Suggestion for future update

Great material! If there's a plan to update or add more videos I would suggest having a brief intro at the start of each constraint video showing a simple real world example of how the constraint might be used in a rigging set up to achieve a certain kind of animation. I'm guessing you'll address each in the rig demos later - so maybe a quick teaser of what we'll be making later?   Thanks!

  • crew

    Hi Joshua,

    That is exactly want I WANTED to do.  However, I didn't have 12 years to put all that together (It's a lot of work haha)

    So this is one of those things I mentioned in the intro chat, information that you can use to think bigger with.

    You don't need to memorise and know exactly how each one of these constraints works now, but it's good to get a general understanding of what they do and what is available, so when you come up against a problem that is difficult to solve you can brainstorm and think "Hey I wonder if that can be solved with the X constraint".

    These constraint videos are more of a reference to come back to.  I dare say I will do that in the future!