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UV Unwrap for the hat band

Hi there is there anyway to manipulate the verticies manually if they don't want to align?

  • In the UV Editor select the Vertices that you want straightened out (one edgeloop at the time!) and press SHIFT+W > Align....

    But that is a pain if you want everything straightened out. Follow Active Quad should work; make sure everything is selected when you try that.

  • Like spikeyxxx mentioned, you can go ahead and utilize the Follow Active Quads method as explained at timestamp 15:50. That should normally get you most of the way!

    However, if for some reason that doesn't seem to be doing the  job, you can manually edit UVs like you would a mesh. Make sure you are in Vertex selection mode in your UV editor (top left corner) and you should be able to move any vertex you'd like. :)