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Collab2021 - WIP - createtaiwan

My work in progress for the 2021 Collab.

  • First section of the fence taking shape. I will be using these four planks and there posts to build the other sections (rotating and mirroring them).

  • Closeup shot showing detail...

  • More fencishness. Hope this isn't too ofFENCEive...

  • nice work man , looks really cool already , good details too :)

  • crew

    Looking good createtaiwan! You asked a good question on discord, figured I would copy it and my reply here so it doesn't get lost:

    Do you have any suggestions on how to build a fence when the contour of the ground surface doesn't exist yet? For now I am blocking it in based on what I see in the image, and guessing at where it might go off camera. I assume we will drop it into the master file next week and then later we can adjust it along the Z axis to make it follow the ground contour. Or do you have any better ideas?

    Great question. I would treat the fence like lego pieces:  Vertical planks with a pointed top and longer horizontal planks. Let's say 3 variants of each. This way I can use those pieces to construct the full fence in the final assembly scene, conforming it to the contours of the ground plane.

    So for this week, I recommend building the lego pieces and doing a test assembly on a randomized ground plane as a proof-of-concept. I wouldn't focus too much on aligning it with the art.

  •  Homework Submission - Week 1 - Fence


    Kent - There are three unique posts, and four unique planks, which I rotated and mirrored (as in your treasure chest video). They are also sharing the data. I discovered Alt-D this week! 😄 Just for fun I tried to it it into the scene, which was a bit of a challenge. I assume there would have to be a break in the fence where the river comes into the foreground. Thank you again for all the work you have put into this. It's so much fun.

  • createtaiwan  Just a quick reminder. We still need a name for our team? What's your vote?

    [Note: I know that you proposed one of the names but I just wanted to get your final word on this 😉]

    1) Shabby Chic 

    2) All Access(ories) 

    3) Shabby Fresnel Chic 

    4) The Stan Dalones 

  • lluthier duerer - So, after last night's Livestream I am making a few changes to my file before jumping into the sculpting and I just wanted to get some feedback on whether I am going in the right direction.

    1.  I separated my original wood pieces (there are 9) and put all the linked duplicates that I arranged in the space to form the actual fence into a separate collection to keep things clear.
    2. I moved the original "lego" pieces to the middle of the world space (by clearing the location and rotation info).
    3. I am simplifying the mesh (I had originally done it all in quads because, well, quads rock) and using more triangles to reduce unnecessary vertices.
    4. I will then duplicate the 9 pieces into a new collection called Fence_High and add the MultiRes Modifier and start the sculpting process.

    I assume that next week when we bake the MultiRes mesh onto the texture of the low poly pieces, that will automatically propagate to all the linked duplicates that make up the actual fence?

    • One more thing... should I be creating holding edges around the major cracks in the wood?

    • createtaiwan Good question. theluthier 👆

    • I followed the treasure chest tutorial, they use Mark sharp, without reinforcement. I imagine that in order to put multires on it you will need to reinforce the cracks unless you don't use it and opt for dynotopo.

    • I'm planning to use the Multires as it was demonstrated in the livestream.

    • One more thing... should I be creating holding edges around the major cracks in the wood?

      I "wood" say yes....

      When Kent added the holding edges with the bevel tool he described it as a "dirty subsurf modeling" method for only the edges that understandably would need to be harder and reinforced. [CRTL+B] with a little bit of offset (EX.0.0006) and a segment of (3.)

      He tested it with the Subsurf modifier just to see how it will smooth, then removed the subsurface modifier in order to add the multires. He then added the Multires and set the level to (5.) You can also sharpen edges in Sculpt Mode with the Crease Brush [SHIFT+C], but it is easier to create those sharp edges with the bevel tool.

    • crew

      I concur with ullreym that the "dirty subsurf" method of beveling everything is a decent way to get to sculpt mode faster.

      One thing to keep in mind once you're done adding sculpt accents: All the little nicks and cuts you modeled in the base mesh (as I did in the treasure chest course) - those could possible be removed in the final model for each fence piece. This would optimize the geometry where such details would only live in the normal map. Food for thought!

    • I see.... so keep a Lo rez model for the baked maps to attach to. Then make a medium rez model based on the Lo rez to prepare for a high rez sculpt to produce said maps. Then at some point lose the medium and high rez models when you don't need them anymore. 

    • Would that apply only to cuts and nicks that do not show up in the silhouette?

    • First attempt at sculpting wood!

    • 👆👆 createtaiwan Yes, I believe that that would only apply to anything that doesn't affect the objects silhouette.

      The sculpted wood looks good, although I don't think that there would necessarily be that much wood grain on the shorter sides of a fence post. 🤔 👍

    • createtaiwan Cracks that help defining the silhouette or are casting significant shadows should be modeled, the rest is baken into normal maps. Listen jlampel talking about this here. Your first sculpting attempts on the fence are already very promising 😀👍!

