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Hiding Mesh in Edit Mode

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was puzzled with this option to hide mesh using the 'h' shortcut. While I can see it working, I couldn't see any clue to this being hidden. I'm sure it is not a common thing to occur, but is there any way to know when you have an object hidden in edit mode?


  • It is probably more common than you expect to forget or even not know that part of your Mesh is hidden in Edit Mode. It can really trip you up, even when you are a more experienced Blender user ;)

    For instance when you have a Face hidden and then try to fill it with F and nothing happens....

    As far as I know, there is no direct way to see if something is hidden (in Edit Mode), but you can check by toggling between Edit and Object Mode or by (best to deselect everything first with ALT+A) and then use ALT+H to unhide everything.