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COLLAB2021 - HQ - Stylized Fantasy Environment

Announcement #4: Closing Post

Announcement #3: Blog, Syncing Saga & More

Announcement #2: Updates & Loose Ends!

Announcement #1: Collab2021 has officially begun!


#Collab2021 is focused on stylized, low-poly, fantasy environment creation! Specifically this gorgeous illustration by Vadim Zaitsev:

You can find more from Vadim on artstation.

Through April we will be creating a comprehensive 3D version of this environment and we need a committed team to make it a reality! If you’re not sure what this Collab format is all about, check out the blog article first. If you know what you’re getting into, continue reading about how to register and what the schedule will look like.


Collabs are open to all Citizen members (membership is required to participate). You need to be subscribed by April 5th and remain subscribed through May 4. You're welcome to subscribe earlier so you can access the recommended courses listed below. This option could be helpful for focusing on learning from content before the collab begins at which point you can focus primarily on applying what you've learned.

Collabs don’t have an official web page or system built into our site. Instead it’s facilitated through the Forum, Live Streams, and Google Docs. Fill out this form to register for the Collab. This will give us insight into how many people are interested, the skill levels involved, and some other info that’s helpful before we get underway.

The last day for registration is April 5th. After April 5th the team will be closed! [evil laughs]



As with any production, one can only plan so much before unanticpated things come up. That’s to say we will be at the mercy of the project and the content could change as needed. Schedule should remain the same though.

Week 1 (Apr 5 - 11): Modeling

Goal: Since we’re working within a low-poly, stylized (simplified) genre I think we could finish all the modeling in the first week. For most assets in the scene the modeling is straight forward. For trees and bushes it’s a little different. I highly recommend using the Sapling Addon included with Blender) as taught in the stylized forest course. Similarly clouds will be a unique asset to tackle; something we will need to brainstorm as a team.

Stream 1April 6th @ 1pm US central time

Helpful Content:

Week 1 Homework Due: April 11th by midnight

Week 2 (Apr 12 - 18): Sculpting Accents

Goal: It’s possible that sculpting will be the next step for some assets (ex: rocks) and not for others (ex: trees). If your asset doesn’t need sculpting then your task this week is UV layout and texture painting a color map. If your asset needs sculpted detail, you can do that in addition to the UV layout and texture painting. By the end of the week we all should have our completed model painted with a color map and sculpting done if applicable.

Stream 2April 13 @ 1pm US central time

Helpful Content:

Week 2 Homework Due: April 18th by midnight

Week 3 (April 19 - 25): UV's & Texture Painting

Goal: This should be an easier week than the first two. Since the style is simplistic, the material can also be simplistic. It can also be more complex if one is so inclined. Things like procedural texture accents, procedural water, randomization of the same material across multiple objects, etc. Additionally we will dip our toes into lighting. At the very least we need to implement lighting in a way that informs our material qualities. At the most I want us to light our asset in a standalone presentation, as if you were presenting it to a supervisor for approval.

Stream 3: April 20 @ 1pm US central time

Helpful Content:

Week 3 Homework Due: April 25th by midnight

Week 4: (April 26 - May 2) Materials & Finalization

Goal: As with most productions, the last stretch is the most unpredictable and often results in a lot of problem solving. I expect this week to be a smorgasbord of  tasks from catching up / putting final touches on assets, assembling the final environment together, polishing lighting and atmosphere, and who knows what else.

Stream 4: April 27 @ 1pm US central time

  1. Project status update
  2. Homework reviews
  3. Overview week 4
  4. Demo: 
    • Environment lighting (Day)
    • Environment lighting (Night)

Helpful Content:

Week 4 Homework Due: May 2nd by midnight

Closing Stream (May 4)

With the project officially complete, this stream is meant to be a celebratory bookend. We will revel in our hard work and discuss a post-mortem: What worked well, what could be improved next time.

Communicating as a Team

Of course communication is key for effective teamwork. To facilitate this we will utilize a network of forum threads.