    • I have already cleared the sculpting and will start again after watching Kent's upcoming livestream. It looks too much like melted cheese and not wood. I think the cracks need to have harder, finer edges and I'm not sure what tool/brush would work best to achieve that look.

    • I'm not sure what tool/brush would work best to achieve that look. 

      createtaiwan I think, it's the "Scrape Brush" used by Kent theluthier here (already in minute 1; Kent renamed the brush to "Carve") with the "View Plane" set as "Sculpt Plane" which has to be locked.

      In Blender 2.9x check "Use Original      Normal" for the locking:

      What these settings do, as far as I understand it, is that the brush projects the mesh along the "Face Normal" that the brush detects directly when the stroke is started to a plane parallel to your screen surface in the 3D scene running through the surface point currently under your brush.  You should also check "Use Original      Plane" if you don't want to reduce your mesh to nothing 😉😁! With the last mentioned option checked, the distance from your viewpoint to the surface point where your stroke starts is measured and only mesh parts up to a plane parallel to your screen and running through that "stroke start point" (my naming 😉)  are affected. You need that option in your use case.

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Fence


    Official homework submission for Week 2. I optimized the high-res mesh for the boards and sculpted using mostly Scrape, Draw Sharp, Pinch, and Clay Strips.

  •  Homework Submission - Week 3 - Fence


    Here is my homework submissions for Week 3... by far the MOST FUN I have had so far. I am learning so much.

    • WOW! 😮 👍

    • Fantastic 👍!

    • If I ever need a fence, I will contact you, Dave!

    • Some say I am a little offensive. But I don't take a fence.

    • createtaiwan - This really looks great!

    • theluthier duerer - So, I have copied and pasted the ground plane into my WIP file, and I am starting to adjust the fence to follow the ground plane. I have two questions...

      (1) Where the fence is visible in the original artwork, I am having a bit of a struggle matching the location on the art and still having it touch the ground plane. If I move it back away from the camera view to match both the ground plane and the artwork, I would have to scale it up, and then it becomes too big as a fence. So either (A) I can just lower the fence on the Z axis and not worry about matching the art exactly or (B) we will need to raise the ground plane in that area on the Z axis. Which solution would you prefer?

      (2) There are about 90 pieces to the fence, and I built them by using linked duplicates from 7 original pieces. The original pieces are currently at the world center. Should I leave them there and just keep them hidden or move them somewhere else (like, below the ground plane in the basement of the house)?

    • Here is what it looks like if I lower the fence to match the current ground plane:

    • createtaiwan Considering that the ground seems to be uneven anyway I would tend to raising the ground and trying to match the artwork when aligning the fence. But I haven't tried it yet how this would look in the landscape context. We should ask theluthier for a final word since he's the landscape modeler.

      Putting the original fence parts into one collection and the linked duplicates into another and then linking the collection with the linked duplicates into another file would work. By this you keep the overview on how many different parts are in your fence.

  • theluthier duerer - Okay, so here is the fence placed on the current ground plane. If you compare it to the artwork, there are a few places where it struggles to match, but maybe this is not a big issue.

    I have saved over the MASTER file in SCENES-->MODELS, so it's ready to link into the scene (assuming you want to use my fence).

    • createtaiwan  Did you already contact the other fence modelers for the places where the landscape would need to be changed eventually by Kent theluthier in order to allow  a proper alignment of the fence with the artwork? Maybe you could find an agreement among the fence modelers where the landscape should be edited.

  • One more thought... if I put the original wood pieces in a collection outside the MASTER collection (in the MASTER file), would the duplicates that share the data of the originals still contain the linked data? In other words, does linked data link across files? If so, that would make it easy to hide the original wood pieces.

    • Why not use the originals as well in the fence?  Saves 7 planks.

    • Hmmm.... Yes, I guess I could now that all the editing is done and I don't need them floating there in the center of the world.

    • Homework Submission - Week 4 - Fence


      I can see that the fence has been added to the blockout scene... yay! I went ahead and moved the originals out of the MASTER collection, and the linked data seems to be loading in fine. So, I suppose I am officially done then? Unless you have anything more on the fence I will relax this weekend (actually going camping). This has been a delightful experience. Thank you.

    • Hmmm.... Yes, I guess I could now that all the editing is done and I don't need them floating there in the center of the world.

      To make things a bit clearer (hopefully):

      A 3D model is just a list of Vertex (and Edge and Face...)information

      A linked duplicate is an object with the same information about where it's Vertices are (in relation to it's Origin), you can delete any one of those duplicates, or even it's original, and no information will be lost.

      This plank:

      has the same Vertex info as this one:

      Deleting the original plank, doesn't delete the list!

