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looking for feedback on my retopology of 2 meshes

Hello guys,

As you can see i am looking for feedback.
I want to be sure i have both done in a good way so that when i will continue animation, it wont cause anything strange.

so here are the 2models

Eevee (ill just share the file since thats better to see (it has inside of mouth so in front view wireframe is not so clear )


Female body

  • theluthier jlampel waylow
    hi sensei's ,
    hope i am not  bothering but i would like to ask if you guys have some time perhaps you guys could give feedback / advice on the retopology?

    of course i do look forward to feedback of other people too if they can :)

    Kind regards

  • crew

    Hey yyukinoh1989 , nice work! Here are a couple notes:

    Try to avoid loops twisting around the model. In this case it's not the end of the world as it still flows ok, but notice how the highlighted loop starts on the inside of the legs and ends on the outside:

    The face looks quite good. The change I would consider making there is using a loop to explicitly define the jaw, because otherwise the flow from the neck to the chin and jawbones is going to be soft and mushy rather than looking like there's a skeleton under there:

    I would also try to avoid junctions and poles in places that are going to twist and deform quite a bit because they tend to collapse or pinch:

    Hands are pretty tough, but try to keep the loops from wandering around the model by connecting similar parts together and creating closed loops where possible. In the below example it would be better if the spaces around the middle finger was connected like you already have for the pointer and ring fingers. 

    Overall you're definitely on the right track and this is looking good. Already this is a usable model, but with just a couple tweaks you could take it up another level.  Hope that helps!

  • jlampel 

    Thanks so much already for the feedback on the female body, ill try to clean it up more, adjust and change the parts pointed out :). 

    As for the eevee model thats completely finished, should i change certain things on that model or is that model be good to start animating? 

    Again thank you so much already for the feedback sensei. 

    Have a good day/night

  • crew

    Great notes jlampel,

    My only addition to that is across the belly.  At the moment there is quite a lot of spider web going on, It will deform better if it has a more horizontal flow rather than those diagonal spider webs.  (Hope that makes sense)
    It's a similar issue to what Jonathan explained with the neck above.

    • Hi sensei waylow ,

      so i should keep the spiderweb like flow , but for example take the 2outher rings and make them run horizontal then ? or would it be better to get rid of the while round look (spider web effect) ? 

      Kinda did that after some research on the web. still not sure what the best way for human topology is on the body :p

      Since the eevee model is good to go i guess i can use that as my first example test for youre great new course :D
      i am really excited to learn the rigging  course and go further with animations :D

      Can't wait to get the eevee moving been playfull happy and pull of some expressions.