paper and stufff..

wow jlampel for a six minute video containing 'intro' in the title, that was surprisingly information packed!
: )

don't get me wrong, I do recognise and appreciate the emphasis on the pragmatic side of things and, considering how big the topic seems to be when in position of peaking through the opening gates, your approach is actually hinting streamlining! : D (in other words, not a criticism, rather a realisation that this particular part of the course just may require a little more time and attention that anticipated; )
there IS a question... sort of...
You've mentioned a paper that started it all... Searching, from information provided, I believe this to be it... 

is it? (making sure for, there's _a lot_ of stuff that could fit the description and extracted keywords that a simple search returns, let alone revisions and versions...)
I'd also add a soft suggestion of adding [it] to the suggested reading list (that may change when I actually read the thing : D but, historical context...) and even (requires more effort, I know) adding the author and the year to the lesson itself...


Using the opportunity to compliment the course! As mentioned, chapter four will probably take me the resto f the week (not the rest of the evening as planned: ) but, that's perfectly all right! borrowing the wise words of my man Albert:

Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler!

Trucking on...
(it appears that _everything_ has fresnel... hmm... interesting! clicking on that... ten minutes? sure!)

; )

  • crew

    That is indeed the paper! Excellent suggestion and great find - I'll add it to the suggested reading list. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the course and are taking the time to digest it all. It is a big topic, but using the tools is generally pretty simple in practice. I'll be looking forward to seeing your results at the end!