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Perhaps a helpful suggestion

I am gonna watch this till I get it but perhaps a helpful suggestion is to make the simple example you showed at the beginning of the video, currently I am 5 minutes in and I am not 100% sure what's going on, no clear way to judge progress other than to mindlessly follow and hope for the eureka moment at the end. Its hard to keep my attention on this even when I truly want to.

Finished example, execution to make example feels a little more purpose driven while discussing the theory.

I appreciate you and enjoy your content, the amount of theory these last few exercises without actionable practices is information overload at the moment.

  • crew

    Hi Gimmi,

    Yeah drivers can be confusing but if you aren't following along with all the stuff at first don't get bogged down with the nitty gritty of what I'm doing.

    The first step is to use the "Copy as New Driver" function.  As long as you know how to do that, you can connect and drive a multitude of things.

    So here's what I would suggest you try first.

    Watch the process of how I'm turning on/off a driver with a custom property with the "Copy as New driver" function.  And replicate that section.

    The Steps...

    -add a custom property

    -right click and "copy as new driver"

    -then paste this on the influence of a constraint.

    Boom - you got it.

    Then I'm going to issue you with a challenge to figure out how I did the first example in the video - the one where I drive the location of a cube, based on the rotation of the Monkey head.

    For this you don't need to add anything, you just need to figure out what you are going to copy as a driver and where you are going to paste it.

    I'll give you a hint

    - Right click on one of the rotation channels (copy as new driver) 

    -paste that driver on one of the location channels

    And then test it out.

    I hope this helps - but let me know how you go.

    Especially if you get stuck!

  • Appreciate your help, I decided to do a few driver exercises and now I am ready to continue. I was not familiar with drivers or rigging so I thought let me get comfortable with one first so I can follow more easily.

    Appreciate your feedback and I am ready to continue.

  • I managed to do the tutorial comfortably now, hooray! however I cant key the influence how would i animate this once parenting objects to the bones?

  • crew

    Hi Gimmi,

    You need to keyframe the custom property as it now drives the influence ;)