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COLLAB2021 - If You Wanna Have Some Fun - NATURE FG

Fore- and middle-ground nature Assets:

B: FG Bushes **                                                G: Rocks *

C: FG Flowers *                                                H: Creek **

D: FG Tree A ***                                               I:  Ivy **

E: FG Tree B ***                                               J:  MG Trees ***

F: FG: Grass ***                                               K: MG Bushes ***

This is a safe place to ask your questions and,  if you are lucky, get answers.

Jokes allowed. Suggestions welcome.

blanchsb created a Discord channel; it is a join at will and use at your own risk situation.

These invites expire in 7 days. Should be enough time for all who wish to join. Other invites should be available afterwards if there are stragglers.

Invite to the Rules Channel: https://discord.gg/w2HJ76bR

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  • Hey, i Just finished some basic meshes for rocks. I'm sorry for being inactive there was some confusion in which asset i requested. these rocks have only one solid color and have BASIC normal maps that i applied when i was bored and did some sculpting. let me know your though on my first homework submission. 

    EDIT. Can everyone who is working on rocks comment on this post. I think it would be better if we combined our knowledge to make the single best rocks possible

  • How can I get these nice gradations from darker to lighter colour without lightning, only nodes??  


    • dyoc I gave a short answer in your WIP post.

      I can give you some more explanations, but I would suggest that you first play around with those Node setups a bit and try to understand what is going on ;)  

  • Ill try spikeyxxx, Thx!

  • I MADE NEON BUSH :))))  Can we us it?🤣 🤣 🤣 

    Thx spikeyxxx gradient achieved :)

  • Multires linear vs. smooth:

    Still have to figure out what is actually happening...

  • Hey folks,

    im not sure how we are expected to tackle the Grass this Week. Since we have no Locator based Item but a more dynamic one heavily dependant on the Ground Plane im really not sure how to go further. 

    spikeyxxx Do you have an idea?

    How about working together on this?
    I think our approaches are more or less close so maybe we can join forces so the result might be better than anybody of us could do alone.

    • The grass is indeed dependent on the ground, but we can refine the technique that we wanna use, so that it can be applied to the ground plane, when that is ready...it also depends on the objects that are on the grass (not the flowers), like rocks and cart...

      I wouldn't want grass blades intersecting with those objects, so we need a system that can easily adapt to objects in/on the grass.

      The ground plane is the least of our problems, as we could even use Shrinkwrap, when we would have ready patches...or apply the Particle System or Geometry Nodes directly to the ground....

      So I hope to get it in a state, that as soon as someone gives me a ground and rocks etc., I can 'apply' the grass where it should be.

      I would hand-paint the colors, but leave that for next week, when Texture Painting is planned.

      Of course we could work together on this. I did all those tests that you did and the worst result was with 'grass cards', especially on the edges!

      But like I mentioned, there are large areas, that only seem to give the illusion of grass, without any actual blades..at least that is my idea and it would be not too taxing on the scene, polygon-wise....

    • crew

      I'm really glad to see you both teaming up. Spikey is exaclty right about how to approach the grass: Until the ground is finalized, you two developing a good system of applying beautiful grass to any surface is ideal. 

      Also for week 2 I'd like to see some refinement of the style of grass to get a bit closer to the art. Sorry I haven't given stylistic feedback to you yet spikeyxxx - You must be in the last ~30% of submissions.

    • What we see in the image is the classical painters approach, you only need to paint Grass where color changes and where it influences the silouhette. 

      It depends heavily on the Camera Where you need some Grassblades and where not. But maybe its just as simple as turning the numbers down, for example using 100 instead of 5000 in the density settings.

      My current idea is to use weight painting for populating the ground plane just on the spots where we need it to be populated. So you basically place everything else and then simply paint grass in where needed. Combined with some Ground Texture this could be a solution at least in my head.

  • I don't know if this would be of any help to your team or not, but I came across this just recently on Instagram.

