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ha ! this is definitely not beginner stuff !

Perhaps this video needs a simpler tutorial because there are no definitions of what a driver is

  • crew

    "In Blender and 3d in general, drivers are a way of having an input drive the output of something else."

    Hi Sunbab.  Yes drivers can be complicated.  But for the beginner level all you need to do is use the 'copy as driver' function and connect a custom property to whatever you want to drive (the influence of a constraint).

    If you are having trouble can you please elaborate on your difficulties, and we can help you.

  • my trouble is that these lessons went too fast into somewhat advanced level without really explaining what a driver is with some simple examples. I have never done rigging myself but i am excited to learn, perhaps this is the wrong course to take ? Pls advise. 

  • crew

    Hi Sunbab.

    If you don't understand everything about drivers at this level, that's ok.  

    I defined what a driver is and gave 2 examples at the very start of the video.  1 was simple, the other more complicated.  However, the most common use for a driver in rigging is as a switch.  ie- creating a custom property and making this drive the influence of a constraint.

    Just focus on the easy method that I show for this.  Right Click > Copy as New Driver and then paste that where you need it.  This will be all you need when you first get started.  And with time you will understand more and more.

    And don't forget that if the video is going to fast you can slow it down.  That way you might be able to follow it a little better plus you will have added entertainment value because I will sound like I'm having a stroke.

  • ha ! thanks wayne for the reply. Yes this stuff is a bit new for me hence my struggle. But I will watch the videos till i get it, thanks for your help. 

  • crew

    Hi Sunbab,

    Yeah don't give up. It's difficult stuff at first but I know you can do it.

    Just focus on the bigger picture first and don't get lost with all the nitty gritty.

    If you get stuck, just post a specific question, a screen recording of your issue or even a link to your file.  We are here to help.

  • Wayne great responsiveness dude

  • Here is a simple example if you stuck this might easy you into what he is demonstrating

  • I made one more tut, that helped me better prepare for this tut, i hope it helps. I finally learned enough about drivers to more comfortably follow along. :)