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Lighting the clouds at night

Hi Kent, 

Really great tutorial. I loved every bit of it. Volumetrics and procedural objects is fun.

I have run into a problem with clouds at night. 

I use Blender addon "Physical Atmosphere and Starlight". During the day, the sun is white. During the evening the sun is yellow. During the night, the sun is black. I control the color of the sun by rotating the sun.

This means that at night the sun gives the clouds Black color. Is it possible to set up a mix color. First color is white. The second color is the color of the sun. This way, I will have a darker color at night but not completely white. I'm trying to do this, but I'm unsuccessful. I added ColorRamp to Color on Principled volume. It helps during the day, but during the night, the black color is too strong.

I have found another work around, I have added a second fake sun which gives the clouds White color during the day. But this sun adds brightness to the whole scene, not only the clouds. Don't know how to restrict it.

Thanks for the help in advance! Really appreciate it.

I'm making a video clip for my original song, and this is important for me.

  • crew

    Hi Vladimir - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the tutorial! Sorry for the delayed reply.

    I've never used the Physical Atmosphere and Starlight addon but it seems like the calibration of Eevee volumetrics and/or the addon is imperfect. This has always been my impression of Eevee, especially volumetrics. Meaning that we have to play with the numbers and scene so it looks right artistically rather than expect the engine to deliver intuitive results. This is usually the case with non-physically-accurate render engines.

    My advice is to use the addon primarily as the background visual. Then add a sun lamp to the scene to increase the illumination of the clouds until the energy matches visually with the background sky.

  • Hi Kent!

    Thanks for the answer. That's exactly how I proceeded, creating a second sun and animated its brightness. This has created the missing brightness when the sun was below the horizon.

    Is there also a way to increase the quality of the clouds? I noticed that scaling the clouds does not play a role in quality. So, the quality is mainly twisted in the Render panel, for example setting volumetric to max. 2px. But this is not enough. I wish to make it to something like 0.1px if you know what I mean. Parameters in the shading panel do not play a role (I tried scaling x100 and 0.01 times). Is it possible?