Discord: Our resourceful Team Leads have setup a discord server for us! The server features channels for each team including audio + video capability.

Discord is best for LOW LEVEL communication since it’s the easiest, quickest way to communicate. By “low level” I mean casual, small-consequence discussion. The main negative of persistent chat is its brief nature; comments appear and then immediately get buried. This is fine for the majority of our discussions (let’s say 75%) but we want to avoid important info getting buried.

HIGH LEVEL communication is the important stuff that shouldn’t get lost in a persistent chat. Please keep high level discussion like protocols, announcements, lengthy troubleshooting and idea pitches on the forum threads listed below.

HQ Forum Thread: This thread is the foundation of our communication structure as denoted with "HQ" in the title. Discussion here should be broader in context; having to do with the project as a whole. It's the place I will be posting important announcements for everyone involved. It's also  ideal for general questions about the project and light-hearted "water-cooler talk" for the team. Things like encouragement, inspirational info / artwork, relevant memes. I love memes.

It's NOT ideal for *specific* things like questions pertaining to a certain part of the environment, WIP of individual parts, or person-to-person discourse.

Team Threads: If more than 30 members register for this project we will divide into sub-teams. Each sub-team will collectively tackle a group of related assets and will be lead by a member (most likely contributors from #collab2020). Each team will have a dedicated forum thread for specific discourse pertaining to their parts. Same guidelines as the Central Thread but with a specified topic.

Individual Homework Threads: Each contributor is required to create a thread for themselves for posting homework confirmation at minimum. This is also where any discourse about your specific part happens. You're encouraged to treat it as a work-in-progress (WIP) thread, posting updates about your work as you go.

Direct Contact: Tagging is ideal for directly contacting me or anyone involved with the project. Tag me (theluthier) with questions or advice in any of these threads. I guarantee I will be checking my notifications regularly every Monday-Thursday throughout the duration of the project.

Of course the more people that register the less accessible I will become for direct / lengthy conversation. This is where sub-team leaders will be invaluable. If we break into sub-teams please contact your leader first, then me second.

Livestream Chat: The realtime interactivity of streams is another great way to communicate. Taggin works there as well along with an additional tool: Typing "[Q]" in the chat adds a blue "question" label to your post. This makes it easier for me to spot direct questions for me to answer while streaming.

DISCLAIMER: These guidelines are only intended to streamline the challenging task of communicating globally across the internet. They're not meant to create a tense atmosphere of rules! We're a relaxed, reasonable bunch of Blender heads. If you don't know where you're supposed to ask a question, go ahead an ask somewhere and you'll be answered or kindly directed to the right place if applicable.

Syncing Project Files

Everyone working from the same project directory is important for a production like this. From linking models back and forth to sharing texture maps, it's a must for a smooth working experience. Further protocol like file naming conventions and saving files in the right place is necessary to avoid a confusing mess.

The following instructions are depending on you syncing the project's Google Drive folder to your local computer. If you haven't done that yet, please check the Announcement 2 post for instructions.

For this project I want to make the process as simple as possible for participants. To achieve this I've come up with a "plug-n-play" system. Basically I will save a placeholder .blend file in both the WIP and MODELS folder for each participant by including their username in the filename. Once the placeholder is present, each participant saves their work into the MASTER collection within the scene and that's it! I take it from there.

I covered this concept in the Week 2 stream but here's a set up step-by-step instructions as well:

  1.  Locate and open your WIP placeholder .blend file that contains your username. Within the "WIP" directory there are folders corresponding to asset categories. Navigate through these folder to find the .blend with your username.

  2. Once opened, you will either see a proxy version of your asset or a blank scene. Either way, copy and paste all the pieces of your asset into this .blend file.

  3.  Look for the "MASTER_" collection in the outliner. The naming convention is "MASTER_category_asset_username'. This collection will be linked into the final assembly file. It's imperative that you move every visible part of your asset into this collection.
    1.  You can have other objects in this scene like reference objects, image planes, utility objects (empties), etc. But they must be outside this MASTER collection.

