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Regarding Bone Widget Addon

Hello instructor,

The bone widget addon that I've download and the one that you're using are completely different. I want to use the one similar to yours. Actually, in mine, I am getting only these three options and you're getting many more. Can you please provide the link to download that Bone Widget addon, the version that you're using?

  • crew

    Hi Kishor, that link is the exact same as mine.  The add-on is written so you can add your own widgets to a dictionary and then they are available for reuse in any file.

    When you have more than 3 (or 5 - I can't remember off the top of my head) the add-on will display them as a drop down list.

    There is an update coming shortly which will include more widgets by default (and some other fixes) but that is probably a couple of weeks away.