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Colors are looking really wrong

So, I was entering the HSV values from the video however they look really washed out in Blender 2.92.0. The first screenshot is the values that I got from the video and the second screenshot is the values that I got from the final file in the resources folder. Did I do something wrong, maybe forgot to do a setting? Thanks!

Colors from video:

Colors from final file:

  • I'm experiencing the same problem. I think it's a setting has changed in blender since they recorded the tutorial. 

    I honestly don't know how to fix it though because I don't know what changed and I don't know why. 

    My understyanding is the RGB/HSV values are the same and haven't changed, it's just something to do with how blender is interpreting those values that's different. 

    Sorry I couldn't provide an actual value but I wouldn't worry about it too much. Perhaps download an older version of blender 2.8 and you'll have colours looking the same. 

  • Look in your Color Management (in the Render Tab) and make sure it is set to Filmic (Standard would also be close to the result):

     by the looks of it, you might be using Filmic Log:

    • It is set to filmic. I've opened the final file and color values were different on that one. I'm not quite sure why it is different tho.

    • I too opened the file and noticed the HSV is set differently in the demo file than in the video. Changing the demo file HSV to match the video results in the colours going washed out. 

      What I suspect happened is that in the video recording, colour management wasn't set to filmic, but perhaps set to Raw.

      Then when blender was updated and filmic was set as the default, the demo file was updated to make it look like the video but within the context of the filmic view transform.

      I'm not too bothered because this is all a good learning opportunity to build expertise.

    • Wow! They have actually changed the behavior of the Saturation slider in 2.92! (Why didn't I know this?)

      This is 2.91:

      And now we have:

      Thanks yyigiteren and iironsoul  for pointing this out.

      Usually you wouldn't copy values from a tutorial, so it would go unnoticed...

    • It looks like the developers went back in time:

      A Value of 0.5 in old Blender used to be visually (for humans) halfway between black and white. Now that is again the case, but in between there was quite a few years, where a Value of 0.5 would be llinearly halfway between black and white, which we see as darker than midgrey, because our eyes are more sensitive to dark than to light,which makes sense, because we don't need to see all the details in the sky, but we do want to see the details in the forest...

      This also affects how Saturation works.

    • Wow, thanks for all the research that you have done, very enlightening!

    • Thanks for posting this. I just hit this issue as well, and after reading this decided to eyeball the colors and just get them close.

    • I noticed the same issues with mine using Blender 2.93.1. Glad to hear it's not an actual problem. :)