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COLLAB2021 - Los Habaneros - House Interior Team

Welcome! Welcome!

This here be Los Habanero House. Put on your sorting hat and be assigned to your seat. 

Our Mission, should you choose to have any choice since you have already accepted it, is to make the interior of the Spice Vendor House.

It's a passion thing, for us who want to keep making cool stuff and get this project to the next level and get your skills to the next next next level or continue perfecting your skills if they already are in the next next level. We are just a bunch of guys and gals wanting to see those doors open and reveal an interior that feels like someone really lives in it. 

So the official story is grounded in reality. The Spice Vendor goes out on adventures and comes back with rare spices which he prepares in his house. It is set in the real world. Yet we in the forums continuously joked around and kept making a ridiculous background story which people grew attached to. Sadly that story is not the focus of the Spice Vendor project.

But that doesn't mean we have to discard them, our crazy talks can appear on the house as easter eggs. For example statues or lamps on a counter can take the form of some of the things we've been creating through conversation. So it all goes as follows....

The Official/Unofficial Story

Melvin lives in this house or at least the house is his responsibility. 

It's not his house, he has no money to own such a big place and money and ownership is for earthly people anyways. The house is the spice vendor's house, things inside are made for regular people, plus you look at Melvin and he looks more like he likes living in a cave.

The name of the busyness is Vadimspice Merchantile Homestead “Delights in Spice” 

He is to the spice vendor what Alfred is to Bruce Wayne, a loyal faithful helper that very much likes to keep things tidy up. He is a master of spices and keeps the property functioning to its fullest potential, makes all sorts of arrangements, knows all and has immense talents in spices and its mixtures, everyone in town knows him and likes him, the owner of the house trusts him very much, he travels a lot so Melvin is the primary caretaker of the property.

Legend has it that the spice vendor ordered a package on Amazon and when it arrived they charged him a fortune in shipping weight, and he was like what is this heavy box? this isn't what I ordered, and  when he opened it Melvin was inside and that's how he came to live in the house. How did he ended up in there? no one knows.

We kinda know where he comes from since somewhere in the house there is secret entrance that goes to his world, you exit the same house but in a different place for sure..

Turns out Melvin is secretly is a Wizard, with his wizard robes and everything, when he feels like wearing them. Kinda of like Batman, when its called for. 

In his world he can grow the most exotics of spices, that is where he gets them and baffles his spice vendor master. 

Melvin has a pet whale is his world...

The whale lives free and swims up river to the house when called for. Its name is Willem Alfred Whalfred DaWhale. Melvin sets up all his bags on the back and off they go, traveling to all towns, trading in spice. The whale may or may not have her own room in the spice vendor's house.

In the woods not far from the house there lives an owl. 

The owl rolls around in an unicycle and carries a cement umbrella. He rides the unicycle because he can't fly and he doesn't realize he can't fly because the cement umbrella is too heavy. The cement umbrella was given to him by someone very dear to him and he doesn't want to let it go not even for a second. Plus he doesn't understand the physics of mass and gravity and you know he gets confuse, it happens to the best of us. He tries to fly but he can't do it anymore, "what in the world is happening?" he thinks to himself. His past is hindering his future.

So Melvin has a life here, he likes it. Though his noble heart sometimes gets him in trouble. 

Melvin has a record for "Illegal Potions and Spells Lab Underground Operation".

But it was not his fault, he was tricked by No Mouth, All Action Red Nelb.

Melvin had no idea Red Nelb wasn't just ordering potions for his dying grandmother, Melvin thought he was saving a life, Mr. Nelb here was re-selling them and making a huge profit, cornering the market and Nelb blamed it all on poor Melvin. And now Melvin is trying to put his life back together, using his potions for the betterment of all creatures. But since people have two grandma's, Nelb tricked using his other grandma as an excuse and Melvin fell for it again. Luckily people don't have more than two grandma's. 

But that is not the only life challenge.

Melvin has a bunch of merry friends, they are all good, each with their own personalities, except for the blue last one, he is totally a bully. Every protagonist has an antagonist, he even has the W, like Mario and Wario, Melvin and Welvin. More there of, blue is even the opposite of orange in the color wheel, destined to turn to the darkside.

Welvin liked to put some magical extra something something on the spices and got in trouble. Melvin was like "We are not that kind of store Welvin! No Mouth, All Action Red Nelb tricked me with his grandma, twice!" A fight like in the tower with Gandalf and Saruman broke between them on the third floor of the house. It was not pretty. 

What to do?

