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COLLAB2021 - Team CRAYSONS - House Exterior (Front) Assets


Helpful Links to get you started and keep you engaged:
"The Google Sheet": a.k.a the CGC - 2021 Collaboration - Assets List, Assignments, Submissions, and Grading

2021 Collab Request Access to the Shared Google Drive: How to do it.
Also here's quick link to Email Kent:
2021 Collab Shared Drive: Quick link if you like going there on the web.
Google Drive Desktop Application Install Link: Download for Google Drive Desktop Client
2020 Collab Syncing YouTube Instructions: How to sync up and make a link to a Collab Shared Folder (remember the shift + z trick)
2020 Collab Syncing Forum Discussion: Helpful resource to 'Drive' the concept home for you.

Discord Home away from Home:     (unofficial way of collaborating if that's more of your cup of tea)

House Exterior Front Team Text Channel Invite Link:

House Exterior Front Team AV Channel Invite Link:

As always this CGCookie forum is the place for all Free Crayson Team major updates.