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Invisible wall setup

The course would have been better if the technique of doing the invisible wall room was shown in the video  rather than glimpse over it and then provide a file to figure this out. (given this is tagged as a beginner course)

Even within the provided file, the following steps do not work for a new room made with a  cube.

1. A cube with Faces flipped

2. Separate the faces closer to the camera - renamed "Invisible Walls"

3. Ray visibility of "Invisible Walls" turned off.

4. The cubical room does not render, but your room does.

Whats the magic here ?

  • crew

    Hey, I provided the file for beginners so that nobody would have to set up anything since this exercise is only about modeling.  Creating this effect isn't a necessary part of the exercise. It sounds like you followed all of the steps though and I don't think there is any other magic. 

    Here's a default cube with the faces flipped and backface culling turned on in solid view:

    Then to get the effect in rendered view, the faces near the camera are separated and camera ray visibility is disabled. I added a light so you can see inside, but cutting a window or something would work equally well:

    I'm not sure what you mean by the cubical room not rendering. Perhaps camera ray visibility got unchecked on both parts instead of just the front part?