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Can you port this to Unity?

How much of this can be ported to Unity? I know the assets can be, but is there a way to port the materials and lighting effects? I've only ever imported individual assets (i.e. a tree object, etc.)

  • If you export as an FBX , the materials will be imbedded with the mesh.

    Import the model into Unity then extract the textures into the Unity assets folder. Create a new Material in blender with the same name and assign the textures that you extracted.

    I think the model will pick it up automatically if it has the same name, if not, just drag and drop the material on the model.

    That's a short and possibly not complete answer. It's late here and I haven't done it for a while so the details are a bit foggy right now.

  • crew

    I doubt this whole scene with materials and lighting could be ported to Unity intuitively or easily. Especially since I use procedural textures extensively - all of this would have to be baked down into texture maps, thus needing UVs to be laid out for all the objects...then the lighting and volumetric fog which I have no idea if those are exportable at all.

    All that to say I think a port would be more of a recreation in Unity. I'm getting a headache just imagining the process 😅

    However Blender -> Unity pipelines are common and can be done smoothly. I would have needed to build the scene different from the start in Blender (with Unity in mind). Like laying out UVs and baking procedural textures as I went and not waiting for the export.