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Collab2021 - WIP - elubie

This is my WIP submission thread for the collab.

  • First block-out of the cart, tried to get somewhat close to the artwork. 

    My to do for this week:

    • compare proportions and size to the reference (I think wheels may be a bit too small and handles a bit too long)
    • model some variations for the planks and details similar to the treasure chest course
    • add an iron band around the wheels??? (not in the artwork, but would give some material variation)
    • add smaller details (nails)
    • do a sculpting test on one plank

  • Today worked on getting a real  reference for the correct proportions/size matching the artwork.

    My approach was first to use my human reference (1.80 m) to guesstimate the position (if anyone has a pointer to a more exact/accurate method, let me know :) ) and then match the proportions starting with a cube, sizing rotating and moving until it matched the reference in camera view. Result is this for now:

    Next I checked with the help of theluthier 's house blockout whether the position made sense in 3D, which ended not llooking too far off. I guess some final size adjustment will probably be needed once the final breakdown file is available, but at least the proportions should be close enough.


  • I think the first block-out is done, still need to model some variations for the planks and details (nails etc.).

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - ACCESSORIES STANDALONE - cart

    All right, thanks, theluthier. Let's make the submission official then - I also have some updates on the model, where I did some detailing (both to check whether I am matching the artistic style and to potentially guide me with sculpting next week). Not so sure about the metal details on the wheels, but wanted to try adding some other material than wood for a bit of variety and get feedback on that.

    So feedback still welcome, alse maybe duerer as our team lead might want to keep track as well.

    So far lots of fun!

  • Some additional work, first I tried to reduce the vertex count on the low poly mesh a bit - thinnking that maybe the detail for the back of the car could be done by texturing, so I changed the planks to a single block of wood, but can change back once we know where exactly this will be used in the shot.

    Then I did a first sculpting experiment/test, not happy with the result yet. I first did a sculpting with draw sharp, which looked ok, then I wanted to add more detail with a stencil texture, which didn't turn out too well, so have to resesarch in either finding a better detail texture for the more stylized style or continue with normal brushes. 

  • elubie - Andrea, you are doing excellent work.  As you may be aware, I have been assigned to create a blog on the progress of our project.  I would like your permission to showcase your work in the blog.  I would display the cart image that you submitted for your 1st homework assignment and provide a link to your WIP.  There will be no commentary.  The blog is taking longer to launch than I had hoped, but it should be released in "the next few days."  Do I have your permission to showcase your artwork?

    CC:  duerer and theluthier 

  • Finally had time to work on the sculpting. I did remodel the cart a bit mainly went back to the low-poly for sculpting and did necessary size adjustment and some tweaks (back of the cart was reported to be indeed rounded and made nicer handles and connection to the wheel axis)

    Sculpting was fun, but I'm still struggling a bit with it. Got about half the pieces done I think, but I might have to maybe make one or two variants for the duplicated boards, depending on how noticeable this will be. 

    With MatCap the dents and strokes look too strong, but the actual render is not so strong and with the baked normal map, I *think* it should be ok as it can be tuned down a bit.

    duerer If you have any feedback before I jump into sculpting the rest of the pieces, let me know so I can try to incorporate it.

    • elubie With the sculpted boards being incorporated into your cart model, this is looking awesome 😀👍! I think, it was Kent theluthier in his "Modeling Realistic Characters with Blender"  course here who mentioned  - when sculpting skin details - that this has to be exaggerated since the final shading will blurr those details. Skin is certainly a special case with its "Subsurface Scattering" but your example shows that this "sculpted details blurring" also applies to a certain degree to other shaders.

    • I wish I could sculpt that well, really impressive

    • ssheila You're already sculpting well and you'll even do it better in the future 😀! Keep at it 👍!

  • duerer theluthier  Submission question: Unfortunately I made a probably noob mistake of going too high-poly in my sculpting.

    This means for the submission, the whole assembly of the cart is much too big (more than 1 GB) - even with the same plank meshes sharing data. I have each plank sculpt in a separate .blend file, so baking the textures should not be an issue and I expect to be able to submit everything fine next week, once the baking and texturing is done, the base model is quite low poly still.

