We can also Alt + Enter Values in the Properties across multiple objects

In a previous lesson, you showed us that we can select multiple objects and alt-click in the properties and it will check the box on all selected objects. I didn't know that. Thanks for that cool tip!

But you did the "IK Stretch" manually for each object this time and also in the previous IK video. I tested the ALT method and it works with values also. Select desired objects, enter "IK Stretch" value and hit Alt+Enter

Soooo now I am curious. Because you didn't show this to us previously. Did you just learn something new Wayne? 😊

  • crew

    Hi Peter,
    I learn new things about Blender nearly everyday. but that was not one of those things.

    I know you can do that with the alt key (you can do this with almost all settings that are consistent among the selected objects).

    Why did I not do them at the same time?  Why knows, probably because I wanted to show how having different values affects the stretching differently.  Or it's just one of those things that I always do a certain way....like jumping to front view to add a single bone armature.  There is no reason to do that but I just do haha