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BC1-1808 Homework, Wilco Wilbrink

My homework thread for the August 2018 Class.

Week 1-part1 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (1) - Birdhouse:  ( Page 1 -> Post 1 )

Week 1-part2 - Homework submission - Modeling with primitives (2) - Winter Scene: ( Page 2 -> Post 6 )

Week 2 - Homework submission - Pushing & Pulling Verts - Bat Phone: ( Page 3 -> Post 19 )

Week 3-part 1- Homework submission - Digital Clay  - Melvin & Primitives: ( Page 4 -> Post 9

Week 3-part2 - Homework submission - Digital Clay -  Head Sculpt + Turtle Munster ( Page 5 -> Post 17 )

Week 4 - Homework submission - Final Project ( Page 6 - Post 17 )

  • Commissioner Gordon’s Bat Phone looks amazing. Will you keep the theme going for the next assignments? Perhaps the special hidden switch to the Bat Cave? 

  • Nice work good shaders, too.

  • bbsdwerbeagentur thecabbagedetective 

    I forgot to mention last night: The scene is rendered in Cycles (as you probably have seen). I want to render the final images in Cycles, as well as Eevee. To me it still looks better in Cycles. Especially the glass I find hard to achieve in Eevee. If I just used a Glass BSDF node, the phone under the glass is very dark, 'cause it seems the glass doesn't pass the glass properly. I found the following node setup for that issue on google (I think it's still kind off wrong., still figuring out what to do with it):

    bbsdwerbeagentur: I made the phone cord following along with the week 2 live class video from last week. So it's a circle, using a Screw Modifier and Curve Modifier. I found the Curve Modifier to be quite buggy though. I had to start over the phone cord, because the first time the mesh wouldn't follow the curve, no matter what I did.

    Working on my Cintiq Companion 2  Tablet is quite a challenge (Intel iCore 5 processor, Intel Iris Video card). It's just a tad too slow, to my taste, for working with blender. Just setting the sliders  to another value can be a nightmare, because it's so slow, comparing to my computer at home. I just tinkered with some settings in the video card drivers. Let's hope that helped.

  • Week 2 - Home work Submission - Pushing and Pulling Vertices
    - The Bat Phone -

    theluthier :

    That's it! I'm out of time. I wanted to do a Eevee render too,  and there are still some triangles in there that I wanted to fix, but time flies by so quickly that I'm gonna leave it at this. I hope it's good enough:

    i composited the background in krita, sinds I couldn't figure out how to composite it in , in blender. 

    This is the blendfile if you want to have a look at it.

    - edit - I replaced the render with a new one, because i forgot to turn on the subsurf modifier on the phone and the horn. And I also added some proximity loops.

  • Yeah, looks good.

  • crew

    ccarrotnl First, I love that you incorporated the phone cord exercise into a full-blown bat phone. Points there for sure. Coupled with a quality model + quality shading and lighitng...you'd gone and earned yourself an A+ 👏

    Kudos for the Eevee render as well. The glad turned out better than I expected.

  • Week 3 - Home work Submission - Digital Clay

    - Melvin Sculpt Exercise -

    This is the Melvin Sculpt I did last June. I had a little practice before hand, so this was about my second or third sculpt.

    - Sculpting Primitives -

    Second is the sculpt with the Primitives Kent asked for in the stream. I did that exercise ones before, about a month ago. Back than it took me about 4 times the time it took me now.  The stream was really helpful. The most trouble I still had with the Flatten brush. I looks like it behaves different from what I see in the stream. For me Smoothing had the best effect. The cone was the hardest to achieve. Probably because I needed the Flatten brush with it so much. Here's a SketchFab version. And here's the blendfile.
    The render is in Eevee.

    I'm constantly wondering if I make the sculpts to dense. Maybe Kent or someone else could shed some light on that?

    Coming up next :

    - Head sculpt -

    - (Maybe  a Turtle Munster sculpt I'm working on for a while now) -

  • Good work.  There are some areas you can improve on Melvin, but I'm sure you're aware.  The primitives look good, too.  The sphere is a little longer in one direction than the other and the cone isn't quite circular around the base, but good effort.  I agree the cone was hard to do.  But hey!  On to the next thing.