    2.  Do not name any other objects or collections "MASTER" in the scene.

  4.  If your placeholder scene has a proxy object in it, you need to align your version of the asset to the proxy. Scale it, move it, rotate it however you need to match the proxy.
    1.  Note: These proxies also have a copy of the master camera in the scene for which the proxy is aligned to the art.

    2.  If your placeholder scene does NOT have a proxy in it but DOES have a master camera, your asset should align to the camera, simply keep your asset in the center of the world when saving

    3.  If your placeholder scene does NOT have a proxy NOR a master camera, simply keep your asset in the center of the world and scaled according to the human proxy in the scene.


How much time am I expected to commit to this project?

We stress commitment because it's the best to ensure A) the project succeeds and B) lasting skills are learned. We only expect you to commit as much time as you can. DO NOT commit full-time hours to this project (8 hrs a day). As the instructor, I should be the only one doing this.

Everyone else (sub-team leads and contributors) shouldn't need to apply more than 2 hrs per day to the project. It's all relative depending on your availability and skill level. If you can't afford 2 hrs per day you can pick a simpler asset. If you have more time to contribute then perhaps choose a more complex asset. It's up to your discretion.

If you only have 2 weeks available in April, that's OK! Just let me or your sub-team lead know and it's all good. 

How do I tag someone?

Like twitter and instagram you simple type "@username" to tag someone. Tagging fires a notification to this person. Everyone's username is either A) in parentheses beside their display name or B) substituted if they don't specify a display name:

What service do we use for syncing files as a team?

We used Google Drive last year and it worked pretty well. Syncing our files to the cloud proved to be a crucial way for everyone to stay up-to-date conveniently. Since we lean heavily on library linking, it's imperative that we all be up-to-date. Google Drive is very accessible too; most people have an account anyway.

If you don't have one, sign up to get 15GB of storage for free. That should be plenty of storage for our project.

I know people are hesitant to sign up with Google but a burner account just for this project isn't too invasive, right? Otherwise Mega drive could be a good alternative since it offers 50 GB for free.

What if I'm not available at the time livestreams are broadcast?

Unfortunately the stream time can't be ideal for everyone. If you're not able to watch the stream live, I will post the recording within 24 hours of broadcast.

When is homework due exactly?

Homework is due every Sunday @ midnight each week. This means whenver your midnight is; relative to your timezone. This gives me each Monday to review homework internally before streaming on Tuesday. Please adhere to this deadline as late submissions can really stunt  the flow of the schedule.

Can multiple people volunteer for and build the same part?

Yes! Early volunteers will have the best chance at picking a unique part but eventually parts will be assigned to multiple people. Of course we can't feature multiple of the same part for the final scene so the best execution of each part will end up in the final.

Are we bound to also 1 asset or if there is spare time can we even go for a second or third piece?

You're not limited to 1 asset. I'd love to see contributors challenge themselves with multiple assets, as several did last year. This gives contributors the ability to define their own scope of participation: If someone is newer to Blender they can choose one asset. If someone is more experienced they can choose multiple assets.

Who “owns” the final project?

Technically CG Cookie owns the project but the final project will be released freely as Creative Commons (CC-BY-4.0).

Can I feature my work from Collab2021 in my online portfolio and / or demo reel?

100% yes! Contributors are welcome to use/share visuals from the project to social media accounts, online galleries / portfolios, and featured in demo reels.

  • just a quick question. what happens if you get sick during the collab and are out for a few weeks ? 

  • This is going to be awesome :-)

  • Awesome! I wanna join this time :3

  • I have regretfully not done anything in Blender for a long time due to certain issues.  However, I would like to return and work on this project.  Since I'm not very good at this, what is the easiest part to work on?

  • crew

    • crew

    • theluthier I filled out the form before reading through this thread and messed up...wasn't sure what my username was (because you said 'not displayname' and wrote my login name (which is called username in my passwordmanager).
      I hope you'll be able to figure out that's me 🤔 😉

    • crew

      Ahh nuts, sorry for the confusion. I see how it would be. First person to fill out used their display name so I [over]corrected. Ideally I will identify everyone by their username since that's primary identifier on site.

