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Collab2021 - WIP - mishag

This is a thread to document my progress for the 2021 Collab Project! So excited to share my work and totally open for any feedback!

  • Hey everyone! This is my first attempt to model a lantern! Open to any feedback how to improve! Thank you! :)

  • hey nice work, perhaps its nice to make a second one where the top of the lanter has the oposite flow so instead of these rounding ) -> going to these rounding ( . then you have 2 examples ready to choose between :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Lantern


    Here is my model of a lantern. Just made another flow on the top, like yyukinoh1989 suggested and actually I like it much more. Still thinking about how to improve my model and hoping for a feedback! Thank you a lot!

    • great job you did amazing work , love the shape it has gotten. looking forward to the final result :)

    • crew

      Very nice work mmishag! Clean topology and the model reads very authentic to the art despite the lanterns being so small in the image. You've earned full points from me 👍

      Since you've built this as a smoothable model, you're in great position to begin sculpting accents like I did in yesterday's stream. Only difference is you'll need to build a lo-res (final geometry) version to bake to after sculpting. That should be simple though: Just duplicating your hi-res version, removing multires modifier, and minimizing geometry till it's the essential shape for baking.

      If that's confusing I will explain more next week to everyone.

    • Thank you so much for reply! 

      Since there was no action in my thread, I had and inspiration today to make another model from scratch :D I'll upload it a bit later, still need to finish that mount to the wall (was able to see more details on that higher res reference picture). I think the same comments from yours will apply to that work aswell. The only thing I didn't use any modifiers in both models, just bevels and loopcuts. So I'll need to remove some geometry by hand?

    • P.S. I wasn't be able to watch yesterday's live stream, it was too late for me :( So will do it when it'll be available!