  • @swikniThank  @smurfmier1985 you very much!

    silentheart00 I agree with you on the cone. It 's a bit blocky at the bottom. The sphere is quite circular on my computer though. I noticed Sketchfab shows the objects a bit deformed. Maybe that's what you saw.  I orbited the sphere in blender, and it looks circular to me. 😃

    • ccarrotnl Yeah, that's possible that sketchfab distorts things.  I haven't had much issue myself, though.  Maybe I'll look at your file when I get the chance.

      I agree with Kenneth on the forehead.  Maybe the double chin is a little too extended?  It's hard to tell through the facial hair.  It also looks like your nose curves out instead of in, but hard to tell at this angle.  Keep going!

    • silentheart00 Thanks for the tips. I'll keep working on them.  When I'm working on a subject for a long time, I don't see such things very clear anymore. 😃 I especially like the double chin being smaller. Makes me feel less corpulent. 😜

      ssmurfmier1985 Thank you! Your so kind. Allways looking forward to your remarks. 😃 

  • I completely forgot to add the blendfile of the primitives, so I added it to the Homework Post now.

  • Here's my sculpting progress so far:

    I don;t have a mirror at the bungalow I'm at, but tomorrow evening I'm back home. Then I can use a mirror for the details.

    I don't think it resembles me much, but I like the sculpt so far. 😊 Any tips & tricks, or questions?

    • ccarrotnl Great start. Will be interesting if you can get it to a point where you can really recognise yourself in the image. 

      Overall it looks a lot more round than your head and it took me a while before I figured out what it was. It's the forehead. Your forehead, and pretty much everyone's, goes up more before back. In the model I think it goes back to quickly from the eyebrows. Pretty quick edit with the grab tool. Good luck with the rest of it :)

    • cptken Thank you for that tip. I'll have a look at it at my next sculpting session.  😊

    • ccarrotnl wow, that's awesome already! And I can see some resemblance too. Looks a bit funny without ears though 😉 Looking forward to your next WIP 'cause I think this one will be reallllyyy good!

    • ccarrotnl It's looking great so far, to me!

      A while ago, I did a caricature sculpt of Ron Perlman for the March live class.  I refined it every bit that I could, but it seemed like I never quite "captured" him until the very end, when I added the hair, and the facial hair.  That seemed to finally bring it together.  Maybe it'll happen that way for you?

    • crew

      ccarrotnl I'm not sure how I missed your initial faces sculpt wip post...sometimes I don't trust these forums 🧐

      BUT I totally see your likeness in the sculpt! I'm a little surprised because likeness is pretty difficult to achieve. Solid anatomy; solid forms. Great job, Wilco!

      Interestingly the lit version doesn't look quite as good as the earlier matcap version...I'm not sure what it is, because it looks like quality lighting to me. I'll keep analyzing..but could you post your latest sculpt with the matcap?

      PS: I can't believe you worked on this while on vacation. #dedication

    • theluthier Thank you, Kent! I noticed too, that the rendered version was less good then the matcap version. I blamed the materials in Eevee, sins I'm not so good at texturing yet.

      Here's a few matcap screenshots:

      I hope this is better. 😃

    • ccarrotnl I can see the details much better now, it really is you!! 😀 Such a nice sculpt, amazing job!!

    • ccarrotnl looks very good, but some features a bit exaggerated in compare with your photos  in my opinion (don't know if you want it to be so). Anyway I like it! Keep rocking :)

  • Here's a status update of the progress so far. I must say, I'm pretty happy with the result, although it doesn't really look like me at all.

    Now a little break, and then on to the hair and the face hair. I hope I don't ruin it.

  • In the end I think it looks less like me then the previous screenshot, but I like the sculpt nevertheless. 

  • Yep I'm convinced.  Do you still plan to add facial hair?  Will you sculpt it or do the particle hair thing?

