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ironsoul's polybook

I've finally decided to take 3D seriously.

My goals are to take things to a professional level this year.

I'll post once a week. Hopefully this motivates others to pursue art in their own way.

  • Preparing for the Collab 2021


    Low Poly Rocket:


  • nice work .

    the sword looks good and the rocket is looking amazing too, looking forward to the animation part :D

  • Keep up the good work.

    Today I am starting also my polybook.


  • s

    The sword I'm not too happy with. I'll definitely have to go  over this tutorial again. But before I do that I'll complete the other tutorials in the todo list for preparing for collab2021. At some point I'll also do the sign and the barrel, it's just a matter of finding the time.

    In my own time I am actually practicing characters which is really difficult, so I'll begin to post those in this polybook as I go.

  • Stylised Forest

    I think this turned out a lot better than the sword.

    I especially liked the aspect of creating a full landscape, throwing lots of things on it. Creating the god rays was a nice bespoke effect that I'll definitely be able to re use in my own projects.

    Of course I am yet to do my own stylised forest. I will do that, but first I have a few more courses to complete.

  • Stack-o-rocks

    I completed just the top rock for practicing the workflow.

    But I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't do as good of a job because I require more training and experience.

    Notably I was able to adjust from the blender render workflow demonstrated to use a PBR workflow with eevee (and godot).

    The biggest issue I had was with baking ambient occlusion. I had the prototype rock hidden but sitting on top of the rocks I was trying to bake resulting in a black bake. 

    I think this concludes my basic preparation for the collab2021. I'll continue practicing, especially to complete the original versions of assignments. Although that fundamentals of texturing that was just released is looking pretty appealing.

  • practising and practising will make you a master to eventually, congrats.

    Indeed that new Texturing courses looks awesome!

  • March Week 4: Half-Life Scientist Study

    I did a scientist study this week. A few key differences from the actual game version is that I had a quad limitation for my mesh. Basically I gave myself 4 vertices for each "ring" of geometry, which resulted in the model being significantly blockier. Using this limitation allowed me to focus on the proportion of the character without simply trying to copy vertices point for point.

    Texturing: I'm focusing entirely on the base colour layer so that I can develop my ability to imply things such as folds in the fabric using highlights and darker shades. I did use a 128x128 texture so that I didn't get bogged down in details. But that did result in some problems in the texture mapping.

    The UV maps on this model are atrocious, I need to spend some serious amounts of time practicing UV unwrapping (I can go through the fundamentals of texturing for more demonstrated practice). 

    Also, the UV map/model is mirrored so I couldn't do the diagonal tie texture, this is something I want to improve upon eventually but for now I'll probably stick to 128x128 for now. I might get rid of the doubled UV map for some parts so I could do a diagonal tie.

    I do plan on doing a more thorough study of this character so I can more closely match the source material, but for now I'm sticking to one per week until I get comfortable with the process.

    Rigging and animation is probably where I'll put my study efforts next because getting these things moving and posed will greatly improve the "done-ness". Fundamentals of rigging and fundamentals of animation here I come.

    All in all, I am satisfied with how my skills are progressing. I'm getting better at laying out proportion, my texture painting skills are improving and I'm getting some "miles" put down on just finishing models.