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Collab2021 - WIP - Yukinoh

My WIP thread for my progress during this collabration.

  • colloring is just temporary but its better to get an idea of it :)
    does anyone know btw where i can see my verticy count ?

  • finded out where i can find my verticie count edited the flower to make it even more low poly

    ended with 233 verticies for one complete flower. would that be ok or too much ? 

    both together they are 466

  • second type of flower , its kinda having a lot verticies even trough i tryed to go as low poly as i could , i guess the duplicated flowers did got the numbers go much higher 

    its not a flower we get to see in the scene but who knows maybe i still can be used , if not it was fun to create it :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 1- Flowers 

    theluthier hope they are somehow good. (Edit: added a mushroom )

    i still wanted to make even more flowers, but then again i still need to texture them so i better dont take too much :)

    • crew

      What a flower library yyukinoh1989!! You really took this asset by the horns and developed a great collection. You get full points + some extra for the effort 👏

      Everything looks great but I'm wondering about the flowers circled in yellow:

      I LOVE the water lily aesthetic but I'm afraid the stream need to be moving too quickly to support such plant life. Maybe I'm wrong and should do some research, but I associate water lilies with more stagnant bodies of water like ponds. Hopefully I'm wrong! But if the stream needs to be moving swiftly enough to move the water wheel we may need to omit the lilies.

      What do you think about this logic spikeyxxx?

      Lastly the left-most plant with small white flowers - While it is truly lovely! I'm afraid it's a lot of detail at a small scale. I expect it may prove too heavy an asset for a barely-noticed effect. Even if we omit the water lily and small-white-flowered plant, we'll be in great shape for populating the scene well!

      For week 2, sculpting is probably overkill. Instead how do you feel about looking into optimization techniques for flowers? See this artstation gallery about how simple geometry with alpha-mapped textures are good for optimal flower effects:

    • theluthier as yyukinoh1989  already mentioned, she is well aware of the fact that not all of her flowers will/could be used here. As I understand it, it is partly an exercise in making plants, which is hard enough in itself, but making them  low poly as well...

      But I aggree, that apart from the waterlily and lily of the valley, these are great for our scene.

    • theluthier and spikeyxxx

      Both thanks for the feedback, indeed they both are pretty  flowers, especially the waterlily, but it should fit in the scene and as you say with the strong current flow that might be not possible. Dont know much about flowers, but if those 2 go out it might mean i get back space for other flowers :). Of course depending how much time i get free. I will check out the reference to get some extra ideas and perhaps some nice tricks :). 

      Again both thanks for the time and feedback :D

    • I'm starting a KEEP THE LILIES petition, who's with me??

      After our discussion on water flow in the team leads meeting theluthier , did we abandon the waterfall for a more tranquil, peaceful body of water at the front of the house?

      My thought was, if I can explain it laterally from house forward, So it goes House/ waterwheel into a small pond and then under a bridge and then a small stream meandering  into a forest or wood.

      Like the artwork suggest it opens out a little just before the bridge, and that's where the waterlilies grow. With the natural rock dam I suggested at the rear of the house to generate the power to turn the waterwheel then the water would naturally slow again.


    • well that seems like a wonderfull idea to indeed save the waterlily:D its a really nice flower so if i can optimize it a waterlily 2 or 3 should not harm the file :D