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COLLAB2021 - WIP - AndyBegg

Documenting my progress of the 2021 Colab.

Let's start with some relevant things I've created in the past. Hand sculpted stylized boat rocks and sand WOW style tavern- hand painted Dutch Medieval Townhouse - Modular Design Medieval farm Building - Modular Design Scottish Grave Yard - hand-painted, trim sheets and seamless textures

  • First roof wood parts are done,

    I've made 3 plank sizes long med short. I have 3 of each that can be copied where needed.
    Means I'll only have 9 planks to sculpt. Small amounts of scaling should be okay to get them to fit in the other areas.

    The other parts such as the ridge beams and trim will mostly have to be unique, although I may be able to get away with mirroring or reusing a couple.

  • Roof wood parts complete.

    Tiles tomorrow.

    I have a plan to use geo nodes for this as you can instance different tiles in an array.

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Roof

    Hey theluthier

    I got a little carried away with blocking out the scene this week.

    For the roof, I've made a set of parts that can be reused to keep the word down to a minimum.
    I have 3 of each beam that can be rotated, flipped, or mirrored to give a different look.
    I have 9 tiles and have been using Geo Nodes to randomize them with an array modifier.

    I'll stick the up-to-date file on the Gdrive so you can have a look.

    I'm looking forward to doing some sculpting. :)

    • crew

      andybegg Incredible showing! You've leaped way beyond expectations and even blocked out the house, masonry accents, water wheel, bushes, trees, creek, rocks, and even lighting! WOW. On top of that you've structured your roof beautifully: Minimal pieces for maximum effect and variety. FANTASTIC WORK. I have to give you extra points for your efforts.

      I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for some constructive criticism but I don't have any! You've absolutely crushed it this week. I'm going to dig into your scene potentially scavenge for ground terrain + creek nuggets.

      Can't wait to see all your roof bits sculpted 🤩

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      It's a really fun project can't wait for it all to come together.

  • I love the layout planning andybegg and the clever use of instancing with geonodes.

  • Midweek  Update - Week 2 - Sculpting

    Tile sculps are coming along nicely. I've been using the Zbrush stylized brushes for Blender which has stencils that really speed up the workflow.

    I've used both Multires and Remesh on these. but I find with multires the topology bunches up around the bevels or holding lines on the edges which were giving me issues on the sides or with any tiles that have cuts. So for the second last one, I've used remesh.

    The downside to remesh is that tight cracks can merge and get muddy and sharp edges can be lost when remeshing.

    For the last tile I've ditched the bevel and holing lines and did a multires with simple subdivide. this gave a more even topology but left some evidence of the hard edges of the lower mesh.

    I may just use remesh for the final 4 tiles.

     I've dabbled in some texturing, but it's just a dirty vertex paint mask powering some colour changes and roughness, and a noise texture for some extra roughness and bump.

    I haven't decided if I'll use substance painter yet for the texturing, but it would be nice to keep everything Blender.

    I've sculpted one plank, for now, came out okay, in not sure about the swirly knots but it does look very stylised.

    Texturing on the plank is very similar to the tiles

    I also tested out a bake, on 1024 texture. came out pretty well I think.

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Roof

    Hey theluthier

    Unfortunately, I've not had enough time to sculpt all the pieces this week, it's a lot of sculpting, and it's not my strongest area.

    I was very happy with the first plank and my tiles, but I've been struggling to replicate my early success with the other wood pieces.

    I seem to keep overworking them, but I suspect that once they are baked and textured they will look okay.

    See the post above for a breakdown of my work earlier in the week

    Here is some cavity views of what I've got so far.

    UV unwrapping and texturing won't take me very long, so I'll continue these into week 3 to get them finished :)

    I've separated the master Blockout parts into a separate file for sculpting, and I've uploaded it to Gdrive as WIP_house_roof_andybegg_Sculpt_01.blend so you can have a look. :)

    After UV unwrapping and texturing I can replace the masters in the main file and they should populate the rest of the roof.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


    • crew

      Wow. WOW. andybegg you and llegobenj are crusssshing these roof details! AND shockingly they look very similar in style. I'm so impressed 👏

      My only note is that this particular crack feels a little off:

      Maybe more like a sapling branch? Not jagged enough...something feels off. It's also a very noticeable detail that will probably be obvious when instanced around. I'd recommend removing that crack.

      With quality like this, I'm totally fine with you finishing up these details in week 3. Quality over speed!

    • theluthier

      High praise from a master sculptor, and I heard you were a harsh grader ;)

      I agree I'm not a fan of that crack either, I get rid of it. :)

    • Looks like the style is a pass! Keep up the great work. I agree with the crack finding. Otherwise this is looking stellar.

  • crew

    Please tell me you're going to post an update on this andybegg 🙏

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Roof 

    Hey theluthier

    I'm still running a little bit behind on this one.

    I still have the roof-trim pieces to complete and get everything replaced on the roof.

     I'm not overall that pleased with the consistency of my sculps, some parts I'm very happy with, other bits not so much.

    Textures from the sculpt, I'm pretty much good with.

    Here are some shots of the completed parts, some examples of the textures, and the tiles in place on the roof. :)

    I'll tag you in any further updates getting all the wood on the roof.

