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Regarding change in rotation

Hi there,

When converting all the bones from Quaternion to XYZ Euler you pressed ALT to convert the rotation for all the bones at once. But, I am using Alt for Pan Around since I've come from Maya. Which key will I have to press to make all bones converted to XYZ Euler at once?

  • Don't know what you are using, but I've tested this with the Industry Compatible Keymap and it still works with holding ALT while changing Rotation Mode.

  • crew

    Hi Kishor,

    I think the confusion is that you hold down alt over the button/option in Blender before you click it.  The mouse is context sensitive so it will only tumble the view when it is over the 3d window, when it is over other areas of the UI it will do different things.

    You can use this ALT click tip for many many many different things in Blender - it's a global feature.

    However, if you are using any version of Blender other than 2.91 there is a shortcut for changing the rotation mode of the selected bones in Pose Mode.  

    That would be CTRL R

    NB - This shortcut does not work in 2.91 because it was removed by accident.

    Hope that helps.