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Collab2021 – WIP – rstich

My progression thread of the Collab

  • First Batch of Grass using Geometry Nodes. 

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - FG Grass

    A few Notes to explain this. As you said i populated a few Planes using different Methods.
    What i cant show here is that i tried all of them (except the manual one for obvious reasons) on a larger scale to test out what my Computer can handle.

    Beginning form the 1st in this Post:
    Using Image Planes and populated a Plane with Geometry Nodes.
    - Works good doesnt need to much performance but reacts a bit weird with Light which i have to take a closer look

    2nd Plane:
    Geometry Nodes with Modelled Grass.
    Works really good, easy controllable but in my Test runs way to heavy for Performance. Crashing my Computer was easy let alone anything Realtime related.

    3rd Plane:
    Grass using an Hair Emitter.
    Easy to use, biggest downside is the Texturing since it is Emission Based.

    4th Plane
    Image Planes, manually spread out. With more Time spend on the Images this woud be the way to go for the important Areas i think.