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BC1-1808 Homework, Wilco Wilbrink

My homework thread for the August 2018 Class.

Week 1-part1 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (1) - Birdhouse:  ( Page 1 -> Post 1 )

Week 1-part2 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (2) - Winter Scene: ( Page 2 -> Post 6 )

Week 2 - Homework submission - Pushing & Pulling Verts - Bat Phone: ( Page 3 -> Post 19 )

Week 3-part 1- Homework submission - Digital Clay  - Melvin & Primitives: ( Page 4 -> Post 9

Week 3-part2 - Homework submission - Digital Clay -  Head Sculpt + Turtle Munster ( Page 5 -> Post 17 )

Week 4 - Homework submission - Final Project ( Page 6 - Post 17 )

  • ccarrotnl Awww cute! What a sweet dog you made, love it! Where can I adopt him?? 😄

  • After some good points offered by some of you I made a re-render. I hope it is still in time? (I updated the submission post too):

    Old renderNew Render

    gradyp mentioned that the image was a bit noisy. I was in a hurry this morning. I had only 15 minutes to render and post my submission before going to work. So that was an easy fix! 😃

    nekronavt mentioned the squareness of the upper lip. I tend to make things a bit to square. I seem to like that a bit to much. I hope you like it better this way?

    yyukinoh1989 Thank you for the compliment! (I think you ment me? 😃😉)

    ullreym Thank you! I would really like to 3d print some of my stuff some day.

    thecabbagedetective Thank you! Yes, I struggle with the eyes a lot to. It is the hardest to master. Especially the realistic ones. I really like your work too, btw.

    ssmurfmier1985 Lol, Miranda. I think your to late! My son adopted him allready. My daughter wanted the flower. But your bound to find a cute one at your local animal shelter. 😜

  • crew

    ccarrotnl I really like the way it turned out! The pup is super cute and well sculpted. I also like the slight pose of the dog looking at the camera.

    Kudos for receiving and applying your classmates' notes. My only note is the skin-colored section under the eyes. It gives me the impression of a human wearing a dog mask..not sure if all brown would be better or just a non skin tone.

    Overall it's an A from me this week!

    • theluthier 

      it gives me the impression of a human wearing a dog mask

      Well, hello there :D

    • theluthier Hey thanks for the reply. Not that I think the A is to low of a grade - I was not completely satisfied with the image myself -  but the A shows it could be improved. I was a little bit stuck on how I could make the sculpt better (also time wise). Could you give me a direction modeling/sculpting wise I could have improved the model? In the stream you said it lacked some details. Could you elaborate on that, maybe?

    • crew

      ccarrotnl In the stream I didn't mean to suggest it was lacking details. On the contrary, I really don't see more details that could be added to your anatomically correct puppy. Where detail is appropriate - like the eye wrinkles - you nailed it.

      An "A" to me represents the highest level of execution of the assignment. So if an A makes you feel like there's room for improvement...I've botched the grading scale. B and below should make you think that but not an A. A+(+) means going beyond the assignment in my eyes. So if you had applied particle fur to the puppy or painted a fur-like texture, those kinds of things would earn the +'s for me.

      But again, that's going *beyond* and not at all an expectation of the assignment. I think that since we have a lot of experienced users this month naturally going beyond the assignment, the grading scale is off kilter. You should be very proud of your puppy sculpt. It was in my favorites after all! 😊

    • theluthier Okey, thanks. That explains it for me. I thought you gave A's because you didn't want the new people to feel bad, and gave higher grades if the homework was better. But now I understand it better. Let's blame it on the language barrier. 

      To bad I didn't start earlier. I could have maybe texture painted it.  And maybe I'll put some fur on it in some time. But hey, thanks for the explanation. 😃

  • Late to the party.  I like the sculpt.  Cute dog!  I agree with Kent on the human fleshy looking bit under the eyes.  But the sculpt is good.  Nice flower, too.  Good progress.