      Any ideas for saying this clearly?

    • Don't know how to say that more clearly, sorry. 

      I have this problem that my display name is the same as my username (but that is not very common, I think). So if you tell me not to use my display name, but my username, I get confused 🤣 

      I think most people won't have any problem filling out the form correctly 😉

    • spikeyxxx if that is the only mistake you make then you are doing killer! Looking forward to working together with others from the dog pound and some new faces.

  • i am in for this :) . not sure what to expect but i would love to work on this :D

  • crew

    theluthier , I put down for accessories but I also thought about the house, so I'm up for either. I put accessories because I like the detail that will be involved with lots of parts, but if you need me for the house I am also interested in this also.

  • I am so here for this.  

    That is all. For now...

    • Or maybe that's not all yet!

      I didn't choose a particular asset in my registration.  I'm happy to take one of the more complicated parts, with an eye toward saving the smaller and easier parts for our newer members.  But I'll need Kent to tell me which parts are the more complicated ones, because this sort of painterly-style is a little unfamiliar to me, ha!

    • crew

      Not to worry, Jake. It's more for gauging interest. First week in April I will have a better categorization of parts to pick from.

      Glad you're back in for this project!

    • Excellent!  And it's good to be back. :)

      Kind of liking the house....starting to sort of gravitate that way.  But, like you said, we've got some time yet.

  • I'm here!.......At long last.
    Things I have already accomplished since Kent posted.
    Relish in previous Collab2020 video: CHECK (actually QUADRUPLE CHECK with some NACHO CHEESE on top)
    Collab2021 sign me up: CHECK
    Listen to motivating music: CHECK
    Post in the HQ Forum: CHECK
    Figure out what I want to work on: Not sure, but I want to stretch myself. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
    Find something to fill the time until April 5th:

    • crew

      I noticed you were quiet yesterday! Figured you had other stuff to take care of - like job, family, little things 😉

      Speaking of, I love that you watched with your kids. I did the same. They said "cool!" and walked away.

      Figure out what I want to work on: Not sure, but I want to stretch myself.

      You obviously have the modeling thing down. Even though low poly stylized modeling will be different than the DOG, I think you'll pick it up easy enough. What about texture painting though? If you were to practice anything before April, I'd recommend practicing basic painting skills. Even some 2D concept videos here could help.

    • Oof! Texture painting is definitely a weak point, although I have some great tools and I have been practicing on a few things in the past but definitely still a novice in this area (I have tons of drawing and vector art experience though) so this may be just the area I want to spread my wings.

      Be thinking what model will stretch me with my current abilities. I’ll post a link to my 2D portfolio/texture painting skills if that helps.

      I’m off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard Grant Abbit. (If anyone is good at low poly and texture painting it is truly that guy).

    • crew

      Just remember blanchsb , under theluthier 's stewardship we can achieve anything.

      Positivity and confidence in our leader is the key to success.

      Luthier The Great..

    • It's certainly been quite a while since I did any respectable amount of texture painting, either.  And even longer than that since I last painted textures for an NPR project.  

      In fact, come to think of it, I believe the last time I did any NPR texture painting in Blender was for one of the earliest "live classes", where the class participants spent a month making stylized 3D characters from 2D source images.  And if I remember right, we were doing that texturing work in the 2.79 Blender Internal rendering engine!  Or perhaps we had the option, but I distinctly remember doing mine in Blender Render.

      A lot has changed since then, not just in terms of Blender Render going out and Eevee coming in, but improvements to Blender's texture-painting functionality that I've read about as the releases go by but have not yet had a chance to actually explore..  And there have been some improvements as I recall in the UV-editing features as well.  And, didn't Pablo Dobarro improve Blender's vertex painting functionality so that it's practically on-par with UV-based texture painting, or did I just dream up those videos?

      Time to charge up that pen and tablet!

