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Collab2021 - WIP - vincav81

This is my on-going thread to document my progress through the 2021 Collab Project.

  • Here's my progress for the cart so far:

    1) Intersecting a coplanar ground plane.

    2) Ground plane turned off.

    3) I also agree with sheila5 about her idea of having Melvin interact with the cart somehow. Possibly not in this particular Collab, but maybe in a future animation tutorial or such from Wayne Dixon waylow

    4) Screenshot of the view from the Assembly file Camera (zoomed in.)

    5) Full view from the linked Assembly file Camera.

    6) And a final view from the side.

    Open to comments.
    duerer dostovel createtaiwan theluthierย 

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Cart


    Here is my block-out for the Spice Vendor's cart.

    I don't know if I should keep the faceted look of the cart poles or not. I'm also wondering if I should go back to linking the the railings and cart side struts into a single mesh, like it was in my previous WIP post.

    And critique gratefully received.

    (Underneath of the cart.)

    • Excellent work, vincav81! And thank you again for your detailed and impressive reflections and illustrations concerning the terrain shape here ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

    • crew

      Splendid homework for week 1 vincav81! Trying to think of something else to say besides "it's perfect..." I got nothing. You easily get full points and I'm going to add some extra because I've noticed your helpful posts in various threads.

      Your cart is going to look ๐Ÿคฉ with sculpted details in week 2!

    • Congratulations, vincav81, to your well deserved full plus extra points ๐Ÿ‘! It a pleasure to see what you've modeled so far as well as following your illustrated reflections concerning the composition of our spice vendor's house and its environment ๐Ÿ˜€!

  • vincav81 Do I remember correctly that you voted for "Shabby Chic" as our team name?

    Just a quick reminder what the proposed team names are so far:

    1) Shabby Chicย 

    2) All Access(ories)ย 

    3) Shabby Fresnel Chicย 

    4) The Stan Dalonesย 

  • I know that I'm probably crazy doing this, but here is my current progress remodeling my cart.

    This is because the original has some twisted geometry in places and I'd rather have a "trim and true" version to begin Week 2 from. Also I'm using this opportunity to "model smarter, not harder" theluthier and see how much geometry I can reuse through Linked Object Data.

    Admittedly this may be a fool hard attempt, as it may be while the imperfection of my submission may irritate me (I'd like to be certain that any Linked planks will actually be all the same dimension before linking them, ie. no bizarre skewing of geometry), that same imperfection may be what endears it to others.ย 

    Also while beginning this second draft I realised that I'd forgot that most carts tend to have Leaf Spring suspension ๐Ÿค”, so I guess the quickest fix would be to say that the Spice Vendor is a very frugal chap (a Scrooge McDuck if you may) and bought the cheaper cart without any suspension from the salesman. hharbinger_uaย  Then use the savings to buy/find more spice perhaps?

    In any case I may just be needlessly wasting my efforts, but as has been told to me many a time: I'm a perfectionist. ๐Ÿ˜

    Until the Live Stream then. . .

  • Now I really do think that I'm crazy: I think I like the first one better.
    (Dick Dastardly โ€“ "Drat! Drat! Double Drat!")

    Maybe I should just split the difference and just replace the old draw bars with the 2nd version's pair.

    I wanted to add metal tires to the wheels, but know I think that that would just ruin the simplicity of the 1st cart.

    Any words of wisdom? Or failing that common sense? duerer sheila5 createtaiwan wardred dostovelย 

    • I lost the soul of the cart, didn't I?

    • Don't worry, it's inanimate object. I say go the Jedi way and follow your instincts, if you want to be a perfectionist, follow that. I for one like how details bring things to life.

    • I think we're adding details next so I wouldn't get hung up about it. I personally got obsessive about making things perfect at first so that when I went back to smash my geometry up it was a more controlled form of chaos. ย ๐Ÿ˜† I think theyre BOTH great. :3

    • vincav81 I think this is going to be a complex scene with a ton of verts, so anything you can do to link and reuse would probably be appreciated. . . as long as you don't compromise the final product. ย I'm listening to almost this exact point by Kent as I type.

      I took a closer look at the cart, and I see in the original artwork everything appears to be wood. ย I don't think it would be breaking the feel of the artwork to add metal wheels to the cart, but I'd check with your group leader about that.

      I'm hoping a lot of the how much detail to put into the project, like the springs, will be covered in today's stream.ย  I don't know if we really want to focus on what we can see from the original art work, or if we want to be able to walk around things.ย  If we want to be able to walk around things, it'll need more detail.

    • wardred Thank you. I think I may just go with what I've got so far on the 1st one and worry about real life details after the collab.

    • vincav81 I would prefer the version from your homework. The other model looks too perfect like an industrial product. I just would reduce the gaps between the boards (there's nothing shining through at the backside or right side of the cart box):

    • I wanted to add metal tires to the wheels, but know I think that that would just ruin the simplicity of the 1st cart.ย 

      As far as I know, there's often a metal ring around the wood wheel in order to protect the wooden part against hard hits from stones etc. on the way:

      Andrea elubie added it to her "Homework Submission Cart"ย here (scroll down to the orange frame).

  • vincav81 Love it! I really enjoyed seeing Magician Melvin as a size comparison. Beautiful work.

  • Ok, so here's the current progress of the lower poly version of my Homework model, for future syncing to the Collab folder.

