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Substance Painter baking artifacts!

Yo Jonathan! This course is the reason why i subscribed to CGCookie, great job! I think it's the best way to learn to see the whole workflow from start to finish : ) but i encountered an error while baking maps in Substance Painter:

As you can see there is this weird giant artifact going through every map which is also visible in the viewport as these weird shadows (normal map is ok since it was made before in blender). You think it's a Blender or SP issue? Thanks in advance for your time!

  • crew

    Hey vvariacina , glad to hear you're enjoying it! 

    Ok, based on the picture I'm going to guess that it's a mesh issue only because the error appears as one large spiky shape rather than at random spots on the map. 

    Try exporting it without applying any modifiers (it's one of the export settings) just to test to see if it still results in an error. If not, then one of the modifiers is messing with the UV map. You can find which one it is by going to the UV Editor and turning on Modified Edges in the overlay options and then going through your objects to see which one is creating that shape. 

    Hope that helps! 

    • Thanks for a quick reply, I managed to troubleshoot it myself after looking at the UVs in Blender, there were some nasty edges connecting the islands which I suppose were created while spliting the central part of the door for rigging, so I just selected them in the UV map and then clicked X in the 3D workspace so I was able to delete them, and it fixed the issue!

    • crew

      Glad that worked out; nice problem solving!