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unusably slow when using smear

My computer is:

Ryzen 5 1600


GTX 1060

With the texture at 2048x2048, using the smear brush as shown is incredibly laggy, it's actually unusable. Is this a common problem? Is there an option I can enable to make it work fast or am I just going to have to put up with it for the time being?

  • it seems like my blender has the stroke distance default to 3%. I'm unsure if I set this and didn't realise it but setting it to 10% (as was revealed later into the video) seems to make it usable. So this is okay. Not great, but I can certainly paint some wood.
    • crew

      Smear is a noticeably slower tool for me too and I've got a PC with decently high-end specs. Personally I think the tool is pretty old and needs some developer love. But I'm glad you found the % control that helps.

      PS: I just recommended you watch this course from your other question. I'm happy to see you've already done that :)