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Previous courses required

Hi there I started the courses within this site.

However you have indicated videos that were not included, that relate (free on YouTube)

Could you pls give me the links that I might not have  understanding of at this point..

I have done the Beginner Basics, Poly Rocket now Snowman so far.


  • Hey there! Thanks for checking out the course. :)

    For this particular course, there is really no pre-required courses or videos. We cover everything you will  need within the confines of this series. 

    That being said, I'm sure I did mention videos from our YouTube that would also be helpful! Now I do apologize, it has been several months since I had recorded this so I cannot accurately recall where in this video I made these suggestions. Would be able to provide me the times?

    I would have likely mentioned the "Let's Build It In Blender" series that I run on the channel, which you can check with the link down below! These videos are more "edu-tainment" style, so they aren't as in-depth as a course is on our site here, but are still great for getting quick tips.