I feel like I am missing something with adding bone layers.

I have watched multiple times, but I don't see a section where you show how to add a new armature to a new layer. Every time I attempt to do this it always adds the armature to the first layer again. I am an animation noob, so I am sure it's something easy. I tried to google, but I am not having any luck.

I am talking about the transition at around 9:38

Thank you

  • crew

    Hi Mark,

    Don't tell me that I forgot to mention how to change and move the bones around.

    Eek - I hope that isn't the case.

    When you add/create a new bone it will be created on all the currently visible layers.

    If you duplicate a bone, it will be on the same layer(s) as the original

    To move it to a different layer - just press M.

    (shift clicking the pop up boxes will let you add it to multiple layers)

    I hope that is what you mean.