    • crew

      would the duplicates that share the data of the originals still contain the linked data

      createtaiwan  Yes linked duplicates still source correctly when linked even if they're in another collection 👍

      You've done a masterful job with the fence, sir. The quality is fantastic, efficiency of the model structure is ideal, and your dedication to matching the art is stunning. You're done as far as I'm concerned. Awesome work! 🤝

      I've a couple thoughts about the fence right now concerning the layout. In two ways it's unlike any fence I've seen:

      1. Rounded: I can't recall seeing many curved fence layouts in reality. They may have a curved section, like following a road or something. But they primarily fit a polygonal shape with corners since most property lots are sectioned off this way.

      2.  More open than closed: By definition fences contain something, whether animals or property boundaries. Some yards use a small section of fence as decoration but by "small" I mean only the corners of the property or supplementing a gate; meaning maybe 10% of total fence-able area.

        The fence layout currently is a bit purposeless in this way; not closed enough to contain anything yet too populated to be mere decoration.

      Right now it's just some thoughts; not really sure the best route. Do these points even matter? As I continue fleshing out the scene and figuring out the ground (roads) it's possible I will alter the layout a bit. But I will close with saying again, the way you matched the art is very impressive and commendable!

    • spikeyxxx You're working with Blender 3.0 Alpha 👀👀👀😲😲😲!!! Is this list a new feature?

      I also experienced that the "Linked Duplicates" make a file significantly bigger for each duplicate. I initially thought that a "Linked Duplicate" would just refer to the original data and simply add this "image" to a different location but it essentially just means that if you edit one object, the corresponding vertices in the other "Linked Duplicates" are edited automatically as well. Nevertheless, all duplicates have their own mesh data.

    • createtaiwan Excellent work 👍! If Kent reshapes the landscape, adjusting the fence shouldn't be a big deal. For now, I wish you a relaxing weekend 😀! 

    • duerer the Spreadsheet Editor starts in 2.93. Still evolving ;)

      I don't understand the enormous file size increase with linked duplicates either!

    • spikeyxxx I'm working with 2.93.0 Alpha where I can't find this Spreadsheet Editor. So, it's maybe 2.93 Beta? BTW, I've just seen that there's a Blender 3.0 Cycles-X branch! Sounds interesting 🤔😀!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv4V5XKyOBI

      duerer Yes, it does indeed sound interesting, but it's probably only something that we're going to realistically see in say either the 3.4 or 3.5 releases.

    • duerer I can't remember exactly when in 2.93 ( I believe it was still in the Alpha phase....) the Spreadsheet was introduced....but, when it's there, it can be found in the rightmost column (Data).

      Atm Cycles X is mostly improvements for GPU and large scenes, but it is very promising!

      vincav81, there will not be a 3.4 release; it goes from 3.3 (which is a Long Term Support release) straight to 4.0 ;)

    • I stand corrected. Thank you spikeyxxx  When did that news get released?


    • vincav81 no, stand corrected ;)

      You are right, the releases go till 3.7 before switching to 4.0.

      I don't know why I had this wrong in my memory; I am usually really good with numbers...

      It has been over a year that I saw this (februari 29th  2020) and I didn't learn it by heart, but still...my memory is getting worse...

    • spikeyxxx I don't think your memory is getting worse, I think it's because we're all suffering from "Collab brain." 🤯

      Not to mention time zone displacement. I'm struggling to remember what day it is at the best of times.

  • theluthier  - Returned from our trip to find some nice roads cut into the landscape... I just wanted to let you know that I have removed part of the fence to reflect the addition of the road. The scene is looking great!

  • splat21 - Here's my beauty render for the blog...

  • createtaiwan, thanks for the new image.  The blog has been updated.

  • theluthier dostovel duerer - I want to let you all know that I replaced the MASTER file for the fence that Kent created last night (by starting with my out-dated WIP file) with a new one that incorporates the changes I had made to the fence. So everything should be fixed now, and I deleted my WIP file so that it wouldn't happen again. Basically, the fence now ends before the road as it should and I restored my little critter that I had added to the fence yesterday, who sadly got toasted in all the confusion. Because every fence needs a slug...

    • Poor little fella.... I'm glad he's okay. What a fun project!

    • What a perfect little detail.

      You see there's Matthew's squirrels Matt and Thew, then there's David's slug, Chavi... the pattern keeps pushing for Kent to add Pieron on a branch somewhere.

    • createtaiwan Your fence is an excellent work 😀👍! I also very much like your slug 🐌that will for sure constantly check whether the fence is in good condition 😉!

      dostovel Piero can't wait to take the trees around the house in possession:

      I just fear that he's currently a "little bit" to big (in terms  of file size) for the scene ...

    • crew

      Thanks for fixing my mistake createtaiwan - It's preciously the mistake I hoped others wouldn't make 😅

      Also I LOVE the slug addition. Touches like this absolutely bring a project like this to life.

      You've been an all-star contributor to Collab2021. Thank you for joining. It's been a pleasure working with you 🤝

      PS: PLEASE consider joining the interior team!

    • Thank you, Kent! I enjoyed this collaboration so much. I have joined the Interior Team and will do what I can as time allows.