    1. Current state of cart.

    2. Cart with all the duplicated geometry turned off. (Forgot to turn of the Mirror Modifier on the handle though ๐Ÿ˜ฌ)

    3. Cart wireframe with Mirror Modifier turned off. Handle duplicated to show wireframe separate from the other geometry.

    duerer createtaiwan sheila5 splat21 elubieย 

  • Cart with shared geometry Linked (Alt - D) and edges marked sharp on the handles and wheels.

    • vincav81 Your low-poly cart is taking shape ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ‘! ย I would just add a slight bevel (one segment only!) at sharp edges as for example at the wheels, See for example the railing or the barrels in Vadim's pirates tavern here, especially here the hires image of Vadim's harbinger_ua original 3D model.

    • Here's my updated Low poly cart following your advice. I set the single bevel to be 0.0035 (Offset). Which does mean that I have to copy over the handle s and make them into new Medium Poly versions, which is no real loss because adding the bevel to the low poly has fixed a mesh issue I was having with the Medium version handles I posted about below. Thank you duererย 

      And I also adjusted the spacing of the planks on the back as well.

  • End of Week 2, Day 1, Progress.

    1) Final Low Poly Model (sans bevels). I also happened to look more closely at Vadim's artwork and I noticed his cart has a small curve to the top most rear plank, so I've decided to added it here to better reflect Vadim's vision. hharbinger_uaย 

    2) And here is the cart with all the linked objects hidden.

    I also lengthened the "handles" to better match Kent's block-out better.

    theluthier duererย 

  • Progress Update: Medium Poly model for Sculpting.

    1) Beveled mesh, ready for Hi-Res modifier.

    2) Cart with Subdivision (Level 2) added for visualisation.

    And for anyone else wondering how to turn on the Polygon/Mesh counter that Kent uses, it's under Viewport Overlays and called Statistics. And if you tick that you viewport should also look like this:

    Without the red annotation of course.


  • I'm sorry if I forgot to read, or forgot that I had read, your comment Ingmar duererย  earlier about Andrea's elubie cart wheels with the tires. Any way, here is my Medium Poly cart with more subtle metal tires. ย 

  • Cart UPDATE:
    After going over the mesh once more (perfectionism strikes again!), I now hope that I can actually start sculpting. HOORAY!

    1) Low Poly version shaved of detail that can be better added via future normal maps.

    2) Medium Poly version with Ctrl+2 Subdivision to preview later Hi-Res modifier application.

    Now to get back to catching up on Kent's theluthier Week 2 Casual Live Stream, so I can have a better visual idea of how approach sculpting the wood.

  • Last minute mad dash.

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Cart

    theluthier jlampelย duererย 

    Here is my sculpted Hi-Poly Cart. I have synced my WIP file to the Google Drive for closer inspection.

    (28 minutes to spare before deadline.)

  • Cart Update โ€“ 22 Apr 2021 (AEST)

    I've taken a page out of elubie's playbook and tried to simplify my cart and make it match Vadim's artwork without having to go back and sculpt replacement geometry.

    I've set all the Multi-Res modifiers to 4 Levels so that I can navigate around the model with a bit less lag.

    Following Elubie's example, and Kent's word on keeping as low a poly count on our base models as possible, I've pushed together the sides, back and floor planks so that I can retopologise them into a more efficient single mesh chunks for baking. duererย 

    I also removed the two small handrail planks from the top of the three side planks, to both match Vadim's work and cut down the number of faces I need to use for my Low Poly Cart retopo.

  • UV map for my cart. 23 April 2021, 10:19pm (AEST)

  • Cart Update: 24 April 2021, 12:36am (AEST)

    After much wrangling, here's my Normal map.

    And here it is applied to the cart.

  • Cart UPDATE: 24 April 2021, 12:47pm (AEST)

    Cavity Map can now be checked off the list. Only thing left is the Colour Map.

    Cycles Pointiness, Cavity Map screenshot.

    Cart with both Normal and Cavity maps connected to the material output.

  • Homework Submission - Week 3 - Cart

    theluthier duererย 

    Here are the UV, Normal, Cavity, and Color Maps for the cart.

    Homework uploaded to the Models/WIP folder: ย  acc_cart_vincav81_04

    Any instruction on whether I'm meant to make a Master file version, or if that's solely you purview Kent, would be gratefully received.

    Cart: Material Preview.

    Cart: Rendered View. Brightness of the material can be adjusted when/if it's linked into the final scene.

    Admittedly the UVs could've been better organised for the second attempt at unwrapping, but my main aim was to complete the work, and I'd already started baking by then so I decide to plow on rather than waste more time.

    .ย  .ย  .ย  .ย  .

    On a personal note, I'll be having surgery to remove my wisdom teeth on Monday, my time, so I may not get anything done next week. But at least I've finally managed to complete the homework a day ahead of the deadline. Thank you.

    25 April 2021, 02:00 (AEST)

  • Here's my cart with a very basic noise dust/grunge effect using a method similar to Kent's Z Normal.

    It took maybe 5 minutes to set up? The grunge is only on my local copy and not the Google Drive. I'd only add it if might added to the scene or not. But as you can see below, the grunge is only really visible from close up.

    Rendered View, Close up.

    Rendered View, Main Camera.

    As you can see any subtle accent like grunge/mud wouldn't add anything to the final composition.

    • vincav81 Thank you, for sharing your tests concerning the importance of grunge on the cart. We will have to wait for the final camera animation in order to determine whether some grunge is needed. But I could well imagine that we'll have a closer look at the cart ๐Ÿ˜€!