Just what we already have been doing on the collab. It's the chance to make your own stuff with the skills we already learned. For now we don't have a direction of how the interior is going to be. Kent is working with Vadim to give is a north to follow. We'll wait for that but in the mean time we can start working on generic things that will be in a house no matter what. Pick an asset and say you want to do it and have a go at it. 

  • My training to get started with the mill mechanisms in progress:

  • theluthier  Can I put the things I model for that project to download free in sketchfab?

  • Some minor observations:

    Since we are probably going to work on various assets per person, there's no need to name the asset on the blend's file name. If we have a file per asset, there is going to needlessly be too many files. So it's enough calling it by your name or username "House_Assets_[NAME or USERNAME].blend. We can later go into the .blend file and link the asset identifying it by its collection name. 

    Also try to go into EDIT -> Save & Load and put the Save Versions to 0. That way we also avoid cluttering the folder with lots of extra .blend files

    • BTW, are we supposed to link the assets ourselves or is that something you do as you check the files?

    • Yeah I can link them. I think Kent is the one that has control of the main file, but since the Collab hasn't started yet and we're just having a bit of insubordinate fun with the interior, I might as well manage that for a while. 

      We're in a small hiatus, waiting for the right direction as our personal Jesus lights our way with some cool concept arts of the interior.

  • cgcdough Dough, your fish is huge. I kinda like it like that. I was going to say you should fix the scale, but screw it, that's going in the second floor wall.

    Your file naming convention has to be taken care though, the thing is just called "Collection". How about "Freddy Big Mouth"

  • Ok, looking great!

    ladymito We shouldn't be making parts from the exterior of the house, that's from the real Main Collab, our stuff is inside of the house only, but I get that's part of your mechanisms part, so just try to leave the outside wheel as basic as possible... now the inside aparatus is looking awesome!

  • wow dang this looks indeed really great :D

  • Looking great, everyone! dostovel , I just added this tankard to my file, because every spice vendor needs to relax with a good strong ale at the end of the day.

  • yyukinoh1989 Yukino, a small tip. Try to place object origin points where they most make sense they'd be. For example the bowl, it'd be best if it's on the bottom, that way using snap on a face it will instantly snap on the surface of a table or something like that.

    Same for the whale or the thing with the hooks. If the whale is a decoration that stands, then the origin could benefit with being at the bottom. The dresser hanging thing would benefit if you place the origin point at the back, since that goes placed against a wall.  

  • Want to make a cuckoo clock and was thinking about how to rig the mechanism, because I'm not too worried about the modeling, but this is something that needs to be animated I think.

    Couldn't get it to work (easily), but then I thought, hey, we have Geometry Nodes now:

    The trick being that I can now rotate the Cube before it gets Mirrored and Arrayed ;)

    • Melvin is getting a cuckoo clock, cool. Melvin you can thank uncle Spikey. Spikey, Melvin says thank you.

      Now I would like to know what exactly is happening there Spikey, can you break that down like you do the math things? Thank you uncle Spikey.

    • dostovel it's actually not very 'mathy' ...the problem I was facing is that if I try and rotate something that has Modifiers on it, Blender calculates the Modifiers first, and after that rotates (for instance) :

      And that is not what I want here.

      Now, because Geometry Nodes is a Modifier, I can place it above/before the Array and Mirror.

      In the old days, like a few weeks ago, this would take loads of Bones and Constraints (I think, maybe another easy solution would have been possible...ask waylow )

    • Ok, I think I get it. I would have to push some buttons in Blender in order to the knowledge to really sink in.

      I guess you can ask Wayne if you want a more global solution to it, since Geometry Nodes is very new and Blender only, but bones and rigging is animation standard and common practice.

    • It's the order of the Modifiers that is important, Omar.

      I know Wayne absolutely loves Bones, but I think that my scissors cut his paper ;)

    • First block-out, maybe something like this:

    • That is going to turn out freaking great. You know, since Melvin is the magical wizard minion creature around the house that helps his master with the preparation of the spices, maybe Melvin himself conjured up little helpers of his own with his wizardry and that cuckoo bird not only cuckoos in the morning but spends the nights flying around, doing spices related duties, and check this out, that little bird is made out of spices himself...... Yes Melvin is that good of a sorcerer.

    • Melvin is the owner of a magic cuckoo now. 

    • Great idea spikeyxxx  I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this! 👍

    • crew

      I think I'm a couple days late, but yes, I love bones.

      I haven't played around with geo nodes yet, but boy it's going to get exciting if rigging gets nodes.

      As for the cuckoo  clock mechanism....rigging it would be fun. There would a few different ways to rig it, but yes you would require a few more bones to rig it old school.