  •  Week 3 - Home work Submission - Digital Clay (part 2)


    - Face sculpt -

    Here's my submission. The model consists out of a head-sculpt, 2 eyes, the hair-sculpt, a mustache-sculpt, and a beard-sculpt. I tried to make it a self portrait, but I decided  early on that I wouldn't be to precise, given I'm still a little bit new to the sculpting (maybe not as new as some of the others here).

    The question I asked before still stands: Do I use to many faces in my sculpts? Since I had Decimate the model a couple of times during modeling, because blender became unworkable. (I decimated in blender 2.79b btw, because the Decimate modifier doesn't seem to do anything in blender 2.8)

    Here's a link to the head sculpt. (Warning: Big file: 80.2 MB)

    Here's to Renders: (Open them in a new tab for a bigger image.)

    Eevee RenderMatcap Screenshot

    Here's a slightly better picture of my for reference:

    - Turtle Munster -

    This is a personal project I've been working on for a couple of month's now, every Sunday afternoon. I't s my fourth sculpt and my first kinda serious project, and it isn't quite finish yet. (Don' t look at the feet) I learned a lot during this project. Let me know what you think of it.

    Eevee Render

    • ccarrotnl That turtle monster is aaaawesome! I like the bulkiness, you don't wanna mess with him 😆

      The face sculpt is really really good, looks very much like you.

      What an awesome Homework this week Wilco, you did absolutely marvelous 😄

    • ccarrotnl 

      The question I asked before still stands: Do I use to many faces in my sculpts? Since I had Decimate the model a couple of times during modeling, because blender became unworkable. 

      Nah.  I have the same problem every time I sculpt - My computer is fairly mid-range and I guess it just bogs under too many faces.  There's ways to address it (decimate, like you said), but it's how Dyntopo works and it seems like something we generally just have to deal with when it happens.  This is one advantage that I think multires has over dyntopo, so I can't wait for that to be added back into 2.8.  

      Excellent work. :)

    • ccarrotnl very good! I like it! 

    • ccarrotnl Looking gooood. Great details and the Turtle Munster is pretty badass

    • Thank you all very much!

    • crew

      ccarrotnl Love the updated lighting in your Eevee renders, Wilco. Also two big thumbs up in the detail level of your sculpt, including the hair! And that turtle monster..you've done a lot of solid work this week. Really nice job. A++ from me 👏

      As far as whether or not you're using too much geometry with dyntopo, the negative side is A) can your computer handle the geo and remain workable (as you know) and B) too much geometry too quickly often results in overly-bumpy sculpts.

      Your sculpts don't look overly bumpy to me. And having to decimate isn't necessarily a bad thing. A positive side of this amount of geo is that you're achieving high levels of detail well. I do wonder if you're getting too high in the polycount too quickly. I personally find that a gradual progression from less geo to more geo helps a lot along the way. Too much geo too quickly gets very messy in my experience.

  • Good work.  Keep practicing, and you'll be surprised a month from now how much you've improved.

  • Very nice self portrait, ccarrotnl 
  • Here's a WIP of my Final Project. I was very unsure of what to do until I saw this image of a dog bringing a flower. I like cute pictures, so I decided to do this one. I started of with a collection of primitives to build the shape (in 2.8). I then booled the major part together in blender 2.79b (body, 4 legs, head, tail). - I noticed you cant copy and past between 2.79 and 2.8 anymore, so I appended the objects to 2.79 and back.Back in  2.8 I worked on the separate shapes a while, and then finally booled everything together, accept for the ears. I reworked the back paws, and than lastly, this morning, I worked on the eyes a bit, and made the paws a bit smaller. 

    Here's a few pictures of the progress:

  • Week 4 - Home work Submission - Next step as a modeler

    - Final Project - 

    theluthier Here's my submission. I wanted to texture paint it a little, but that was quite impossible on my computer with this amount of vertices. I like the sculpt, but I don't like the presentation so much. But I was out of time, so here it is 😃:

  • Looks a little noisy on the render, but the denoiser could easily fix that. (and this course was more about the modeling anyway ;) ) Excellent work on the sculpt!