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Collab 2021 - WIP - the3Dbanana

This is my place to get feedback and critique on my pieces of work for the 2021 collab

  • Hey tthe3dbanana just checking in on my Free Craysons. Is this a place to continue coming back to for your WIP content or did you settle into another location?

  • Collab 2021 - Rock Submission


    Hey, Sorry for being inactive. there was some confusion in which asset i had requested and I am currently working on rocks. I have also linked an image for the rocks on this post. ive done some basic sculpting and given them mediocre normal maps.

    • crew

      I'm no doubt the source of the asset confusion - sorry for that! Still you've done a good job blocking out a few rocks. Earned full points from me πŸ‘

      I think 3 rocks should be plenty to populate the scene. The benefit of rocks is they can be rotated in any orientation and still work. So I'd recommend sculpting them to look good from all angles. It can be sensible to sculpt the bottom of the rock flat but in this case I wouldn't do that to maximize their usage.

  • tthe3dbanana What is nice about these rocks is the ability to flip and flop them to get a great variety to decorate the landscape. There are a few river rocks that have a distinct look as well that would be nice to match.

  • Hi. I am a rock maker too. I think that they look great. But I have no experience in sculpting, and I'm struggling with the tools. So I'm probably not the best person to give advice. Β 

  • crew

    Looks like you're off to a good start! I'll be grading the nature assets from here on out, so just tag me whenever you're ready to submit for week 2.Β 

    • as I have said in the discord, I had tech week for my drama class. that means I did absolutely nothing except drama for the past week and had no time to make assets. however, I will hop on them as soon as possible. however, I'm mildly behind

    • tthe3dbanana I'm looking forward to see your progresses on the stones and the foot bridge after a successful drama class tech week for you πŸ˜€πŸ‘!

    • jlampel FINALY DONE!!!!!!!!!!! I have completed my bridge and my 3 rocks. they are in their respective folders in the google drive and same with the textures.Β 

    • That's looking fantastic, tthe3dbananaΒ  πŸ˜€πŸ‘! Congratulations to your finished project πŸ‘!

    • crew

      Whoohoo, these are great! Full points for week 4 and congrats on finishing :)Β 

    • crew

      What a surprise to see your footbridge done! I didn't expect that - awesome job πŸ‘

      Only problem is I don't see any textures synced. I see an empty folder in the right place called Wooden_Bridge_the3Dbanana.Β Please sync those so I can get your bridge linked into the assembly!

      Same issue for your rocks: Empty folder in the right place.

      Aside from missing textures, you're contributions to Collab2021 are much appreciate! It's been a pleasure working with you tthe3dbanana 🀝

    • theluthier Sorry! I had actually added the images but forgot to connect them to the right file! ill get that done post-hast

    • crew

      No worries tthe3dbanana! Everything loads well now πŸ‘Œ

      Your rocks look good! My only note is that they're shape is more or less symmetrical from top to bottom:

      This makes them feel synthetic like pavers. It also limits the variety of orientations they can be laid down. It's not a huge deal since we have other rocks to source from. But if these were the only rocks in the scene they would look very repetitious for these reasons. Just something to chew on for the future.

      Here they are in the assembly alongside the others:

      They look good! Your bridge looks pretty good too. I only have two notes:

      1. Β The wood grain details are pretty large in scale, which makes the bridge look tiny, like a miniature. It might not be too noticeable to most eyes though.

      2. There's little to no variety in the color texture, almost as if the material is using a solid color instead of a texture. It would have been nice to get a slight variety of board colors along with tonal varieties on top of that.

      Again these notes are more to chew on for the future. You don't need to make the tweaks now. You're done!

      Thanks for joining the project! I hope you enjoyed and learned from the experience. It's been a pleasure working with you 🀝

    • tthe3dbanana Your rocks and the foot brigde are looking fantastic in the final scene πŸ˜€! Congratulations on successfully finishing your assets πŸ‘! I was a pleasure to have you in our team πŸ˜€!