    I know that it's far more hyper-stylised than what the Collab is aiming for (so ignore the trunk be all means), but I thought that this might be a helpful visualisation of what Kent theluthier meant in the 2nd Live Stream by breaking up the shape of tree's silhouette with a few smaller leaves. Hopefully this will useful to some of your team. Keep up the astounding work. spikeyxxx wardred 

    Details about the artist this picture can be found here: https://blenderartists.org/t/stylized-tree/1294621

  • Anyone like my rocks? Please Critique as much as possible. Like, do I need more detail or anything.

  • crew

    Leafy Foliage Techniques

    benkroft aartifact danitufi frenchman brzostek  ullreym notcastanza stickdonkey wardred ketre dyoc ppfbourassa tijnkroon 

    I said that I intend to spend some time exploring leaf techniques this week. I don't know if I'll find the time to test such techniques myself, but I did research some vids and wanted to post them here before I forget. The techniques below look promising though they're not all in Blender. To apply some of them would take some creative thinking:

    for FG trees

    For MG / BG trees:

    for Bushes:


  • Grass & flower people, has anyone figured out adjusting point density locally in with geometry nodes? 

    My goal is to have flowers located only near this empty. 

    For particles you can use weight paint, and I saw that in 2.93 you can use attribute sample texture. But since we're working with 2.92, does anyone know? In the CG cookie youtube tutorial I saw that it is possible to get the location of each point from this empty. I just don't know how to delete a point once the location is too big. 

    • Try the Vertex Weight Proximity Modifier before the Geometry Nodes Modifier, Daphne

    • Thanks! I tried your setup but the location of the object isn't doing anything. is there some setting I'm missing? I guess that normal weight painting is a fine option as well. 

    • I got it working in just geometery nodes :) The attribute color ramp controls the size of the spot and the Empty the location of the spot. Would probably have been less effort in figuring out why the other modifier wasn't working, but I just needed to finish this puzzle. 

    • daphne2 sorry, I was at Kent's livestream :)

      Yes, that definitely works, how you did it!

      The reason I used the Modifier, is, because it can also use the surface of a Mesh, not only the position, which I need for placing grass blades around the rocks for instance.

      The Vertex Weight Proximity Modifier is great, but you need to get everything right...which is tricky the first time...but then again that is true for a lot of things in Blender (and in 3D in general, I guess).

  • sspikey Just wanted to check as after the stream i got slightly confused, are we creating fully sculpted version and a low poly version, or are we sculpting with the mind set that we retopo to a low poly version later?

    Or are we creating a displacement map from the sculpted version (that one's a guess i have no clue what i'm talking about).

    • I'd say, make a low poly basemesh, that has the shape (silhouette) you want and then you can make a duplicate and sculpt on that, so you can later bake the sculpted details on the (UV map of the) low poly version.

      Or, if you use the Multiresolution Modifier to sculpt the details, you could Bake from Multires...but I've never done that and would even then save a low poly copy, just to be sure.

    • sspikey  Thanks really helpful, i'll get to it.  On another note would you say retopo original sculpt then duplicate and sculpt detail onto the retopo duplicate OR retopo, save that to one side, then sculpt detail on the old sculpt?


    • llangleyjij  I'd sculpt detail on the retopo mesh, using Multires, so I could bake from Multires. The copy of the retopo would be for safety measure, just in case I'd mess up ;)

      But you can give the other method a go, for testing (on a simple model) and see how that goes. 

      Might give some weird baking results, I don't really know...theoretically it should work, I think...

  • progress so far...

  • Hey Guys,

       I'm not sure what I've done.  I created this leaf:

    It has a fair bit of geometry I'd either have to bake down to planes, or simply create an image of.  I thought it looked pretty nice. . . but when I try to use it I get absolutely no shadows.