    Would a picture of my sculpted cart be enough, or should I spend time reducing the high-poly sculpt until it is possible to submit?

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - ACCESSORIES STANDALONE - cart

    theluthier  duerer 

    And now I probably officially failed ;) Due to my stupidness, I spent far too much time getting the high-poly cart assembled in a single file, which resulted in huge issues with Blender responsiveness and tested my patience to no end.

    However, this makes me officially a bit over an hour late and I also did not manage to sculpt all the parts (one visible plank still missing as well as the axis and  one part hidden under the cart.), but I finally managed to hold everything together, so here are the pictures: (I will not submit my huuuuge file to the Google Drive for now, next week after baking I should be back in low-poly land)

    I plan to finish sculpting before the stream on Tuesday, but for now this is what I managed.

    UPDATE [2021-04-19]:  I managed to reduce the polycount sufficiently to be able to sync to Google Drive now too, at the loss of some of the sculpting detail (still saved locally here to be used for baking), but overall should at least give good enough impression of my sculptted model.

    • Fantastic 👍!

    • crew

      elubie You're doing amazing work! The sculpted details are beautiful 👏 

      Also there's no failing for not finishing completely each week. Mostly I want to see something. Several people need more time sculpting (or whatever) and this is why week 4 is intentionally a buffer week to allow for this. The deadline is mostly there to require everyone show me progress by a certain time :)

      I have no constructive feedback to give. You're progressing very well. Keep up the good work!

      PS: I like how you signed the axle 👌

  • Small update: Got everything sculpted:

  • First bake test, just baked normal map on low-poly mesh (cube with one level of bevel modifier applied).

  • I think I've now most of the hard work done: UV-layout and baking out the NORMAL and CAVITY maps. I baked out both versions 2048x2048 and 1024x1024 and it does indeed make a difference, especially with the cavity map. 

    This is the version with the 2048x2048 texture:

    And here with the smaller 1024x1024 sized textures, I am definitely glad about the larger size, otherwise probably would have to really start optimizing for texture space.

    Now I'm definitely looking forward to start painting in the next days.

    • This is fantastic, Andrea elubie 👍! I can barely wait to see your cart fully painted 😀!

    • I love this cart! 😍

    • duerer theluthier  If you have some time, I'd like some feedback on what to improve with my texture painting before I dive into painting the rest of the cart. I feel like I'm not quite there yet and having a hard time figuring out the style. (everything 2k texture btw. 2048x2048). 

    • elubie I would tend to style 2 due to its weathered look. The cart seems to have a significant damage on one front board (red circle):

      The spice vendor's business doesn't seem to run very well: a patch on the textile canopy and cracks in many roof tiles as well as broken out chunks in the silhouette of the left chimney are evoking this impression. 

      elubie You're really working on a very high level 😀! I'm deeply impressed 👍!

  • Homework Submission - Week 3 - ACCESSORIES STANDALONE - cart

    theluthier duerer This week definitely was a bit easier for me. I plan to go over the texture painting again in the next days also to incorporate feedback and also because there are a few rough spots that I want to tackle with a fresh eye. 

    Textures and full model has been copied to the Google Drive for inspection in the WIP folder.

    EDIT: Added screenshot for statistics and baking results. Let me know if poly-count is too high and I will attempt to reduce by removing the bevel on the low-poly model and maybe joining back parts and and the floor. Didn't know how high I could go with the 'hero' model, so I went a bit for quality, making sure the wheels really look rounded and to add a bevel to avoid really sharp corners. Reducing the polycount probably would mean re-baking and repainting, since the uv's contain the applied bevel, but if necessary I'll do that.

  • Mid-week update, some material fine-tuning and file cleanup.

  • crew

    FANTASTIC!! You've absolutely crushed this card @elbubie. It's going to look stunning in the assembly 🤩

    Congrats on finishing early. You can kick back and relax for week 4. Thanks for your contribution to the project!

  • theluthier duerer I noticed something today, the image´of the back of the house shows two small crates:

    Just in case this should be included in the final version, I have created a small crate, and amblender as well, so we should be set. I'll upload my file to the Google drive tomorrow. 

  • I guess I'm officially done with the model now, had some fun setting up a small turnaround.

    Turnaround on my Youtube channel