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Collab2021 - WIP - mishag

This is a thread to document my progress for the 2021 Collab Project! So excited to share my work and totally open for any feedback!

  • Hey everyone! This is my first attempt to model a lantern! Open to any feedback how to improve! Thank you! :)

  • hey nice work, perhaps its nice to make a second one where the top of the lanter has the oposite flow so instead of these rounding ) -> going to these rounding ( . then you have 2 examples ready to choose between :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Lantern


    Here is my model of a lantern. Just made another flow on the top, like yyukinoh1989 suggested and actually I like it much more. Still thinking about how to improve my model and hoping for a feedback! Thank you a lot!

    • great job you did amazing work , love the shape it has gotten. looking forward to the final result :)

    • crew

      Very nice work mmishag! Clean topology and the model reads very authentic to the art despite the lanterns being so small in the image. You've earned full points from me 👍

      Since you've built this as a smoothable model, you're in great position to begin sculpting accents like I did in yesterday's stream. Only difference is you'll need to build a lo-res (final geometry) version to bake to after sculpting. That should be simple though: Just duplicating your hi-res version, removing multires modifier, and minimizing geometry till it's the essential shape for baking.

      If that's confusing I will explain more next week to everyone.

    • Thank you so much for reply! 

      Since there was no action in my thread, I had and inspiration today to make another model from scratch :D I'll upload it a bit later, still need to finish that mount to the wall (was able to see more details on that higher res reference picture). I think the same comments from yours will apply to that work aswell. The only thing I didn't use any modifiers in both models, just bevels and loopcuts. So I'll need to remove some geometry by hand?

    • P.S. I wasn't be able to watch yesterday's live stream, it was too late for me :( So will do it when it'll be available!

  • theluthier phoenix4690

    So, I hope that it is correct understanding of what I should be doing :) 

    Now I have 2 models, high poly (didn't turn of subserf mod) and low poly ready for sculpting and baking! (Completely new lanterns btw, which I personally like much more :D).

  • Just finished my sculpting! Enjoyed it soooooo much, best part imho :)

    Happy to share with you guy's! 

    • Looks great, is it your intention everything is  rounded and almost no hard edges? Maybe for contrast it would be good to add some sharp edges. 

    • lucky thank you for stopping by! It is a scultp made on a high poly version of the model. Final one will be definitely less rounded! You can check it 1 post above! 

      It was intentional, yes, partly because the lantern on the reference picture looks rounded to me :)

    • Hey,

      I like those little cracks and scraps you added to the lamp. In my opinion this gives a character to this lamp.

    • ttobles Thank you!

    • Awesome Mishag, its really got that handcrafted feel going for it now. Which I think is going to be key to the whole style.  As tobles said the little cracks are great. Is it possible to see the other side too?

    • phoenix4690 thank you! 

      I really thought that we need to do all normal maps-baking things this week aswell for some reason :D That's why decided to share midway work :D

      But as long as it's all we need to do for now, I'll upload this work from different angles tomorrow as a homework submission!

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Lantern

    theluthier phoenix4690 

    This is my sculpting homework submission! Never done sculpting before, but it's so much fun so I've injoyed it a lot! Tried to make the lantern as close to handcrafted as possible without disruption to geometry! I know that some of details wont be visible so much, because it is so small on the whole picture, but it was fun to add some character to it :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 3 - Lantern

    theluthier phoenix4690 

     It was really tough week for me due to being sick, so I had no possibility to work a lot on the project.

    This is the result of one day working and probably not the best result overall, but good enough for now. I'll definetelly twick some things during Monday-Tuesday for sure. 

    1) So I've waisted 2 hours to find out why the background on the Normal Map is black, found no solution. Don't know if it is a problem, because everithing is working fine overall. 

    2) I have some weird yellowish artifacts, again I'm not sure how crucial is it.

    3) On the Cavity Map I have 2 much darker areas on the top part of the lantern. I guess it is due to my sculpt, I made those areas to thin probably, but again the end result is great!

    Another thing that bothers me a bit is transparancy of the glass, because I can see no top face on the bottom part of the lantern through it (deleted it long time before to save some geometry).

    Probably I should play with Cavity Map ColorRamp to make less contrast.

    Can't wait for your feedback! Big thx!

    • crew

      I think you've done a great job mmishag! You're finished as far as I'm concerned. If you want to push it further, I'd suggest a layer of dust / grime in the crevices and on the glass similar to these:

      It may not show up super well on the dark metal but especially the glass could benefit from the breakup. Again, these updates are optional. You could kick back and relax for week 4!

    • crew

      Whoops I forgot one thing: Can you make sure your textures are uploaded to the TEXTURES directory on Google Drive?

    • crew

      mmishag One more reminder: Can you ensure your textures are synced on google drive? If not I won't be able to include your asset in the final 😕

  • crew

    To close out this thread: You did a great job on your lantern mmishag! It looks great in the assembly:

    I added a little gradient to the glass's transparency and slightly tweaked the metal's material attributes. Very small tweaks to a lovely asset! Thanks for joining collab2021. It's been a pleasure working with you 🤝