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COLLAB2021 - If You Wanna Have Some Fun - NATURE FG

Fore- and middle-ground nature Assets:

B: FG Bushes **                                                G: Rocks *

C: FG Flowers *                                                H: Creek **

D: FG Tree A ***                                               I:  Ivy **

E: FG Tree B ***                                               J:  MG Trees ***

F: FG: Grass ***                                               K: MG Bushes ***

This is a safe place to ask your questions and,  if you are lucky, get answers.

Jokes allowed. Suggestions welcome.

blanchsb created a Discord channel; it is a join at will and use at your own risk situation.

These invites expire in 7 days. Should be enough time for all who wish to join. Other invites should be available afterwards if there are stragglers.

Invite to the Rules Channel: https://discord.gg/w2HJ76bR

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  • My latest iteration of the foreground bush:

    Incorporating Jonathan Lampel's shader feedback instantly improved the shape of individual leaves as well as the overall bush. Pretty happy with the direction this is going heading into week 4.

  • Hey Nature Peeps, an update on my foreground bushes: seeking more defination and lower poly counts, I deviated a tiny bit from my earlier approach and came up with this:

    Not only am I super happy as to how its turning out, using GN to distribute the alpha leaves card results in a triangle count of 2! (The 2 extra triangles in the stats above are for the floor plane)

    The above render is with basic diffuse texture only. Yet to dig into the materials.

  • And even with the leaf cards joined, the bush is still really low poly; only 2578 triangles.

    Though I probably need spice barons  jlampel  or theluthier to decide if it fits with the overall style of the spice vendor's house.

  • And this is how it looks in Kent's block-out scene:

  • I have finished my bushes, waiting for implementing =)

    It was a long way, but i achieved my goals to have fun and learn new cool stuff.

  • Guys, this is my week 4 update of the foreground bushes, incorporating material advice from nature guru Jonathan Lampel.

     There's a bit of z-fighting issues to solve on some of the bushes which I should be done with by tomorrow. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results.

  • amazing work guys. Those are nice bushes. Perhaps we could get an overview of all members of our team who are finished how the assets look ? (all in one post). as for me what should i focus on to finish of the flowers ? just make leaves and stems or should i do some extra things ? still gonna try to finish it off

  • question, is it possible for a plane to follow the camera so you could create a illusion of a round stem of the flower. i could also use a 5sided object but if i can reduce that to a plane it would halve the amount of verticies. still dont know if its possible and what are the cons and pro of that method.

    • Hi Yuki, that would indeed be possible, but the size of the stem is so small, that a 4-sided (maybe even a 3-sided) cylinder, set to Shade Smooth would probably be better, because the computations, necessary to calculate the direction of the planes would be more  'expensive'...Also: the flowers will be mostly seen from above, which would be a strange perspective for a plane stem.

      And if the stem is curved, then circling the camera around the flower would look really weird, because the curvature wouldn't change.

      Lastly, for a plane version of a stem to appear round, you would need a lighter and darker side, depending on the sun light, which would change when the camera moves around.

      All this could be compensated by using a lot of math, but it would not be worth the trouble and end up using more resources the using a low-poly cylinder.

    • Thank you spikey, ill try to get some flowers ready so we can get a idea of how it would look in the scene