      Even if I rigged this with geo nodes, I would use an armature though.  You can hook up that animated value on you node to a bone control and make it part of the rig.  I'm assuming that the doors are going to open, yeah?

      All the moving parts should be connected to that one armature.  Otherwise you will need to animate the doors and the cuckoo as separate animations.

      I connect things to armatures all the time in production, like material colour, or even normal vectors for background elements.

      That way they can be animated by the animator  (or the lighting department is some cases haha)

    • I am such an idiot; of course this was already possible with Bones, as the Armature Modifier can also be placed before (above) the Mirror and Array:

      Thank you waylow ! (I am learning so much from you (Looove your Rigging course, although I haven't finished it much to take in!) I always had trouble remembering what is the Head of a Bone, but now I just think: "It's Australian, the head is down, when a Bone come in..".)

    • I've never forgotten the order of selecting after the whole "Who's your daddy? I am!" thing.

  • You guys are making so much amazing things, and I´m sitting here crying over my study books D: 

    Is the owl still allowed to move in even if I finish it next weekend?

  • Two boats are parked outside. They don't fit inside.

    Man low poly is hard, I'm too used to seeing models subsurfaced, I can't judge if things are going well when doing low poly. 

  • ladymito Your floor is ticking out of the room. You probably don't need the floor anyways. You can put it outside the collection so that it doesn't get link to this file. 

  • Already looking a bit more like a clock:

    I must really get used to not using all quads ;)

    Also, I scaled it up a bit, because it looked rather small to me compared to the books.

  • And the little birdie:

    • It's turning out great. 

      I must really get used to not using all quads

      That has been too painful for me. First time I've done low poly and this is too heavy on the soul man, I need my fix of subsurf. I think though that low poly really shines when you do the lighting, shading and add more details through normal maps. Since right now I've only been focused on modeling, seeing low poly doesn't look as sexy as subdiving and smooth. It's great stylistically, but when you're used to high poly modeling it can be tough to adapt. I'm tempted to sink a lot of time on just one asset and do the whole pipeline, but then there are going to be too few assets to populate the scene and I'm thinking maybe it's better to develop the layout first. 

  • working onto some closeth (for placing television or decoration etc 

    is bevel allowed like this is should i get rid of it to keep it more low poly

    • Yeah I think Bevel modifier or beveling in general is allowed for it to count as low poly.

    • dostovel i fixed the origin (ill repost the blender file this week when i finish my new piece)
      Does anyone know what is causing this problem ?

      i checked all verticies and cant find any double one or a strange one that is causing this. i even deteted verticies and extruded once more but its still strange at both sides :'(

    • That looks like you have triangles in there. Maybe you can just select that face that is divided into 4 triangles and just hit F to fill it as a face. But if you want you can upload your file to the google drive folder and I can take a look.

    • i just uploaded the file (its in the blender file with closeth name in it. still looking to merge the mesh to my main file but i am struggling with it xD) 

      i hope to get it to work normal since i want to bevel with 4 or 6 cuts. so if i inrease the amount, it gets a bigger mess .

      really wonder what is causing this.

      meanwhile ill try to continue some glasses , mug's , teacups , spoons , pan ( for cooking stuff)...

    • No Yukino, you don't need two files, it's not a file per asset, otherwise we would have too many files. Just have your assets in your House_Assets_Yukino_Hatake.blend, have them inside individual collections and we just link however many collections from your one file. Get it?

    • i just uploaded the file (its in the blender file with closeth name in it. still looking to merge the mesh to my main file but i am struggling with it xD) 

      i hope to get it to work normal since i want to bevel with 4 or 6 cuts. so if i inrease the amount, it gets a bigger mess .

      really wonder what is causing this.

      meanwhile ill try to continue some glasses , mug's , teacups , spoons , pan ( for cooking stuff)...

    • Hey Yuki;

      here's your problem:

      Nothing a good old SHIFT+N won't fix ;)

    • wow you guys really are the magicans , someting so troublesome yet easy to fix XD 

      how you see those collors btw?

    • It's an Overlay, works in all Modes, but makes the most sense when working in Edit Mode:

    • Yukino, you can always trust Spikey, The Sane Scientist. You just had some normals pointing in the wrong direction. Take two of these and call me in the morning.

  • I was in my mother's house and I took a bunch of pictures for reference that might be useful. I put them in the reference folder in images.

  • crew

    Jacques de Molay, aka Omar, aka dostovel, As the leader of this group of fearless secret warriors, I would like to join you and your order of knights on your quest to seek the truth of the interior of the spice vendors house. Are you able to grant me access to the realm of the Google Drive file as I have tried the magic link provided at the start of this thread and my efforts failed..... I fear that I may not be worthy for this quest.