    • What's awesome is that I got a beta to the Luna Display for windows and my iPad Pro may be just the right companion for this next Hobbit sized journey. Let's hope that it ends up spanning into a great adventure.

      Agree that Kent's texture painting abilities are awesome. Grant and Kent are stars. I just know that I look at Grant Abbit when it comes to texture painting because he has a ton of lo poly creation content out there. He also has a really fun voice to listen to. I secretly hope and wait for him to say "pippet" in every episode.

    • crew

      I'll be the first to admit that hand-painting textures is not my strongest skill. I'm good enough to get by, and in that way hope my technique resonates with the majority of people. But I won't be winning awards in the category any time soon 😅

      Grant is a good one to learn from. He definitely knows what he's doing with texture painting 👍

      didn't Pablo Dobarro improve Blender's vertex painting functionality so that it's practically on-par with UV-based texture painting

      jjakeblended Yes! I remember those videos. AFAIK he's improving the painting capabilities beautifully; much needed. But by nature vertex painting needs vertices like photoshop needs pixels. So painting details needs a really dense mesh where UVs allow for fine texture details on low-dense meshes. Still both methods need some updates to be competitive with substance painter. Right now the tools are pretty basic. Competent but basic.

    • I'll be the first to admit that hand-painting textures is not my strongest skill.

      Says the guy who painted the bucket on our latest smash hit single. Always so humble is Kent Trammell

  • I'm really excited about this. Has been a long time since the last time I worked on anything at CGcookie. 

  • Sounds interesting. Normally April is a socially busy month. Since that's cancelled I could use a project with goals. 

  • theluthier - this looks like a very cool project to collaborate as a team.  While there will be activity for a month, it is more bite-size compared to the backhoe project.  It is very evident that you have planned and thought this project out very well.  Even providing reference training material, which will no doubt reinforce lessons in this class.  There are a few classes in your helpful content lists that I have not gone through yet.  I will work on viewing the rocks, clouds and tank courses prior to April 6th.  I recognize that running a class like this disrupts your normal daily routine.  Many thanks in advance - I am definitely looking forward to collaborate on this project. 

    • crew

       it is more bite-size compared to the backhoe project

      Very true, intentionally so. You're the second person to mention the smaller scope so I'll take a moment to write out my perspective.

      7 months is a long time to stay committed to a project, both for contributors and for the instructor (mainly because they can't record courses in that time). Even though I aspire to do huge, multi-month Collabs in future, I think it's best to start smaller in scope to refine the system enough so  that it can facilitate larger projects with larger numbers of contributors eventually.

      That said, the backhoe also taught me something important about these projects: They are what we make it. When the first volunteers signed up for parts to model on the backhoe I expected a lot less than what they delivered. I just figured they would commit an hour or so here and there since it was all volunteer. But they all took it very seriously. They made it into the impressive model it became. Way beyond my expectations. In fact their commitment and level of detail pushed me to a higher standard. It was so compelling how naturally this happened. Their effort made the backhoe into such an impressive thing I simple needed to animate and render an assembly sequence to do it justice.

      What I'm trying to say is that even with a smaller scope environment project, we each will decide how impressive we want the final model to be. That makes me excited to see what it will become!

      I don't mean to ramble. I guess I'm starting to read into a potential consensus that the smaller-scope project might seem underwhelming(?) It's understandable compared to the behemoth that was the backhoe. But I've also dropped my jaw at what a collab team is capable of. I suspect the same will be true in April 🚀

      I will work on viewing the rocks, clouds and tank courses prior to April 6th

      That's great! I'm glad you're going to watch before April. And I'm thrilled to hear you're looking forward to it. April is gong to be a month to remember ✊

    • theluthier - While I did not participate on the backhoe team, I attend all but one of the live streams.  I am confident that I learned several new things during each session.  The participants were excited and supported each other in a truly collaborative fashion.  There were interesting discussions - such as:  if a screw won’t be seen do you still model it?  The stretching exercises were always welcomed.  In the end, a phenomenal complex model was created.  Coming into this Spice Vendor's House project, this community has an exceptional team resume.

