at them in a ring to get a feel for the end result was wise. 

      The simple style is something like this:

      The other 2nd pass version is more like this (Only one side of the wood really looks acceptable to me, but the idea is still visible):

      And I think you're right, the water logged nature of it should make it look less refined. My concern has really been the balancing act between the stylized aesthetic and adding realistic depth. 

  • New day new bake ;) and UV´s

    UV´s and bake test