    I get that both in material preview and rendered view.  If I select solid I at least get:

    I'm sure I've done something silly to my leaf, but I'm having trouble figuring out what that is.  When I finally get my GSync syncing I may put the .blend file up to help others look at it; I was just wondering if somebody had run into this before and had a "Oh yeah, you need to do X".


    • Could be a Light issue; in Material Preview, the default Environment gives (almost) no shadow:

      But you can enable Scene Lights.

      In Rendered mode, also make sure you have at least  Scene Lights enabled:

    • Thanks spikeyxxx.  I gave that a try, but something else was wrong with it.  I'm putting it on hold as really I think I should be focusing on getting the bushy leaves right at this point.

      Just ran out of time this week.  Not making nearly as much progress as I need to on aligning the leaves.

  • Update on the foregeround bushes after referencing the stylized bush creation videos that Kent provided for us, in particular trying to provide the "chunky-ness" to the bushes. I switched to alpha planes instead of instanced geo for performance's sake.

    However, I'm looking into shading issues when using alpha mapped planes; the render comes out sort of blurry as evidenced in the render above. Additionally, I need to optimize the bushes as they are currently too high poly.

  • Question, is there a good way to get the inner of the flower and stam to look high poly while still been low poly ?(of the green part of the flower that connects the flower with the leafs and ground)

    first i was thinking of painting it like with the most left flower (but when i would want a part to be hanging downwards i wonder how i could get that to lookgood without adding too much geometry)

  • MG and BG Tree (and maybe even Bushes) makers that are struggling with their vertex count:

    maybe you could use a few spheres or so to create the main blobby shapes, using a fun shader, maybe even as simple as this:

    and only have 'a few' strategically placed leaves (at the contours,mainly...) to suggest that they are full of leaves.

  • crew

    Hey Nature FG team! I'm jumping in this week and replacing Kent on all things nature related so that we can spend more time on feedback and grading. So, if you have any questions, you can tag me in your WIP thread or here. I've glanced through all of your threads and caught up on the project so far but have not started grading anything. Looks like you are all off to a great start! 

  • crew

    Hey aartifact , I see Kent has already given you a grade for the previous week, but I'm having trouble finding your thread. If you could update it so that the title contains your username, that would help quite a bit! 

  • crew

    Hey 200 up, oops sorry I ruined it 201 replies now.

    • People keep getting this wrong; 201 is much more interesting and beautiful than the boring old 200:

      So, no worries, Adrian, you didn't ruin anything; you only made it better ;)

  • Here's my attempt on the MG bushes after Kent's live stream last Thursday.

    • ketre Wow! These look spectacular! That was a really good live stream. I enjoyed watching the process of making these bushes.

    • Finally got some proper leaf orientation and shading going.  Thank you theluthier for Thursday's stream.  I may have a bit more to do with the shader's, but I'm pretty happy with how this is turning out.

      I have a couple questions.

      I have two clumps of trees.  The clump on the right has the red/gold contrast below.  The clump on the left is almost entirely red.  Should I adjust the shader a bit for that clump and do a second tree?  (I've been advised that my trees are meant to be instanced and not individuals.)

      Also, there's almost no variation in the trunks in the artwork.  Should I leave the trunks a plain brown like this, or actually try to put a subtle bark on them?

    • Whoops, meant my original reply to be to the overall thread.

      ketre - Your bushes are looking good!  One of the trickiest things I found with this method is getting enough crease definition to get defined shadows.  Did you go with individual spheres and shape them, or did you go for more of a single object that you shaped?  I ended up going with individual spheres and joining them into one object.

    • wardred That tree is looking amazing. I would like to lend my opinion about the detail of the trees. I like how you are matching your model to the artwork. I feel that this is the ultimate goal and would try to stick to your original plan. On the other hand, Kent did mention that if one wanted to showcase their work with a higher level of detail then a case could be made for the bark texture. 

    • Thank you ullreym.

      I may very well do a "beautiful" collection and do a much higher res version of the tree there. . . or at least the tree's bark and limbs.