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COLLAB2021 - If You Wanna Have Some Fun - NATURE FG

Fore- and middle-ground nature Assets:

B: FG Bushes **                                                G: Rocks *

C: FG Flowers *                                                H: Creek **

D: FG Tree A ***                                               I:  Ivy **

E: FG Tree B ***                                               J:  MG Trees ***

F: FG: Grass ***                                               K: MG Bushes ***

This is a safe place to ask your questions and,  if you are lucky, get answers.

Jokes allowed. Suggestions welcome.

blanchsb created a Discord channel; it is a join at will and use at your own risk situation.

These invites expire in 7 days. Should be enough time for all who wish to join. Other invites should be available afterwards if there are stragglers.

Invite to the Rules Channel: https://discord.gg/w2HJ76bR

Text Channel Invite Link: https://discord.gg/PEEKK44h

AV Channel Invite Link: https://discord.gg/HkUgUcnK

  • Hi spikeyxxx ,
       Looking forward to working with you on this!  I'm doing the midground trees and am experimenting with the sapling modifier for them.   Definitely going to have to work on optimizing geometry to give the bushy feeling without slowing things to a crawl with too many leaves.

  • Hi wardred, welcome to the team!

    As you mentioned in the HQ post ,the Sapling generator is not a Modifier, move it and you loose the Settings! (Last Operation Window).

    If you get too frustrated, you can use another way to create the tree. It's the result that counts, not how you get there ;)

  • spikeyxxx Hi Spikeyxxx and nature team. Probably u remember me, u gave me some grades and feedback of my work, thanks for that again. I will do the FG Bushes. I'm intermediate and can start on my own.

    Do you have some advice  how we approach the modelling, like modlling with geomerty or alpha planes for leafes as an example.

    I think i try alpha planes first with procedrual textures.

    Do you have a link to the google drive folder, to get acces to the reference art sheet and so?

    Excited to be here.

    • I do have a link, but I don't know if you can access it through that link...I don't see you on the list yet.

      Anyway, so far it is still empty folders only.

  • spikeyxxx Yes, I do! I DO wanna have fun!

    Hi Spikey/Wardred/benkroft,

    Honored to join you guys on this project. Like benkroft, I'll be tackling the FG Bushes initially. Can't wait to work with all you guys.

  • Hi,

    I finsihed the stylized forest but wasn't happy the way I handled the leaves (especially the optimisation). I'd like to participate at that stage if it's okay and I can give a hand with the sapling add-on for any that are struggling (been experimenting a lot ahah). I've already asked to work on it through the spreadsheet but thought I'd say hello :)

  • benkroft welcome to the best team ;)

    You can model the bushes however you want!

    Personally, I would not use the Sapling Addon for this, as you can only see leaves. (I've tried making bushes with the Sapling generator in the past and that was a very painful experience for me.), but you can use any method you like.

    Experiment a bit. Maybe even try sculpting and make the leaves with Shading...

    I had a quick go at it using GN and got this (no leaves, just ovals):

    Just try some things out, but don't spend days, figuring out what the best way is for you ;)

  • Welcome aartifact to the best team in this Collab 😉

    And in case someone asks: the (temporary?) team name is the title of a Spice Girls song  😂

  • Hi oonelombax  glad you decided to join us!

  • Hi , I would love to join Nature team

  • Hello Team, 

    honored to be working with you all :)

    I chose the creek.



  • hey guys, since i am a lover of nature i decided to come here and try some flowers :)
    so i know we cannot use subdivision modifier but we are allowed to use the geometry subdivision node ?

    still am not good with nodes so it will be messing around i guess :p

    • Hi Yuki,  welcome!

      We do not use the Subdivision Surface Modifier to smooth out shapes, but if you subdivide a Plane for instance, because you need more Vertices,  then that is okay. So it is important how and why you would use that node.

      Geometry Nodes was first created for set dressing, so it seems logical to me to use it in our case, but everybody is completely free to use whatever method she/he wants of course!

      I'd suggest to use little geometry and textures with an Alpha, to create things like leaves and grass blades, because there will be a lot of them and I don't want to destroy Kent's computer 🤣

      But we will see how everything goes.

