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  • This is my first pass of the cart. I had some issues with it in the beginning so had to redo it. Since 5 other people are doing the cart I tried to give it a little extra of my own interpretation. I still want to do the connection between the wheel shaft and the bottom of the card and add some more bolts. The next part is making the planks more interesting.



    Is this ok or do you want it exactly like the picture? ( I used non-destructive modefiers so can still change it)

    Melvin can sit in the card or pull the cart

  • showing the straight version without modifier (my preference is the one in the previous post but would like your feedback theluthier or  duerer 

    • sheila5 Yes the first (angled) cart does look more characterful compared to the straight version.

      I guess it depends on whether or not with think that the Spice Vendor uses this cart solely for vending or if he also uses it on the side to transport hay, which the angled side would (to my mind) accommodate better (the transportation of hay that is).

      It all depends on Kent's response, but maybe a cart with a subtle angle (between the 1st and 2nd carts) might be able to both fulfil the artwork and give the cart a slight "stylised character."

      Just a suggestion of course.

    • sheila5 It probably also wouldn't be a bad idea to get the artist's hharbinger_ua thoughts on this topic as well.

    • Thanks for the tag vincav81 . Looks amazing sheila5 ! And I really like the angled version. I think it's absolutely fine to leave it like that. Also I think it will really upset dostovel if we make Melvin to pull the cart, so having him sit on top of it is a great alternative :)

    • I'm loving it.

      But yeah, I mean Melvin could if he wanted to pull his own cart, but he's a wizard, I bet he could make it move all by itself or have some creature of the forest with a good heart help out.

      hharbinger_ua We are all cheering for you Vadim, our cool concept artist, to help us expand this great universe you created. Thanks again mate.

    • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Cart

      I'm going to continue the next fase on the cart as is. So this is my submission for the homework for fase 1 theluthier 

      next part is sculpting the wooden planks

    • Great work, sheila5 👍! The angled version looks more like I would expect a real world cart. I'm looking forward to your sculpted version 😀!

    • I really love the angles! It looks great!! 

    • crew

      Wonderful work this week sheila5! I'm glad Vadim blessed your angled version. I too affirm that direction. Love it.

      You get full points from me this week. Your cart will be an incredible canvas for sculpted detail in week 2 🤩

  • sheila5 Just a quick reminder. We still need a name for our team? What's your vote?

    1) Shabby Chic 

    2) All Access(ories) 

    3) Shabby Fresnel Chic 

    4) The Stan Dalones 

  • how many rivets is overdoing it?

  • Homework Submission - Week 2- Cart

    well that didn't go fast because my pc started lagging more and more. In the end I used simplify and flat view

    I've uploaded the wip file hope it won't crash the computer of whomever is going to look at the homework

    The cart is far from perfect but I don't have a year to finish it ;)


    update I've added some more detail on the wheels which will be visible in the next file

  • Sorry not making the deadline of midnight today. Will try to finish my cart asap

    • I'm sure, it will look great 😀! Can't wait to see it 😀!

    • I learned today that if you sculpt an item and you want to reuse it, that you can rotate but not scale in -x to flip it. Because the normals will be flipped. When you apply the scale all your previous brushes will be inverted. So dents become bumps. Scratches are now lines that lay on top of the flat. And where the scrape brush was used there are now hills. 

      Also I learned that those nice premade brushes that you can download are set up to also appear on the backside of your object, but inside out. Of course you can turn on Front faces only, but I didn't know that. 

      Something else that didn't go as planned is that i applied the mirror too soon  and had to delete those duplicate objects. 

    • sheila5 I had similar difficulty with mirror modifiers in my cart. I ended up having to apply mirror to the low poly parts required, then duplicating and applying Hi-Res to the Hi Poly parts so I could mirror the Hi-Res mesh so I could bake the normals and other maps to the Low Poly.

      I think a lot of us are going to come out of this Collab with a few hard learned lessons, especially about Sculpting with modifier.

      I hope you cart turn out well this week, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    • at the moment I can only show my uv map because it takes 10 minutes after each time I select an object for Blender to react again. Buying more memory isn't an option atm because of the lockdown. Perhaps later this week, Wednesday the shops whould be accessible again

    • So I finally have been able to make normal and cavity maps.  I'm not impressed with the result, but it has to do (for now)

      I still have to handpaint especially the rivets. 

      There's something wrong going on when rendering that is why I'm sharing an image from viewport shading and render shading

      When I try to render I just get a pixelated white images, In renderview there is hardly any color it's like the materials aren't rendered at all

      something else is going on that I don't understand. Why is there a gradient on the highlighted planks? Everything has the same material so it doesn't make sense

      another issue I had was the iron band around the wheels. I had a good high poly one,but whatever I did I couldn't get that texture on the low poly one

    • crew

      Hi sheila5 - There's a lot to unpack with your model right now. It's looking pretty good but it does seem to be suffering from some technical issues. Too much to explain here in text. During tomorrow's stream I will plan to spend some time with your file 👍

    • Thanks. I'll be watching the stream. Now going to try to sleep

  • This is for now the end result. If someone wants to comment before I class it as final? Shininess can be a bit adjusted in the shader editor. 

  • crew

    You finished very strong sheila5! I know you experienced your fair share of technical difficulties along the way but your final cart looks great in the assembly:

    I tweaked the material parameters a bit, mostly having to do with reflections and metallic quality. I'm glad to see you figured out how to use vertex colors to define metalness!

    Overall your perseverance paid off and is highly commendable. Thanks for joining Collab 2021! It's been a pleasure working with you 🤝