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"Animation in a Nutshell" book available?

I do have a 2nd question about reference materials that would make it easier for me.

 You know how you stated everything in animations is treated like a bouncing ball? With different functions you can apply to points on the animation graph sheet to speed up, slow down, and enact other nuances to the animation? 

Is there a PDF or some very concise reference guide neatly organized and printed for such facts you can point me to? Or a 'Animation in a Nutshell' type of book you can point me to? It need not mention the particulars of any software at all.  If not, that's OK. I'll go back and review your introduction videos and take my own notes.

  • crew

    Hmm, that's a difficult question Agro.

    There are countless books about animation (the art form) but I don't know any concise PDFs that explain the nuances with the graph editor.

    A good nutshell type of book about animation would be "Character Animation Crash Course - by Eric Goldberg".

    If you want to learn more about the graph editor, watch the graph editor video again practice.  

    What you are actually doing in an art (animation) using a tool (Blender Software).  This takes practice because animation is hard!

  • Thanks Wayne, I will buy the book and keep copies of the video course local to my PC so I can scrub through them, review them, and make my own notes.