      I do not consider this project to be underwhelming.  I applaud your strategy of working on a relatively small project, refine the teaching process with the possibility of working on larger projects in the future.  Get a larger number of people on the same page on how to collaborate effectively within Blender.  I am confident that you will enlist more experienced users to assist.  Expand from there with bigger projects if it makes sense.  The only disappointment that I have with the project is the project name:  COLLAB2021.  I’d prefer it to be called COLLAB2021A, which would imply that there would be a “B” this year.  Having said that, while you are working on this and other collaborative projects, it is probably affecting your timeline for your anatomy course.  And, trust me, every Citizen is very interested to learn how to make portraits like you have already unbelievably created in Blender.

      I am also excited to see what this project will become.  On Vadim’s ArtStation page, he delineates the Spice Vendor’s House into three sections:  Market, Residence and Production.  My future CG Cookie collaborators are a creative bunch.  I am sure that I am not the only one that is thinking:  what is on this property that we can’t see?  Perhaps there is a balcony from the third floor bedroom overlooking a spice garden on the back side of the house.  On the outside of the production side are there bushels of whole spices?  Maybe wooden shelves, a table, or staging area?  What is the watermill used for?  Perhaps, to grind the spices?  Perhaps it powers a conveyor system that moves the spice jars within the house and over the stream.  The potential for project creep is real.  However, it has to be balanced with the course schedule.  That is fine.  Perhaps some people will create models of what it looks like on the inside of the house when this course is complete.  

      Also, your enthusiasm is infectious.  Just look at the responses you have already received upon announcing this class.

    • crew

      Wow I didn't know there were members that followed the whole project without joining. That's very cool! Thanks for sharing :)

      I am sure that I am not the only one that is thinking:  what is on this property that we can’t see?

      I'm glad you bring this up! I want to offer the unseen areas as a more challenging task for whoever is inclined to imagine and create what could go there! Requiring the answering of questions, as you listed, to fill out the scene fully and still support the spirit / style of the illustration.

       Also, your enthusiasm is infectious

      Haha thanks for saying this. These projects are just too fun!

  • I've been really excited about this project since I first read about it and definitely want to be part of the team!

    Because of my work pattern I wont be able to join in on every livestream though, but I will catch up with them when they get posted afterwards. 

    Really looking forward to cracking on with it!! 

  • My real question is: will the Australian government release Omar dostovel from quarantine  for another brilliant performance?

    • They'd better.  Cookienation is calling the Save Police to service, and we must answer!  

    • Didnt know he was in quarantine, is it because he is sick or came in contact with a positive person?

      I really hope he is ok :'(

    • Oh I didn't know about this forum thread, there's too much to read by now so I'll just go with the flow and pretend I know what the conversation is about... so yeah, whales man, they sure are big, I hope we can fit a pet one in that little river by the house.

    • dostovel Okay, Omar, I want to see that whale 😉😁!

    • Oooh that's how it is then, it's on, we're having a pet whale on the river.

    • Glad to see youre ok Omar ;D
      sure look forward to the baby whale , that will be so adorable :D

    • I became more aware of the situation in Australia during the pandemic and didn't realize how hard it is there. A coworker in Melbourne actually decided to retire because he hadn't seen his daughter in months due to curfew and quarantine mandates.

      Omar made a comment last Collab project about the curfew and I was dumbfounded how valid his comment was........yet somehow with a crappy lappy and one or more bags of Doritos he managed to make progress on our DOG.

      My comment was mostly in jest but man I am so glad you participated despite all of the challenges. You signing up for Collab 2021 dostovel ?

      I'm pretty sure we can strike a deal with Kent to get your pet whale into the scene.

    • I pity Kent, he has to manage a large group of people where one of them says "hey there could be a whale on the river" and then another says "hey I think the sky can be purple" and then "hey, how about a red sky" and then some other person "hey how about a boat on the river with a whale driver". So I know we can't just alter things to our heart content, there's a concept art that has been approved and that's the north we have to follow, otherwise we wont get anywhere.

