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Collab2021 - WIP - InterUse

This is an ongoing thread documenting my progress through the 2021 Collab.

  • So, the first week, huh? :)
    theluthier , I think that my block-out of a Window B asset is finished.
    I still did not settle on the style of hinges just yet, and their inclusion at all is dependent on if we will have the interior, so I left them just as a placeholder :)
    Same with the handles, but I more-or-less have a vision for them, so I really hope that we will have the interior :)

    The whole mesh is based on modifiers for ease of edit for when we will have the final block-out of the house.
    Would really appreciate the feedback :)

    • crew

      Woah. You crushed it for week 1! You've taken a simple asset and given it so much detail and thought. Very well done. You've earned full points + a little extra interuse 

      My only feedback at this point is that stylistically it leans a little more toward real than fantasy. For week 2 I'd love to see some style introduced like broad wood grain, imperfect bevels, dents/dings. Also maybe increase the size of the hardware; chunky and hand-made would be more on point for this style. Right now it looks precisely manufactured.

      So my feedback is more about the future direction of your asset rather than what you've done week 1. Again, you blew way past week 1 expecations. Awesome job!

  • Wow, thats really nice looking. 

    Would love to see the wire frame :D 

  • Week 2 of the collab started for me on Saturday, 17th :)
    I've spent the first and a half-hour watching a course "Fundamentals of digital sculpting" and most of the rest of the time fighting with Blender's sculpting mode and in the end I hope I found something that is "getting there".
    But I started to enjoy sculpting and it became oddly satisfying, even though I still rage over it sometimes because it doesn't work or breaks "just at the right moment".

    theluthier these are my results so far. I did not manage to finish my sculpt in time, but I will have more time available this week so will catch up with the schedule.
    I am highly grateful for all the feedback.

    A special thank you goes to blanchsb for his tip. I used another method (curve modifier), but you gave me an idea that I didn't think of.
    And thanks to phoenix4690 for the fun company during work!

    Any additional feedback from anyone is highly appreciated!

  • A small update - today I might finish the outer rim of the window, and I synced it to a WIP file.

    • crew

      I love you WIP thread interuse! Documenting multiple times each week - It's rewarding to watch the progression including your failed attempts. An exemplary thread 🤝

      Your sculpture progress for week 2 looks really good. Definitely within the style of the art: the right amount of grain crevices and roughed-up edges. You've easily earned full points.

      No worries if you have to continue sculpting into week 3. Keep up the good work 👍

    • That looks awesome interuse . Much better. How did you end up going with that? Just one high poly sculpted mesh from multires or was it difference approach?

    • theluthier thanks for the feedback!

      blanchsb I used a plane, added thickness, added some edge-loops to make faces more square-like, and used a curve modifier. After that - yeap, multires.

  • crew

    Hoping there's an update impending interuse??

    • Thanks for the reminder theluthier.

      I missed the deadline, normals gave me a huge headache, never before I had struggled with something for so long time and I finished only yesterday right before your stream.
      I've begun texturing process only today and still looking through some tutorials on "how to texture".
      At the moment, the model looks like this.
      And my normal map is1024x1024, yellow zones are intersecting parts of the inner rim, that are not visible. I am not quite sure if I must fix those, would appritiate any thoughts.

    • My humble opinion: I say if they are not noticeable then just keep going. The shape that your are trying to bake is tricky and I think it is turning out awesome so far.
      I posed some comments in the Discord for the team. You're window is definitely going into the collab so I'm rooting for you big time!

      If you need a hand come message me on the discord and I can try to help out.

    • crew

      Your normal bakes don't look too problematic to me. Like Shawn says, minor bake errors can be acceptable.

      One thing I will suggest is to increase the resolution of your outer ring using the bevel tool:

      There's an imbalance between the inner geometry and the outer (more inside, less outside). Also an imbalance of high poly details on a visibly jagged ring. I think baking on this updated geo will prove a nicer final result.

    • crew

      interuse forgot to tag ☝️

    • theluthier  , thanks for the advice, will fix the outer rim

    • Hey interuse how goes the final touches? Is your model ready to load into the scene. That window gonna be the cherry on top of the house!

  • theluthier , I think that the asset is finished, for the most part. I will definitely need to work on my textures in the future, might spend some time on it in the near days, but would appreciate any feedback on the current state.
    I've put the main object into the Master file, with the shader, and all texture maps are synced to google drive.

  • interuse, Wow - I really like that window.  Nice finish!!  I have posted your first image in the blog.  If you prefer something different, please provide a new image and comment me in your WIP.  But, I do think it looks great.

    Congratulations in completing the project!

  • crew

    Way to finish strong interuse! You really brought this window home in a beautiful way. Looks great in the assembly:

    I made some small to the tweaks to the material and also optimized your textured down to 1024 as well as combined your metalness, cavity, and roughness into one texture image. Since they're all grayscale I made the Cavity the RED channel, the metalness the GREEN channel and the roughness the BLUE channel. I went over this process in the week 4 casual stream if you want more info about it. The benefit being we only load one texture file for all 3 textures.

    Excellent work this month! Thank you for joining and contributing to Collab2021. It was a pleasure working with you 🤝