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If these shapes in the exercise are not deforming, why are we using an armature to animate these shapes ?

In the section about Objects vs Armatures, it was told to use armatures when we need to animate deformation of meshes or when animating camera rigs. So then why was this rig created for the exercise ?

Forgive me, but I am not complaining. Recreating the rig from scratch alone was a great learning experience.

  • crew

    The point is to  practice using a 'rig' with just a few controls before you go off and use one that has 100s of controls.

    And to learn the difference between animating 1 object with many controls VS many objects.

    All these keyframes belong to the one animation action, and therefore can more easily be edited.

    • Thanks. Thats Ozzum Ozzie.

      It would have been Awesome-r for someone with no XP in rigging if there was a video showing how the rig was created. Then again, not complaining, cuz I spent nearly 2 hours to figure out how it was done in the practice rig.

      Overall. Great course.