  • crew

    dostovel and the TSFHI team - I'm sheepish to say that today is the first time I opened the assembly file. My jaw is on the floor!

    I've been keeping a light pulse on this thread through March but I had no idea how thorough you all were being! I was like a kid in a candy shop slowly making my way through the house levels. I'm giddy over it.

    Amazing work! I'm even more excited for April which I didn't think was possible 🤩

    • Thanks Kent. Still, right now it feels very empty, we're like 1% there. So much stuff is needed and placed where it makes sense in order for it to feel like someone lives there.

      hharbinger_ua Vadim said he would try and work on some concept art for the interior. It'll be even cooler once he finishes it and we have firm ground of how things should look like inside.

  • crew

    📢 ATTENTION dostovel and TSFHI team!! 📢

    I've got big news! I noticed THE original concept artist, hharbinger_ua , lurking in this thread and mentioned offering their assistance. So I took the opportunity to officially invite them to join the project as concept artist.

    Vadim has accepted! This is huge in my opinion! Now we have 1 almighty cook in the conceptual kitchen and we can be guided to the best, most authentic version of this environment.

    As a result I need the TSFHI to halt production of the interior assets.

    Let's give Vadim a chance to develop the interior and after we get a fresh illustation the interior can continue production through April.

    • Yes, we have been on hiatus for a week. That's the part about Vadim saying he would try and work on some concept art for the interior, we're waiting for him to finish and that it'll be even cooler once he finishes it and we have firm ground of how things should look like inside.

      He appeared out of nowhere like Jesus's second coming. But you inviting him and him accepting officially makes all the difference in the world. I was beginning to fear he maybe wouldn't be able to deliver since there was nothing official about our posts here on this thread. But now it's like The Avengers slowly coming together, we're like in the part when The Vision joins the team and Tony Stark is paying for the accommodations. We are going to seriously kick ass with this new team member. 

    • This only gets better with the day :D , i am so excited to see what he comes up with :)
      i really look forward to see the whole progress of this, as its my first time and i still lack some skills this will let me once more grow :D

    • crew

      Ahh good, you're on top of it dostovel! 🤝

      So in talking with Vadim more, their time is stretched pretty thin with work tasks but there may be a couple hours this weekend to work on a rear angle of the house exterior. The front angle can be used as a base to make this develop quicker than a from-scratch interior.

      This means that we won't have an interior concept ready when the collab officially starts this coming Monday. I suppose we will need to delay the interior team until we have the concept. I'll think through those implications more but probably will result in the interior team working on a different aspect of the environment in the mean time. That or practicing skills until they can be applied. We'll discuss during the stream Tuesday.

      A kick-ass development for sure!

    • Their? So Vadim really is like The Vision, two consciousness living in one body. That's amazing, what a privilege.

      Well, the Top Secret Interior Initiative has to cease then, man little by little it was developing potential. I guess even The Avengers Initiative was shelved for a while before it took off, and they saved New York.

    • Haha. Omar, you can always pick a small team, go rogue and do your thing against all odds, kinda like Cap did. That would make Kent Ironman, I assume?

      Also I guess I should clarify to end Kent's struggle. He/him is perfectly fine :)

    • Yes that's how this whole thing got started, I went rogue like Cap did, a small team came with me, it was rough. But we were doing good in the world you know, doing what had to be done. The Spice Accords forced our hand and now we will face the consequences of our actions, but I'm not ashamed of my service. It was an honor.

    • You’re doing good work team. Melvin‘s peppers may be too spicy for us mere mortals, but the Accords would leave us all at the mercy of MSG. 

    • next time we go do stuff to conquer the whole world :D

    • Oh man, I'm late to the party. I was just kind of daydreaming about how Melvin might have needed an orrery for his secret science experiments and started blocking it out. ^^;  I imagine Melvin still wants an orrery for one of his laboratories elsewhere, and I would hate to disappoint him. 

    • This totally belongs in Melvin's science lab. I say go on and keep working on it because the interior of the house was promoted from a rogue project to an official part of the Collab2021. I hope that even if Vadim doesn't do a concept art of a secret lab that we get permission to develop it anyways.

      Wizard Melvin needs a place to run cutting edge spices experiments, how else is he going to stay competitive. Specially after what Welvin did to him. 

    • Now, we've got Welvin . Omar's world is populating 😉😁!

  • crew

    Just want to say that I love team "Habanero" 🔥🔥🔥