      Yet it's also cool to play and goof around, let creativity do its part also, so I am mindful that I can joke around and do extracurricular things, but it is at my own expense, if the project lead says "I know lots of models came in, including this whale, but I don't think it has a place here" then it doesn't get to be there, and I'm cool with that. But I know I'm putting extra stress on Kent since he is really a very nice guy and he always has trouble saying no and turning down things.

      I remember adding the battery, the padlock and key to the tractor when they had no place being there, and yet it became my favorite part of the animation. So you never know where goofing around can get you. 

      And yeah, I signed up for this year collab, I still don't own a computer though, so we'll see.

    • I just hope that the whale doesn't get caught in the 'wheel'...

    • No, it's a smart whale, he'll be fine, plus he's the boat driver.... or should I say the shark is the boat driver, because I just thought the key on the tractor had my shark sculpture from the Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting Course exercise, which I can quickly retopo into a cool usable model. Welcome to the world, Bruce The Shark.

    • crew

      Heh there is a people-pleaser in me sometimes :) I'm afraid I'm going to have to learn to say no though. Especially as more people register (66 right now!) it will be increasingly detrimental for everyone to be a cook in the kitchen. As you say, this is why we have the artwork to be our guiding light.

      In a way it serves as a "client" and we're the studio trying to achieve the client's design. Achieving someone else's vision is a crucial skill to learn for anyone aspiring to the professional side of computer graphics. I think this will help to be an objective standard that we all will strive to uphold.

      Once we get into bigger projects like animated micro shorts it'll be trickier. We'll need to appoint leadership to make decisions about narrative and style. That will be an interesting thing to figure out...

      That said I think there will be plenty of opportunity to "goof around" creatively. Like with the artist's logos on the DOG. I've no doubt we'll find stuff like that with this environment 👌

    • wow over 66 already :o
      probably will increase but in the end maybe a few will fall of .

      imagine we get over 100 people to join in :D 

    • So, while I agree it is fun to jest and play off of one another, you bring up a great point Omar.

      With 66-100 people everyone pitching these fun comments is awesome for the creativity side but we do need to stay grounded somehow.

      What I loved about the last project is how we made it our own......BUT while also being extremely tied to the reference. Once we nailed the reference we let our creativity fly high.

      i think that same spirit will do us wonders here. Who knows maybe the whale could be a statue/fountain in the back unseen parts of the artwork. Maybe you just make the whale icon somewhere. Or maybe the whale ends up turning out to be nothing more than a fun comment in the forum to spark creative thinking.

      One lesson Kent has taught me over the year and Omar has shined in is the ability to be both boundaried and creative at the same time.

      there is so much to work with in this scene that I could see some really cool easter eggs (and literally maybe we need actual Easter eggs with it being April, and possibly a bunny) but make them blend well with the scene.

      eye candy keeps you looking from place to place and getting rewarded each time,

      what’s funny about Omar’s comments is they magically start fresh ideas. You said something totally off topic about and whale but now have nature/animals in the scene could bring some potential. Kinda like the live stream where there were two love birds in the tree at the end.

      We should follow Kent’s and our team leaders suggestions but there is plenty of creativity opportunity in this scene to make it true to the art while also just a touch of our own flavor to it.

  • I look forward to this project. Last one was hard. 

  • I would like to try, but my English is not as good as I would like it to be. Even so...

  • Ok, I've just signed in. Can't wait for it to begin 😀!

  • Just want to say like everyone else that I’m super pumped about this. It’s been a minute since I’ve worked in Blender so I’ll check out the prereqs this month. I’ve been looking for an excuse to jump back in so thanks to the cookie community for coming through. 

  • I lurked on the last collab. (Awesome job to everyone by the way!!) I'm in on this one for sure. Looking forward to working and learning next to you skilled folks. 

  • I signed up.  I indicated that I didn't know which team because I'd be happy to work on any.  Very excited!