    • ya that is so true xD got mine destroyed once, trough he was already a few years old, but still it caught fire and that was terifying, so i better dont do that to anyone else :p

      as for the textures with an alpha what do you mean with that ?

    • You can use an Alpha or just paint a leaf (for instance) on a black background like so (only nicer painting 😉):

    • ow nice to know :) indeed then i dont need to model the curving of that object :)

    • No, but I would give the Plane a few more Vertices, so you can bend it a bit...it's too flat now.

  • Hi there,

    I'm excited to work on the ivy. I'm familiar with the sapling add-on and blender particle system. However, the ivy will probably need a lot of hand-crafting. I'm glad to be joining this team!

  • question for the blender version was it 2.92 we where gonna use?

  • Hello all. I am happy to join you guys. 

    Since I am a beginner, I decided to go simple and signed up for the stones. I watched the Stack o Rocks tutorial, and will try to replicate it with the stones. So first I will sculpt a base mesh of a stone to give it some shape, and then add details via sculpting.  Since I haven't used the sculpting tool yet, I'm not sure about the result. So I'll start with just a single stone. Hope that makes sense for you. 

  • already running into an issue, the leaf does not have any thickness but the trunk(hope its the correct word for the thicker part xD) is not just plain flat . so i now have this. anyone know how to fix this in a good way ?

  • Hey everyone! I can't wait to start working with you all!

    I believe I am working on the E tree but I am still being approved 

  • Hey stickdonkey ! Most welcome!

  • Hey spikeyxxx! I'm excited to join the team.  I'll be learning a lot with the FG Trees.  Close up stylized leaves has me nervous.  But a good nervous.

  • Since I never used the sculpting tools before,  I tried to get familiar with them today. Especially the Scrape Brush. After  creating a base mesh and subdividing it, I used the Scrape Brush to carve some flat surfaces. Later on I will add some more details. Don't know if this is the right approach to the stones. So if anybody can have an eye at my outcome to confirm that it's going in the right direction. After that I have a couple of Questions: 

    The hardest part so far seems to match the stones to the template. So how close do I have to get to the picture with each of them? 

    Should I model all of them, or just a few to copy them around?

    And what is with the parts of a stone that will not get seen?

    • Hi Martin,  fellow rocker here. Thanks for asking the above questions as I'm equally confused. Should we divide up the different rocks for us to re-create? Say divvy it up into three sections? Also, do we need to create the rocks so they match the image exactly? spikeyxxx 

      I'm going to do the rock tutorial just refresh the pallet. really like your above examples especially the one with the slight scrape on the right

    • Hi Martin, that is looking really good!

      I#d say model all of tehm, as they are not too difficult and still a great practice, but (and is a general rule) if you can get away with copying and scaling and rotating, without it being noticeable, you can do that (woudl deifinitely do that with some trees ;)).

      The bottom can be left un sculpted if you want, but if you want to copy stones, it can be an advantage if you can turn them over for a different look. The backside (from camera view) should look good, as the camera will move around.

      And James, I'd say everybody makes all stones.

      As to how close to the artwork, well it should definitely match the style as close as possible, but the shape and details do not have to match exactly (I'd try to stay close to the size though). Like, for the trees, not every leaf has to be exact like in the artwork.

    • llangleyjij Hi James. Glad that I am not alone with the rocks. Looks like we both models all stones. It's a good practice I think. I am struggling much in matching the shape with the template. Will start a second try today.  What is your approach in modeling them?  

    • Thanks Spikey!

      hhoidolario After doing the modelling tut. I'm going to try sketching out a few then the same as you really, sculpt out the initial then retopo after.

  • Hey guys,
    I am so glad to join the best team of Collab2021!

    After the requested 24h grace period, I decided to join yyukinoh1989 on his quest to grow a flower bed.
    Hope I am going to learn a lot from you guys. Already loving the communication and support in this channel!

    • Welcome bun-bun!

      There will de flowers :)

      I will be keeping a close eye on you two, while I am making the grass ;)

    • nice to have you onto the flower quest :) lets try to make bunch of awesome flowers and plants they can use :D

    • I feel you and thanks for the warm welcome.
      I think I will do some experimentation during the week and decide on an approach on the weekend.
      Having to be resourceful with geometry while still creating awesome results sounds definitely like a challenge to me.
      Looking forwards seeing first results!