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Collab2021 - WIP wainscotting - onelombax - Team House Exterior

Homework Submission Week 1 - Week 1


I went with a simple array around a curve modifier, applied it and fixed the angle (left some room for the wooden beams)

the idea is to have 3 varaitions of the plank, link them, keep the polycount low and the texture usage to a minimal :)

All planks count up to less than a 1000 triangles. To further optimize, baking the details to a plane would solve the polycount while a trimsheet will solve the texture optimization :). I've done a test and posted below.

  • crew

    Yes!! I was hoping to see a little bit of sculpting exploration on the wood this week. It's a great general texture so far. I'd recommend about 50% of the boards be like this and the other 50% have a variety of splits and dings in it. But no need to rush, sculpting is next week.

    Another idea for the wainscoting (and many aspects of the house) could be trim sheets. Are you familiar with those? I've never used them myself but they're a really clever technique commonly used with game assets.

    • I didn't know about trim sheets at all and consisdering how cool it sound (just watched a quick tutorial) it's definitely an option worth exploring.

      thank for the feedback :)

      ps : I've also explored more or less my pipeline for assets and even though the result is ugly (see below). It's only worth 10 triangles and baked both normal map and ambient occlusion map so happy to be unhappy with the style :)

    • that aint ugly, its looking really nice already i kinda look forward the the end result of this project :D

    • thank you :) yyukinoh1989 

  • This is the step 2 (sculpting) of trim sheet attempt (don't mind the middle section irregularities, I just want to test it feasibility on the house :)Wood Exploration Sculpting, I like the last one though none of them render well vertically? (see the trim sheet above) so I don't know what to do for the wainscotting sculpting for now

  • WIP update, I went again and sculpt wood and have a decent result :)

  • Sculpted version of the trim sheet

    Bake trim sheet (in case you're wondering why we lost something, it wasn't tilable so I removed it)

    Several test, good news is that it work ! Bad news, for some reasons, the material light up when rotated

    Another test this time to determine if how light would affect it and it's pretty darn good :)