  • crew

    andybegg Your roof looks stunning sir. An absolute crown on the spice vendor's house! You're done sire - 100's across the board👏

    There's one bit of house cleaning I'm going to post about later today (when yesterday's stream is archived) that affects the base shape of the house and related assets. However there's an additional favor I'd like to ask of you.

    Since you're finished and your week 4 is open, would you be interested in created the wall beams? Right now the progress is slow there and I'm a little concerned if it will cross the finish line. I figure for someone of your skill you could knock it out pretty quick, following the same style as your roof beams. What say you??

    • crew

      ONE tiny note: Looks like the UVs are missing from these trim pieces?

    • theluthier

      Yeah, I noticed that when I was repopulating the roof that I had missed them from my sculpting file.

      As that part of the roof might be changing I didn't rush to complete them last night. Although I know that's not the main aim of the projects, as it stands, my roof seems to xerox pretty well with the artwork. Would you like me to change it to match the new block out or keep it the way it is?

      For the wood beams, I could make a few that can be copied around. I've already blocked out the mill beams, I'll do the house and work out how many I need. :)

    • crew

      as it stands, my roof seems to xerox pretty well with the artwork

      Only the back side of the mill roof should need to change (angle of the back side). Oh and the dormer in the "bridge" section of the house is probably what you mean...would you mind matching that new house blockout? You get all my respect for matching the art in this area!

      Awkwardly it's a game of compromise and majority affecting at this point. Between the walls and the roofs, you're the only one that matched the art. So it's a matter of coordinating one person's tweak as opposed to multiple. Sorry, I know that's lame given your loyalty to the art 😕

      For the wood beams, I could make a few that can be copied around.

      Perfect! Yes, do it with as few beams as you can without noticing duplication. Thankfully you can use orientation to your advantage and get the look of many unique beams with very few pieces. No doubt you now this already!

      I'll add you to this asset to make sure you get your points 😎

    • crew

      andybegg a couple notes about the wall beams: I recommend starting from there and saving iteratively as you go.

      1. I made a placeholder WIP file for you featuring links of all the relevant assets: SPICE-VENDORS-HOUSE/SCENES/MODELS/WIP/HOUSE/EXTERIOR/WIP_house_wall-beams_andybegg_00.blend

        I recommend starting from there and saving iteratively as you go.

      2.  The rear image from Vadim introduces some corbels on the "mill side:
        If you could add those as well it be great! Maybe only 1 or 2, duplicated + oriented around.

      Let me or blanchsb know if you have any questions

    • I've come to the conclusion that this will be better with trim sheets.

  • Homework Submission - Week 4 - Roof/Wall Beams

    Hey theluthier 

    I've only got so far with the wallbeams, but I've seen that other people have compleated their beams so I guess its less important that these are finished?

    My plan was to block them out then just create a two way repating trim sheet with a few difrent planks. I don't think I'll have time to complete this before the livestream tomorrow.

    If you want me to keep working on it let me know.

    In other news, I have compleated the last little bits of the roof :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 4 1/2 - Wall Beams + Bonus wood canopy

    Hey theluthier 

    Hope you see this, if not I'll re-tag you next week.

    Here are the compleated wood beams, and also very quickly through together the wood canopy.

    I've stuck them in the G Drive in their respective folders.

    This is the repeating texture I created for a trim sheet. :)

    Its been a great project, really good fun. Thank you for putting it all together!

    • crew

      Oooo YES another trim sheet!! I'm so glad you went this route! Both you and oonelombax seem to have naturally extended your scope to other assets when applying this technique. It's powerful right?!

      Your beams and wooden canopy look sooooo good in the assembly:

      I'm thrilled that you accepted the extra task and finished it out! Your artistic eye is well-developed. The styled wood grain details and imperfect edges go a long way with aesthetics.

      Phenomenal work andybegg. Thanks so much for contributing to this project. It's been a pleasure working with you 🤝

      PS: PLEASE work on the interior!

    • theluthier 

      Glad you took that shot I was wanting to see it all put together. Is it okay to share that image on social media?

      I'm hanging around for the interior, I'll need to adapt the roof. and I suggested to Omar that I could use some beams to structure the ceilings and floors inside. I also wouldn't mind doing some furniture or objects.

      Also, I think a potted chili plant might be quite fitting.

      Will there be a list of stuff or is it a bit of a free-for-all for assets?

    • andybegg correct me if I'm wrong, but putting a chili plant inside the house?  Wouldn't that be too dark for the chili?

      That shot with the roof and canopy looks fantastic!

    • spikeyxxx  I've grown chillies inside before, and I live in Scotland. They would definitely die outside here. 

    • That is great news, I'd like to grow some inside, but thought it would be too dark..outside would not be an option for me...are there special species for that?  Would I need a special light?

    • No special plant or light.
      I just bought a kit from the supermarket one day, and kept it by the window.

      Sorry, I can't remember what type it was. It grew your typical thin red chillies.
      It would grow 2 or 3 chillies a year.

      I think I overwatered it one time and it didn't recover. RIP 🌶️🌱

    • Well, I have only a window facing north (in Germany, so northern hemisphere),,,

      I am considering artificial sunlight...could then also grow some fresh herbs...

      Anyway, the spice vendors house doesn't have overly large windows...I'd suspect he'd import the spices, because growing chili's enough to sell in a prety dark house?   But visually certainly an interesting idea!  Maybe Vadim gives us a few more guidelines :)